Herbicicdes China News 1111 (12 issues per year)

Date: November 23, 2011
Pages: 18
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Publisher: Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (CCM)
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Herbicicdes China News 1111 (12 issues per year)
Welcome to Nov. issue of Herbicides China News published by CCM International, a professional consulting company who has been extensively and intently focusing on dynamics of China's herbicide industry.

What impresses me most in Nov. 2011 is the crazy jump of pesticide price in China. Not only does pesticide meet price jump, but many chemical materials such as yellow phosphorus also rocket up in market price. Peak season in Chinese pesticide market is one of the primary reasons behind this white-heat price uptrend. Substantially, the deeper reason is still the severe inflation which drives up all expenses in China. More positively, China's inflation fell to 5.5% in Oct. from 6.1% in Sept: a move in the right direction, but far above the Government's 4% target.

Stress on the industry which stems from self-problems such as overcapacity also goes on, and thus the Chinese government takes many measures to help the stagnant pesticide market. New Pesticide Administrative Regulations is under the plan at present. Public comments are aroused as a result, and there is growing concern about some topics such as abolishment of temporary registration.

Anyway, the industrial integration can't be avoided. Manufacturers in China turn their direction towards smarter cooperation one by one, so that more reports about M&A have been or will be seen in Herbicides China News. However, on another aspect, constructions and expansion will become less than before.
New Pesticide Administrative Regulations to come out in China
Jiangsu Huifeng initiates clethodim technical business
Nantong Jiangshan launches 20,000t/a amide herbicide plant
Jindun Agrochemical to produce diuron
Hangzhou Qingfeng meets peak season in new location
China meets weak agrochemical performances in Q3 2011
Chlorimuron-ethyl manufacturers compete intensely in China
Top three price-increasing herbicides in Nov. 2011
New choice in low-content glyphosate formulations
New production season of nicosulfuron begins
Herbicide manufacturers in China with phosgene resource
Yellow phosphorus meets a pricing U-turn in Nov.
China develops a fungus against barnyard grass
New EC formulation grows up in China
Effervescing formulation weak in Chinese herbicides


Jiangsu Huifeng
Nantong Jiangshan
Jindun Agrochemical
Hangzhou Qingfeng
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Herbicicdes China News 1111 (12 issues per year)
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