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Herbicide Market Research (China)

September 2007 | 129 pages | ID: H34894AEB7FEN
Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (CCM)

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This report penetrates into Chinese herbicides industry, and discloses the market and production for herbicides (weed killers) and crop plantation in China. With the globalization of this market, Chinese herbicides industry is booming and plays more and more important roles in the world. For example, Chinese glyphosate, paraquat, acetochlor, butachlor, and 2,4-D account for large shares of the world market.

On the production side, competitors and strategic planners concerning the Chinese herbicide market face a number of questions. What is the competitiveness of Chinese herbicides industry? Who is the strong supplier of herbicides in China? What are the key factors affecting the Chinese herbicides industry? What is the trend of Chinese herbicides in the near future? How does China adjust the crop planting structure?

On the demand side, this report also analyses the import and export situation of Chinese herbicides, and estimates the domestic demand according with the planting area of major crops. The report answers the following questions: What is the dollar value of the exports of China’s herbicides, and what is their export volume? What’s the export price of China’s herbicides? Which countries are the largest buyers? What is the import value of these herbicides, and which countries are the largest suppliers?

Executive summary
Methodology & sources


I-1 Brief introduction to agricultural industry in China
  I-1.1 Overview
   - Planting area and its distribution
   - Crop structure
   - Output
  I-1.2 Brief introduction to major crops
   - Wheat
   - Rice
   - Corn
   - Cash Crop
  I-1.3 Policies
I-2 Brief introduction to urbanization situation in China
I-3 Transfer situation of the young labor power in country and its influencing on agricultural industry
I-4 Overview of plant protection in China
- Natural disaster
- Biological disaster
- Chinese solution


II-1 Brief introduction to the industry scale of herbicide
II-2 Overview of herbicides technical (moleculars) in China
- Glyphosate
- Acetochlor
- Paraquat
- Butachlor
- Propanil
- Others, Including 2,4-D, Alachlor and Metolachlor
II-3 Overview of herbicides formulations in China
- Species
- Technology innovations and off-patent technical and formulations
- Packaging
II-4 Summary of producers
II-5 Brief introduction to the projects under construction of herbicide in China
II-6 Conflict between herbicide and environment protection
- Hazard caused in the process of herbicides production
- Hazard caused in the process of herbicides use
- Methodology to solve the environment problems caused by herbicide
II-7 Herbicide industry in major production regions
- Jiangsu Province
- Zhejiang Province
- Shandong Province
II-8 Registration of herbicide species from oversea companies and domestic companies


III-1 Volume & value
III-2 Destination & origin
III-3 Major exporters & importers


IV -1 Overview
IV -2 Market size and share of difference kinds of herbicides in China
IV -3 Market size and share of herbicides in each major crop
- Rice
- Corn
- Wheat
- Cash Crop
IV-4 Distribution channels of herbicides in China
IV-5 Peasants/farmers’ inclines in choosing herbicides


V-1 Price of active herbicide species and their pricing policies
V-2 Key factors influencing price
V-3 Pricing trend in the future


VI-1 Competitiveness between Chinese and overseas herbicides
VI-2 Competitive strategies & activities of key players in China
VI-3 Commercial opportunity


VIII-1 Key factors and driven forces for the development of Chinese herbicides
VIII-2 Future forecast on herbicides in China in the next five years
- Supply and demand
- Import & export
- Species & formulations
- Breakthrough and growing points
VIII Conclusion and recommendation


IX-1 Active Top 30 manufacturers
IX-1-1 Zhejiang Xin'an Chemical Industrial Group Co.,Ltd
IX-1-30 Pesticides Plant of Zhejiang Fertilizer & Pesticides (Group) Co., Ltd.

IX-2 Site visited report
IX-2-1 Shenzhen Changzhi Technology Co., Ltd.


