Keratin (CAS 68238-35-7) Market Research Report 2018

Date: June 15, 2018
Pages: 70
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Keratin (CAS 68238-35-7) Market Research Report 2018

The report generally describes keratin, examines its uses, production methods, patents. Keratin market situation is overviewed; keratin manufacturers and suppliers with contacts and product range are mentioned in the study.

Furthermore, keratin prices in regional markets can be found in the report with regards to countries and companies.

The report also focuses on keratin consumers by providing data on companies that use it.

BAC can analyse the following aspects of the market for each chemical product in any country or region:

  • current market situation
  • plants’ capacity and production
  • amount and structure of demand
  • trade operations
  • prices in the market
  • manufacturing methods and patents
  • raw materials market
  • future market development
  • etc.
Thus, Keratin (CAS 68238-35-7) Market Research Report 2018 can provide:
  • keratin ranges, trademarks, analogous products, application areas, manufacturing methods
  • present keratin market conditions, prices
  • keratin market forecast, estimations
  • keratin manufacturers, consumers and traders (including contact details)

Keratin (CAS 68238-35-7) Market Research Report 2018 contents were worked out and placed on the website in June, 2018. As a special offer the report price was reduced and now is as low as US$ 2,200.00. Do not lose the chance to order this Market Report for almost half-price.

1. KERATIN (CAS 68238-35-7)

1.1. General information, synonyms
1.2. Composition, chemical structure
1.3. Safety information
1.4. Hazards identification
1.5. Handling and storage
1.6. Toxicological & ecological information
1.7. Transport information


2.1. Keratin application spheres, downstream products



Summary of the invention
Detailed description of the invention


5.1. General keratin market situation, trends
5.2. Manufacturers of keratin
  - Europe
  - Asia
  - North America
  - Other regions
5.3. Keratin suppliers (importers, local distributors)
  - Europe
  - Asia
  - North America
  - Other regions
5.4. Keratin market forecast


6.1. Keratin prices in Europe
6.2. Keratin prices in Asia
6.3. Keratin prices in North America
6.4. Keratin prices in other regions


7.1. Keratin market by application sphere
7.2. Keratin downstream markets trends and prospects
7.3. Keratin consumers globally
  - Europe
  - Asia
  - North America
  - Other regions

*Please note that Keratin (CAS 68238-35-7) Market Research Report 2018 is a half ready publication and contents are subject to change. It only requires updating with the help of new data that are constantly retrieved from Publisher’s databases and other sources. This updating process takes 3-5 business days after order is placed. Thus, our clients always obtain a revised and updated version of each report. Please also note that we do not charge for such an updating procedure. BAC Reports has information for more than 25,000 different chemicals available but it is impossible to have all reports updated immediately. That is why it takes 3-5 days to update a report after an order is received.
Product Name:Keratin
Structure:Keratin (CAS 68238-35-7)

Keratin is a tough, insoluble, sulphur-containing fibrous protein that is the main structural constituent of hard epidermal tissues, such as horn, hair, feathers, nails, claws, hoofs, and the like. By decomposition with sulphuric acid it yields leucine and tyrosine plus various other acid-stable amino acids. The amino acid composition of keratin varies, but it usually has a high percentage of cystine, which stabilizes and insolubilizes the protein by forming intrachain linkages. A softer form of keratin is present in the epidermis and whalebone.

Keratin is produced by keratinocytes, the predominant cells in the epidermis. These cells never stop their action, slowly pushing their way upwards, eventually dying and forming a protective layer of cells. Keratin is born from this stocking of dead hardening cells – keratinization.

Humans have at least 54 functional keratin genes, which are divided into type I and type II keratins. Most of the type I keratin genes, designated KRT9 through KRT20, are situated in a cluster on chromosome 17. The type II keratin genes, designated KRT1 through KRT8, are located in another cluster on chromosome 12.

Different combinations of keratin proteins are found in different tissues. In each tissue, a type I keratin pairs with a type II keratin to form a structure called a heterodimer. Heterodimers interact with one another to form strong, flexible fibers called keratin intermediate filaments. These filaments assemble into a dense network, which forms the structural framework of cells.

Keratins are widely known for providing strength and resilience to cells that form the hair, skin, and nails. These proteins allow tissues to resist damage from friction and minor trauma, such as rubbing and scratching.

Other critical cell functions of keratins include cell movement, regulation of cell size, cell growth and division, wound healing, and transport of materials within cells.

Besides, keratin is the buzzword of the hair care industry today, from intensive repair treatments and specialized straightening procedures, to daily wash and care.

Keratin market is covered in the study Keratin (CAS 68238-35-7) Market Research Report 2018. The report encompasses proper description of the product, unveils application areas, and briefly summarizes patents in the sphere. It overlooks keratin market situation, names manufacturers, suppliers as well as users. The report also provides current keratin prices in the market.
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Keratin (CAS 68238-35-7) Market Research Report 2018
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