Herbicides China News 1205 (12 issues per year)

Date: May 15, 2012
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Herbicides China News 1205 (12 issues per year)
It's not a peaceful month in May 2012 that Chinese pesticide industry meets a series of new movements in industrial integration and company investment. A batch of leading companies in this industrial evolution such as Huapont, Jiangsu Huifeng, Sanonda and so forth behave aggressively, pushing the development of the whole Chinese pesticide industry.

In fact, aiming at healthier industrial circumstances and broader market prospect, not only pesticide enterprises but also Chinese government does much work to push the whole industrial balance in various respects. Inevitably, a series of strict regulations and measures from the government will come out one after another in the future.

Especially as health and environmental protection is appealed heavily today, the regulation from the government will probably be rigorous and directed. In other words, some enterprises and products will encounter restrictions and even elimination. But in the final analysis, these movements accord with the future direction of the whole industry, because all efforts are for the sustainable development.
ChemChina runs asset reorganization in Sanonda
Asset exchange proceeds in Shandong Dacheng
Huapont invests in Wanquan Hongyu and Wanquan Kaidi
China takes restriction on paraquat
Jiangsu Huifeng promotes waste treatment
Noposion's net profit slipped by 25.24% in 2011
Jiangsu Repont prepares for relocation
Bispyribac-sodium registrations increase in Q1 2012
CS herbicides keep immature in China
Haloxyfop-R-methyl meets slow project in Jiangsu Weier
No acetochlor supplies in Shandong Zhongshi now
Good Harvest-Weien prepares glufosinate-ammonium and 2,4-D
Supply dynamics of pure pyridine in China of Q1 2012
Trifluralin meets price slip
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Herbicides China News 1205 (12 issues per year)
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