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Dimethoate Market Research (China)

October 2006 | 20 pages | ID: D2D85C97796EN
Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (CCM)

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Dimethoate is a highly poisonous agrochemicals. It was one of the largest organic phsphorus items in China. China began to limit the application of dimethoate for many years. The annual production is 5,000-6,000MT. But it seems that the production quantity has been shrinking recent years and the demand of this product is decreasing in the recent year.

This report is briefly summarized the dimethoate industry in China, presented in a question-answer format, focusing on:
-the producers?
-the capacity and the utilization?
-the quality specification?
-export situation?
-the enduse segment?
-the production volume?

It's found that there are 8 major dimethoate producers in 2002, but only 4 in the market (technical and EC grade) in 2003.Among them only two producers are very active in the technical grade material.

Of the technical grade material, Most of the dimethoate (80-90%) is for export.Some of the technical below 95% are sold in domestic market, but its sales volume is small. In the export of technical grade material, Chongqing Pesticide, Jiangsu Dafeng and Fujian Sannong is strong. Aditionally, the manufacturers are profiled by listing their contact info, background, products & specifications, export situation,etc.

Answer to Some Frequently Asked Questions
Addition Information & Comment
Situation of Chinese Manufacturers
1.Chongqing Pesticide & Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.
9.Anhui Chizhou Sincerity Chemicals Co., Ltd.


Table Manufacturers of dimethoate in China
Table Capacity of dimethoate in China


Chongqing Pesticide & Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Dafeng Pesticide Factory, Fujian Sannong Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Pesticide Factory, Zhejiang Hangzhou Qingfeng Agro-Chemical Co., Ltd., etc.

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