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Phytase Market Research (China)

March 2006 | 61 pages | ID: P738C2D949FEN
Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (CCM)

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Phytase, as an enzyme that can break down the undigestible phytic acid (phytate) part found in grains and oil seeds and thus release digestible phosphorus and calcium, is used as an animal feed supplement to enhance the nutritive value of plant material by liberation of inorganic phosphate from phytic acid (myo-inositol hexakisphosphate) and, thereby, to reduce environmental phosphorus pollution.

Phytase in China is only in the start-up stage, and phytase producers both in China and from abroad are making great effort marketing this product. At present, its market is not big.

However, wiith the rising price of calcium hydrogen phosphorate, and the fast development of feed industry, where China’s phytase goes, phytase is gradually enlarging its market in China.

Phytase will be widely used in China in two years and the using of phytase in feed will be the development trend in the future and Chinese phytase market future will be very bright.

Competition between domestic suppliers and overseas suppliers such as BASF and Novo, is increasingly fierce.


I-1 Introduction of the Phytase
  I-1.1 Types of Phytase and its Sources
  I-1.2 Function of Phytase
  I-1.3 Nutritional Character of Phytase
I-2 Brief Introduction of Feed Industry in China
  I-2.1 Introduction of Feed Industry in China
  I-2.2 The new situation of feed and breeding industry
I-3 Brief Introduction to Development History of Phytase in China
I-4 Current Production Situation of Phytase in China
  I-4-1 Phytase Production Sources
  I-4.2 Summaries of Chinese Manufacturers
  I-4.3 Grades & Specifications of Phytase in China
  I-4.4 Pricing of Phytase (for different grades) in the Past Years
  I-4.5 Quality of Chinese Phytase
  I-4.6 Production of Phytase in China
    I-4.6.1 Solid fermentation & liquid fermentation
I-5 Import & Export of Phytase in 2002-2004
I-6 Consumption of Phytase in China
  I-6.1 The Application of Phytase in Different Feed Products
  I-6.2 Grade & Specifications on the Market
  I-6.3 Market share of Imported Product in China
  I-6.4 Difficulties for the Popularity of Phytase in China
  I-6.5 Consumption Pattern of Phytase in China
  I-6.6 National policy
I-7 Brief Introduction to the Research Situation of Phytase in China
I-8 Future Perspective of Phytase in China
  I-8.1 Elements Affecting the Future Development of Phytase in China
  I-8.2 Opportunitie of Phytase in China
  I-8.3 Future Outlook of Phytase in China
I-9 Conclusion
I-10 Other info


II-1.1 Active Phytase Producers in China
  II-1.1.01 Beijing Challenge Agricultural Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
  II-1.1.13 Hebei Honglida Feed Co., Ltd.
II-1.2 Potential Phytase Producers in China
  II-1.2.01 Hebei Yufeng Industry Co., Ltd.
  II-1.2.02 Guangdong Zhaoqing Star Lake Bioscience Co., Ltd.
II-1.3 Stopped Phytase Producers in China
  II-1.3.01 Jiangxi Minxing Agriculture Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
  II-1.3.03 Guangdong Dongguan Shunfa Feed Co., Ltd.
II-1.4 Re-Processing Phytase Producers in China
  II-1.4.01 Guangdong VTR Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.
  II-1.4.02 Guangdong Huafen Feed Enzymes (Zhaoqing) Co., Ltd.



Table 1 The phosphoric content and bio-using rate in common used raw materials:
Table 2 The analyzing data of feed raw materials:
Table 3 The recommended amount of total phosphorus needed in different kinds of poultry
Table 4 The influence of addition of phytase on phosphorus in the daily grain: U/kg
Table 5 The substitution components of 500,000FIU phytase in feed
Table 6 The output of feed in China in recent years and in future:
Table 7 The output and consumption of premix feed and feed additive:
Table 8 Feed Products Structure:
Table 9 Exporters of phytase in 2002, 2003, and 2004 (Quantity (kg); Unit price (USD/kg) )
Table 10 Export destination of phytase in 2002, 2003, and 2004 (Quantity (kg); Unit price (USD/kg) )
Table 11 Export price of phytase in 2002, 2003, and 2004 (Quantity (kg); Unit price (USD/kg) )
Table 12 Export situation of Chinese manufacturers in 2002, 2003, and 2004 (Quantity (kg); Unit price (USD/kg) )
Table 13 Importer of phytase in 2002, 2003, and 2004 (Quantity (kg); Unit price (USD/kg) )
Table 14 Import countries of phytase in 2002, 2003, and 2004 (Quantity (kg); Unit price (USD/kg) )
Table 15 Import price of phytase in 2002, 2003, and 2004 (Quantity (kg); Unit price (USD/kg) )
Table 16 Import situation in 2002, 2003, and 2004 (Quantity (kg); Unit price (USD/kg) )
Table 17 The production situation of calcium hydrogen phosphoric in recent years:


Figure 1 The processing flow charts of phytase production
Figure 2 Market Share of the Phytase Producers in China


Beijing Challenge Agricultural Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Style Biology Technology Co., Ltd., Yunnan Kanghe Bio-engineering Co., Ltd., Beijing Enhalor Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Sichuan Habio Bioenginering Co., Ltd., etc.

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