Table I-1.1.1 Planting area in China in 2005
Table I-1.1.2 Crop structure in China
Table I-1.1.3 Output of major crops in China the past few years. (Unit: tonne)
Table I-4.1 Disaster area and afflicted area of crops in China
Table II-2.2-1Current Production Situation of Herbicide (volume is calculated by active ingredient)
Table II-2.2.1-1 Capacity and Output of Glyphosate Technical in the Past Years
Table II-2.2.1-2 Key Chinese Manufacturers of Technical Glyphosate in 2007
Table II-2.2.2-1 Output of Technical Acetochlor in China in the Past Years
Table II-2.2.2-2 Key Chinese Manufacturers of Technical Acetochlor in 2007
Table II-2.2.3-1 Key Chinese Manufacturers of Paraquat Technical in 2007
Table II-2.2.4-1 Key Chinese Manufacturers of Butachlor Technical in 2007
Table II-2.2.5-1 Key Chinese Manufacturers of Technical Propanil in 2007
Table II-2.2.6-1 Key Chinese Manufacturers of Technical Alachlor in 2007
Table II-2.2.6-2 Key Chinese Manufacturers of Technical Metolachlor in 2007
TableII-3-1 Glyphosate formulations species and number of producers in China
TableII-3-2 off-patent-Herbicides
Table II-3-3 off-patent-Herbicides
Table II-3-3 off-patent - Hericide compositions based on biscarbamates and method of utilizing them as herbicides
Table II-3-4 off-patent - Preparation compositions, content and utilization of sulfonylarea herbicides
Table II-3-5 off-patent herbicidal compositions based on a glyphosate type and a phenoxybenzoic type and method for undesirable plants treatment using these compositions
Table II-3-6 off-patent - Improved glyphosate formulations
Table II-3-7 Solid or semi-solid parataf preparation and its preparing method
Table II-3-8 Re-compounded metolachlor-pyrazosulfuron-ethyl preparation
Table II-3-9 Acylamide, Atrazine and paraquat compounded weedicide and preparation process thereof
Table II-3-10 Soluble solid glyphosate preparation
Table II-3-11 Acetochlor microemulsion and prep.thereof
Table II-3-12 Ammonium ethoxalate and ethoxyfluoro oxal ether mixture and producing method thereof
TableII-4-1 List of the numbers of herbicides producers
Table II-4-2 List of Top 30 active herbicides producers in China
Table II-4-3 List of the output of Top 30 active herbicides producers in China
Table II-5-1 New paln for glyphosate capacity expansion during the 11th-Five year period
TableII-7-1 the output of herbicide in Jiangsu province in recent year, tones
TableII-7-2 List of Major Herbicide producers in Jiangsu province
TableII-7-3 List of Top 7 herbicides producers in Zhejiang province
Table II-7-4 List of top 5 herbicides producers in Shandong province
Table II-8-1 The registration of major herbicides species in China
TableIII-1-1 Volume &value of exported herbicides from 2004 to 2006, tonnes & USD/tonnes
Table III-1-2 Volume &value of imported herbicides from 2004 to 2006, tonnes & USD/tonnes
Table III-1-3 the Exp. &Imp. situation of glyphosate
Table III-2-1 The destination of herbicides export in 2006
Table III-2-2 the destination of herbicides export in 2005
Table III-2-3 the destination of herbicides export in 2004
Table III-2-4 the origin of herbicides import in 2005
Table III-2-5 the origin of herbicides import in 2004
Table III-3-1 the major exporters of herbicides in 2006
Table III-3-2 the major exporters of herbicides in 2005
Table III-3-3 the major exporters of herbicides in 2004
Table III-3-4 the major importers of herbicides in 2006
Table III-3-5 the major importers of herbicides in 2005
Table III-3-6 the major importers of herbicides in 2004
Table IV-1.1 Chemical weeding area in China in the past few years
Table IV-2.1 Consumption of herbicide in China (2006)
Table V-4-1 Comparison of Five Domestic Sales Channels
Table V-2-1 Coefficient of Key Factors
TableV-3-1 the pricing trend of major species of herbicides form 2007 to 2010
Table VII -2-1 Prediction of herbicide supply and domestic demand in 2007-2012
Table VIII-1 the proportion of herbicide in pesticide industry from 2002 to 2006
Table V-1.02-1 Nantong Jiangshan’s majority subsidiaries
Table V-1.02-4 Specification of glyphosate produced by Nantong Jiangshan


Figure I-1.1.1 Map of China
Figure I-1.2 Change of crop planting area in the past few years
Figure I-1.2.1 Distribution of wheat planting in China
Figure I-1.2.4 Distribution of rice planting in China
Figure I-1.2.3 Rice planting area and its output in China
Figure I-1.2.5 Distribution of corn planting in China
Figure I-1.2.6 Corn planting area and output in China in the past few years
Figure I-2.1 Urbanization rate in China
Figure II-2.2-1 Capacity and Output of Herbicide in the Past Years
Figure II-2.2-1 Herbicide output in China from 2002 to 2006
Figure II-7-1 Herbicide output in Jiangsu province from 2002 to 2006
Figure II-7-2 Products structure of herbicide in Jiangsu province
FigureII-7-3 Herbicide output in Zhejiang province from 2002 to 2006
Figure II-7-4 Herbicide output in Shandong province from 2002 to 2006
Figure III-1-1 Volume of herbicides export & import from 2004 to 2006, tonnes
Figure V-3.1 Share of herbicide use in China.
Figure V-4-1 Distribution Channel of Pesticides in China
Figure V-1-1 The average price of glyphosate and its related products in China (Unit: RMB/t)
Figure V-1-2 The average price of acetochlor in China (Unit: RMB/t)
Figure V-1-3 The average price of atrazine in China (Unit: RMB/t)
Figure V-1-4 The average price of paraquat in China (Unit: RMB/t)


Zhejiang Xin'an Chemical Industrial Group Co.,Ltd, Zhejiang Changxing Zhongshan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Syngenta (Nantong) Crop Protection Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Zhenjiang Jiangnan Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical & Chemical Co., Ltd. Etc.

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