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Date: May 15, 2013
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Herbicide China News 1305 (12 issues per year)
Editor Notes

China Central Television recently reported that farmers in Weifang City, Shandong Province, have been using shennongdan, a highly toxic pesticide made from aldicarb, in ginger fields. It's even shocking to know that the shennongdan-contaminated ginger was sold only in domestic markets, because farmers didn't dare to use toxic pesticides in fields where ginger was grown for export as foreign countries have extremely strict inspection standards for chemical residue.
It is not the first time that the food pollution with pesticides' incident happens in China. To ensure food safety, it's imperative that authorities improve xencourage media supervision and publicize food inspection results. Now, more and more people are paying attention to the situation of Chinese pesticides. After a series of food pollution events, it may be a chance to stimulate the green pesticide development in China, which is known to be safe and environmental friendly.


Glyphosate and paraquat were the mainstream rice herbicides in the three major early rice planting regions of Hunan Province in 2012.

Both revenue and net profit of Lier Chemical achieved double-digit year-on-year growth in the first quarter of 2013.

Anhui Huaxing is now constructing projects with a total capacity of 417,000t/a for ionic membrane caustic soda, phosphorus trichloride, glyphosate, monosultap and bisultap.

A bio-herbicide (Junkehuo) from Nanjing Agricultural University was transferred to Jiangsu Dongbao with a patent royalty of USD1.3 million (RMB8 million) for the exclusive development right in east China.

With problems of overcapacity, the acetochlor technical production in China continued to witness sluggish growth in 2012.

The ex-works price of nicosulfuron 95% technical in China witnessed a sharp increase in late April 2013, reaching USD39,620/t, caused by a lack of stock.

Glufosinate-ammonium arouses interest among China's pesticide manufacturers in China.

Paraquat 42% TK was still in short supply in late April 2013.

The Diquat production stays weak in early 2013 in China and its products are mainly for export.

Biological pesticide products are difficult to promote in China.

Compared with 2011, in 2012, China's export volume of atrazine 97% technical soared to 27,959 tonnes, enjoying a year-on-year growth of over 50% while that of atrazine formulation fell to 24,559 tonnes with a decrease of about 25%.

From Jan. to March in 2013, the Chinese import volume and export volume of herbicides reached 9,273 tonnes and 213,530 tonnes respectively.

From Jan. to March in 2013, 32 pesticides technical registrations, including 15 herbicides ones, 11 insecticides ones and six fungicides ones, were approved by Australia.

From March to April, 2013, 13 new registrations (not including updated registrations) of herbicide technical are approved in China.
Survey founds glyphosate and paraquat were Hunan's major herbicides for
early rice in 2012
Lier Chemical: both revenue and net profit achieved a double-digit growth in
Q1 2013
Anhui Huaxing constructing projects with a total capacity of 417,000t/a
Jiangsu Dongbao bought a bio-herbicide from Nanjing Agricultural University
Sluggish acetochlor production in China in 2012
Ex-works price of nicosulfuron 95% TC soared in late April
Glufosinate-ammonium arouses interest in China
Paraquat still in short supply in late April 2013
Diquat production stays weak in early 2013
Difficult promotion for biological pesticides
Atrazine TC export volume surged but formulation fell in 2012
Chinese herbicides Imp. & Exp. witnessed increases in Q1 2013
15 herbicides TC registered in Australia from Jan. to March 2013
New registrations of herbicide technical in China in March and April 2013


Lier Chemical, Anhui Huaxing´╝î Jiangsu Dongbao
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