Fatty Acids Market in CIS Countries and Globally

Date: January 23, 2016
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Fatty Acids Market in CIS Countries and Globally
Fatty acids are widely used in many industries such as personal care products and rubber, household care, detergents and plastics, etc.

After crisis in 2009, the oleo chemicals market has showed strong growth, driven by increase of global demand for more environment-friendly products.

With more than a half of global output Asia is the leading fatty acids manufacturer and also the largest consumer.

Malaysia, Indonesia, China and India are leading producers with more than 90% of Asia fatty acid production.

CIS countries import fatty acids though some countries (Russia, Belarus) produce them but not in amounts enough to meet demand.

Global fatty acid consumption is expected to grow at average of 3% annually during the next five years.

The report provides analysis of fatty acids market in CIS Countries and globally. Major topics considered for world market are: Fatty Acids production, consumption, prices in recent years. Fatty acids feedstock is included. Market forecast is given. Besides global market review the report provides detailed description of trends and peculiarities of fatty acids market in CIS countries.

1.1. Fatty acids general characteristics
1.2. Fatty acids application spheres
1.3. Fatty acids manufacturing methods
1.4. Derivatives of natural fats and natural oils


2.1. Raw materials for fatty acids production
  - Fats
  - Animal fat
  - Vegetable oil
  - Tropical oil
  - Soybean oil
  - Rape oil
  - Waxes
  - Phospholipids
3.2. Feedstock prices:
  - Coconut oil
  - Palm oil
  - Rape oil
  - Soybean oil
  - Canola oil


3.1. Russia
  3.1.1. Oils market in Russia
    - Soybean oil
    - Rape oil
    - Palm oil
    - High oleic sunflower oil
  3.1.2. Fatty acids market in Russia
  - Situation in downstream markets
    - Powder synthetic detergents
    - Household soap, toilet soap
    - Perfumery and cosmetics
    - Rubber, tires and rubber products
    - Paint and varnish industry
3.2. Belarus
  3.2.1. Vegetable oils market in Belarus
  3.2.2. Fatty acids market in Belarus
  3.2.3. Downstream markets
3.3. Ukraine
  3.3.1. Rape and soybean oils production in Ukraine
  3.3.2. Fatty acids market in in Ukraine
  3.3.3. Downstream markets
    - Tire and rubber products market in Ukraine
    - Paint and varnish industry
    - Synthetic detergents
    - Perfumery and cosmetics
3.4. Kazakhstan
  3.4.1. Fatty acids market in in Kazakhstan
  3.4.2. Vegetable oils market in Kazakhstan
3.5. Uzbekistan
3.6. Fatty acids market in other CIS countries
  - Georgia
  - Kyrgyzstan
  - Moldova


4.1. Vegetable oil market
  - Palm oil
  - Coconut oil
  - Rape oil
  - Soya oil
4.2. Fatty acids capacity
4.3. Global production of fatty acids
4.4. Worldwide fatty acids trade
4.5. Manufacturers of fatty acids in the world market; foreign trade
4.6. Fatty acids prices in global market
4.7. World market for fatty alcohols

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Fatty Acids Market in CIS Countries and Globally
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