Nitrobenzene Applied in Aniline Production in China

Date: January 22, 2011
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Publisher: Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (CCM)
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Nitrobenzene Applied in Aniline Production in China

According to CCM’s report Nitrobenzene Applied in Aniline Production in China, aniline prices fluctuated with nitrobenzene in a similar way in China.

As long as they adopted the catalytic hydrogenation of nitrobenzene processes, nitrobenzene is used as the major raw material in aniline production in most companies, and so does China’s aniline production. Revealed by this report, up to 2010, all the Chinese aniline producers chose the nitrobenzene hydrogenation method to gain aniline and 95% of these factories produce nitrobenzene and aniline at the same time, normally with nitrobenzene line as supporting facility to aniline, because in theory, the conversion rate of nitrobenzene to aniline is up to 99%.

As the aniline production heavily relies on nitrobenzene, which can be mainly used as aniline raw material, there left low proportion of nitrobenzene used in trade. Thus, the price of nitrobenzene has limited effects on the aniline price fluctuation.

As the influence by the present way of aniline processing and the small impact of its main raw material prices, investors can find aniline and nitrobenzene in similar price curves while not directly correlate one.
1.1 Nitrobenzene
  1.1.1 Production
  1.1.2 Production technology of nitrobenzene in China
  1.1.3 Import and export of nitrobenzene
  1.1.4 Consumption of nitrobenzene


Bayer MaterialScience (China) Co., Ltd., Sinopec Nanjing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Shanghai Lianheng Isocyanate Co., Ltd., Jilin Connell Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Jiangsu SP Chemicals (Taixing) Co., Ltd.
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Nitrobenzene Applied in Aniline Production in China
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