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Feed Grade Amino Acids Market Research (China)

April 2006 | 32 pages | ID: F972B4D7146EN
Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (CCM)

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Owing to the technical support of research institutes and the guide from the central government, the amino acid growing at a fast speed, though now the most popular method in China, the fermentation method, is not that developed as the western countries.

It can be said that China is a newcomer of amino acid in the world market. Most of the strains for the fermentation are ascended from overseas. The technology for the chemical synthesis cannot compare with that of foreign companies. But being a large and important developing country with vast number of population and animals, China is no doubt attractive to overseas manufacturers. There are still some areas worth considering from commercial point of view.

In feed industry, Chiatai Macro of Thailand and Ajinomoto of Japan have both set up their joint ventures in China to produce feed grade lysine. Roune-Planc has set up joint venture in Tianjin to produce feed grade methionine.

In pharmaceutical area, Ajimonoto has already establish joint venture with Shanghai Tianchu. They have a strong ambition to be the No.1 in the production of pharmaceutical amino acids in China.

One good way is to develop the downstream products by using the amino acid in China, especially to produce the dextro type (D-) amino acids, which are promising in the application of synthesizing the highly profitable pharmaceuticals.

1. Overall situation of amino acid in China
2. Production method of amino acid in China
3. Brief History of Amino Acid Production in China
4. Brief Situation of Specific Feed Grade Amino Acids
  A: Lysine
  B: Methionine
  C: Threonine
  D: Arginine
  E: Tryptophan
5. Application of Feed Grade Amino Acid in China
6. Brief Introduction to Feed Industry in China
7. Government Policy on Feed Industry in China
8 Research on the Application of Feed Grade Amino Acids in China
9 Commercial Opportunity of Amino Acid Industry in China


Table 2-1. The amino acid manufacturers of some important amino acids in China – with focus on food grade amino acids
Table 4-1. Production of Lysine for 1992-2000
Table 4-3. Manufacturers of methionine, tryptophan, threonine and arginine in China
Table 4-4. Price trend of L-threonine (food grade) in the past (on CNF base, unit: USD/kg)
Table5-1. The General Daily Nutrient Demand of Pigs(GB8471-87)
Table5-2. The General Daily Nutrient Requirement for Table Chicken
Table 5-3. The General Daily Nutrient Requirement for Egg-laying Chicken
Table 6-1. Feed production in the past
Table 6-2. Feed production and No. of Feed Factories in 1996
Table 6-3. The four biggest feed producing provinces (1996)
Table 6-4. Numbers of feed factories per different types of investment (1996)
Table 6-5. The 4 provinces with the biggest number of factories per different types of investment
Table 6-6. Some Big Feed Enterprises in China (1996)
Table 7-1. Targets of the Feed Industry up to 2020
Table 7-2. Targets of the Feed Industry up to 2020


Jirong Amino Acid (Hebei) Ltd.,Zhangjiagang Shuguang Biochemical Production Factory, Changchun Dacheng Biochemical Engineering Development Co. Ltd., Guangxi Guiyuan Lysine Co. Ltd., Sino-Japan Joint Venture Hudei Fenjiang Amino Acid Co., LTD.

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