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Flavors Industry Market Research (China)

September 2006 | 61 pages | ID: F37A89970DFEN
Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (CCM)

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In China, flavors are closely associated with the living standard of Chinese people and the flavors industry develops along food industry, feed industry, tobacco industry and beverage industry. History has seen the Chinese flavors industry growing from small to big, from mill production to mass production, from simulation to innovation, from import-dependent to export-target.

Due to the over exploitation on natural resources, and the ever strict management on the environment protection, the production of natural flavors in China will decrease in the future.

The Chinese ability to develop the production technology, especially of synthetic flavors, has been improved in the past and will continue to improve in the future.

China has been proved to be a potential reservoir to tap for the huge consumptions of fragrance, which in return brings more commercial opportunitiesfor flavors, synthetic flavors in particular.


- Definition & Explanation
- Executive Summary
- Research Situation of Flavor in China
- Review on Flavor History in China
- Overall Situation of Flavor & Fragrance Industry in the Recent Years
- Geological Distribution of Flavors Production in China
- Competitiveness of Chinese Production
- Situation of Natural Flavors
- Situation of Synthetic Flavors
- Foreign Involvement in the Flavor & Fragrance Industry in China
- Where is China Strong and Where is China Weak in Flavor Industry
- Growing Points in China
- Government Management on Flavors Industry in China
- Government Target & Plan for Flavors Industry
- Key Factors and Driven Forces for the Development of Flavors Industry in China
- Future Forecast on Flavors Industry in the Next 5-10 Years


-Natural Flavors
Essential Oil
- Mint oil
- Eucalyptus oil
- litsea cubeba oil
- Citronella oil
- Aniseed star oil
- Cassia Oil
- Camphor Oil
- Other essential oils
Concrete & Absolute
- Jasmine concrete & absolute
- Jasminum Grandiflorum concrete & absolute
- Other concretes & absolutes
- Musk tincture
Synthetic Flavors
1. Hydrocarbon Chemicals
- Alpha Pinene & Beta Pinene
- Isoprene
2. Alcohol Flavors
- Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol
- Terpineol
- Menthol
- Linalool
- Benzyl Alcohol
3. Aldehyde Flavors
- Vanillin and Ethyl vanillin
- Heliotropin
- Citral
- Lilial
4. Acetone Flavors
- Synthetic Camphor
- Acetophenone
- Acetyl Cedrene
- Ionone & methylionone
5. Carboxylic Acid Flavors
- Lactic Acid
- Phenylacetic Acid
6. Ester Flavors
- Benzyl Acetate
- Benzyl Benzoate
- Linalyl Acetate
- Salicylate series
7. Lactone Flavors
- Coumarin
8. Phenol Flavors
- Guaiacol
- Maltol & Ethyl Maltol
9. Ether Flavors
- Cedryl methyl ether
- Anisole
10. Musk Flavors
- Musk xylol
- Musk Ketone
- Musk Ambrette
11. Nitrile Flavors, Sulfurous Flavors and heterocyclic Flavors
- Nitrile series
- Mercaptan series
- Sulfide series
- Furan series
- Pyrrole series
- Pyridine series
- Pyrazine series
- Tiazole series
- Appendix 1: Profile of major domestic producers
- Appendix 2. Profile of Foreign Companies in China


Table 1. Flavor species in China
Table 2. The situation of flavor & fragrance industry in the past
Table 3. Supply situation of major essential oils in China
Table 4. Import & export of essential oil in the past years
Table 5. Import situation of major natural flavors in 2000
Table 6. The supplying situation of some strong synthetic flavors in China
Table 7. Market share of flavor & fragrance industry (on base of sales value)
Table 8. Import & export of mint oil in China
Table 9. Import & export of Eucalyptus oil in China
Table 10. Import & export of litsea cubeba oil in China
Table 11. Import & export of citronella oil in the past years.
Table 12.Import & export of cassia oil in the past
Table 13. Import & export of camphor oil in the past
Table 14. Other essential oils species in China
Table 15. Other species of concrete & Absolute flavors in China
Table 16. Other species of other tinctures
Table 17. Import & export of terpineol in China
Table 18. Import & export of menthol in China
Table 19. Import & export of linalool in the past
Table 20.Import & export of benzyl alcohol in China
Table 21. Import & export of vanillin and ethyl vanillin in China
Table 22. Import & export of heliotropin in the past
Table 23. Import & export of lilial in China
Table 24. Import & export of synthetic camphor in China
Table 25.Import & export of acetophenone in China
Table 26. Import & export of ionone and methyl ionone in China
Table 27. Import & export of coumarin, methyl coumarin and ethyl coumarin in China


Map of Location of Provinces in China


Shanghai Flavors General Factory, Guangzhou Baihua Flavor Co. Ltd., Shanghai Xin Hua Flavor Factory, Shanghai Peacock Fragrance & Flavor Co. Ltd., Tianjin Flavor Factory, etc.

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