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Production and Market of Myrcene in China

July 2010 | 32 pages | ID: MEDDF36FBE0EN
Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (CCM)

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Driven by rapid development of domestic flavour industry, Chinese myrcene industry witnessed fast development in the past few years, as more enterprises engaged in the myrcene production in China. In addition, half of Chinese myrcene was ever exported. However, with increasing demand from domestic market, the degree of dependence of myrcene on export is dropping. After detailed export analysis of myrcene in 2002~H1 2005, CCM will give estimate of myrcene export in 2009 and major influencing factors for the changes of export.

After recent years’ development, the consumption fields of myrcene have taken great changes in the past few years. In this report, CCM will figure out the current consumption volume and share in each field, and find out major end users of myrcene in China.

Besides focuses above, CCM will also provide you an insightful analysis on other following aspects:
  • China’s situation of myrcene supply in 2009 and the first half of 2010
  • Price of myrcene in the past years and current price
  • Raw material supply of myrcene
  • Key factors and driven forces for the development of myrcene in China
  • Forecast on production, export and consumption of myrcene in the next 5~10 years in China
  • Detailed introduction to all active myrcene producers in China
Executive summary
Methodology & sources


I-1 Production of myrcene in the past years
I-2 Price of myrcene in the past years
I-3 Supply of myrcene in China
I-4 Import & export analysis of myrcene
  I-4.1 Export situation in 2002~H1 2005
  I-4.2 Export situation in 2009
I-5 Consumption pattern of myrcene
  I-5.1 Market size and market share of myrcene
  I-5.2 Brief introduction to major derivatives of myrcene
    I-5.2.1 Ambrotone
    I-5.2.2 Citronellal
    I-5.2.3 Myrac aldehyde
    I-5.2.4 Myrcenol
    I-5.2.5 Lyral
I-6 Brief introduction to raw material supply of myrcene
I-7 Key factors and driven forces for fevelopment of myrcene in China
I-8 Future forecast on myrcene in the next 5-10 years
I-9 Conclusion


II-1 Jiangxi Shuinan Natural Fragrance Factory
II-2 Jiangxi Xinghua Natural Spice Co., Ltd.
II-3 Xiamen Doingcom Chemical Co., Ltd.
II-4 Guangdong Songlin Perfume Co., Ltd.
II-5 Jiangxi Huachen Aromatic Technology Inc.
II-6 Zhejiang Jiaxing Flavor Plant
II-7 Jiangxi Huayu Aromatic Technology Inc.
II-8 Zhejiang Xinhua Chemicals Co., Ltd.
II-9 Guangdong Deqing Glorychem Co., Ltd.
II-10 Xinhui Overseas Chinese Industry Development Co., Ltd.
II-11 Jiangxi Jishui Huakang Natural Perfume Chemical Plant


Table I-2.1 Price situation of myrcene in China, 2002~2009
Table I-3-1 Myrcene information of active producers, 2009
Table I-4.1-1 Monthly export situation of myrcene in China, 2002~H1 2005 (Quantity: tonne; Price: USD/kg)
Table I-4.1-2 Destinations of exported myrcene from China, 2002~H1 2005 (Quantity: tonne; Price: USD/kg)
Table I-4.1-3 Top three exporters of myrcene in China, 2002~H1 2005 (Quantity: tonne; Price: USD/kg)
Table I-4.1-4 Export Situation of myrcene producers in China, 2002~H1 2005 (Quantity: tonne; Price: USD/kg)
Table I-5.1-1 Market size and market share of myrcene in different derivatives, 2009
Table I-5.2.1-1 List of major active ambrotone producers in China, 2009
Table I-6-1 Distribution of ?-pinene production in China, 2009


Figure I-4.1-1 Export situation of myrcene in China, 2002~H1 2005
Figure I-4.2-1 Export quantity and price of products under HS 29012990 (myrcene included), 2003~2009
Figure I-8-1 Forecast on the output of myrcene, 2010~2020


Jiangxi Shuinan Natural Fragrance Factory; Guangdong Songlin Perfume Co., Ltd., Xiamen Doingcom Chemical Company Limited, Jiangxi Xinhua Natural Spice Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jiande Xinhua Chemicals Co., Ltd.

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