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Methylethyl Ketone Market Research (China)

September 2006 | 62 pages | ID: M7609177F3AEN
Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (CCM)

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Expanding domestic capacity, but still heavy dependency on import

Although China manufacturers are been making effort to expand their production capacity, they still can’t provide enough MEK that China needs. At least, half of MEK needed in China has to be imported.

With so large a gap between the domestic supply and demand, China’s MEK market is attracting increasing attention of the global MEK suppliers.

Many application fields and increasing demand

With its good dissolution performance to all kinds of fibrin derivates, synthetic rubber, grease, and high grade fatty acid, MEK is used in many fields in China, including coating, printing ink, adhesive, synthetic leather industry, magnetic tapes, chemical intermediates production, etc.

With the development of industries of automobiles, electronics, furniture, printing, shoes making, garment and so on, the demand for coating, adhesive, printing ink and synthetic leather will increase. So the demand of the MEK will increase accordingly. However, the demand of MEK from solvent dewaxing and magnetic tapes will remain the same or even decrease.

Few researchers

Fushun Institute of Petrochemical Research, Sinopec (FRIPP) is the only researcher in China that has mastered the MEK production technology. Their n-butylene hydration then hydrogenation technology has been transferred to many enterprises. All the domestic MEK producers are adopting their technology.

Developed MEK distribution

The MEK distribution industry is developed in China and the MEK distributors in China are concentrated in Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

China’s huge MEK market potential, complicated distribution situation, and future development are worth the attention from players both from China and abroad in this field.

Executive Summary
Methodology and Sources


I-1 Basic introduction
I-2 Technology
  I-2.1 n-Butylene pathway
    I-2.1.1 One-step method
    I-2.1.2 Two-step method
      I- n-Butylene hydrates to make sec-butyl alcohol
        I- Indirect hydration process with sulfric acid method
        I- Direct hydration process with resin method
        I- Direct hydration process with heteropoly acid method
        I- Butylene densification technology
      I- sec-Butyl alcohol dehydrogenates to make MEK
        I- Gas-phase dehydrogenation process
        I- Liquid-phase dehydrogenation process
  I-2.2 Butane liquid-phase oxidation pathway
  I-2.3 Iso-tetraphene pathway
  I-2.4 Butylene liquid-phase oxidation pathway
  I-2.5 Butyraldehyde isomerization pathway
I-3 Raw materials
I-4 History
I-5 Market
I-6 Consumption
  I-6.1 Coating
  I-6.2 Solvent de-waxing
  I-6.3 Adhesives
  I-6.4 Magnetic tape
  I-6.5 Others
I-7 Policy&development advice
I-8 Research
Fushun Institute of Petrochemical Research, Sinopec
I-9 Conclusion
I-10 Forecast


II-1 Active Producers
  II-1.01 Jiangsu Lingguang Group
  II-1.06 Xinjiang Dushanzi Tianli High & New Tech Co., Ltd.
II-2 Potential Producers
  II-2.01 Henan Puyang Hengrun Petro-chemical Co., Ltd.
  II-2.04 Jilin Yanbian Longtie Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
II-3 Stopped producer
  II-3.01 Jiangsu Dengdan Group Corporation
II-4 Reagent Producers
  II-4.01 Jiangsu Kunshan Huaqiao Chemical Co., Ltd.
  II-4.03 Tianjin Tianxin Fine Chemical Development Center
II-5 End Users


Table II- Comparison of different processes of n-butylene hydration to make sec-butyl alcohol
Table II- Comparison of the two processes of the sec-butyl alcohol dehydrogenation
The flowchart of the n-butylene hydration to make sec-butyl alcohol (SBA) and the dehydrogenation of SBA to make MEK.
Comments of end users in lubricating oil industry
Comments of end users in coating industry
Comments of end users in magnetic tape industry
Comments of end users in synthetic leather industry
Comments of end users in printing ink industry
Comments of end users in adhesive industry


Jiangsu Lingguang Group, Heilongjiang Haerbin Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Heilongjiang Bluestar Petrochemical Daqing branch, Liaoning Fushun Petrochemical No.2 Factory, Shandong Zibo Qixiang Tengda Chemical Company, etc.

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