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Magnesium Oxide (Magnesia) Market in CIS Countries and Globally

December 2017 | 189 pages | ID: D16373B164AEN
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There are two principal sources of magnesium oxide: rock mineral (mainly magnesite) is the most common, another one is seawater and magnesia-rich brines. Magnesia applications vary depending on grades. The following grades are presented in the market: fused magnesia (FM), dead burned magnesia (DBM), caustic calcinated magnesia (CMM), etc.

Calcined magnesia is used in agricultural and industrial applications; dead burned magnesia is used for refractory applications; fused magnesia is applied in refractory and electrical insulating spheres.

Globally natural source magnesia is produced in larger quantities than synthetic one - global output of magnesium oxide from magnesite is approximately 9 times higher. China dominates naturally-sourced magnesium oxide production – nearly half of world output.

Magnesium oxide market that was in tight supply before crisis has successfully recovered afterwards and demonstrates good growth rates. Demand is expected to rise in the future.

The report provides analysis of magnesium oxide market in CIS Countries and globally. Major topics considered for world market are: magnesium oxide production, consumption, prices in recent years. Magnesium oxide market forecast is given. Besides global market review the report provides detailed description of trends and peculiarities of magnesium oxide market in CIS countries.

1.1. Magnesium oxide (magnesia) properties, magnesia types
1.2. Application spheres



  - Magnesia market trends
  - Magnesia manufacturers
  - Magnesia trade, prices
  - Market forecast
3.1. North America
  - USA
  - Canada
  - Mexico
3.2. South America
  - Brazil
  - Argentina
  - Chile
  - Colombia
3.3. The Asia-Pacific region
  - China
  - Hong Kong
  - Taiwan
  - Thailand
  - India
  - Japan
  - South Korea
  - Malaysia
  - Australia
3.4. Europe
  - Austria
  - Belgium
  - Germany
  - Italy
  - Spain
  - United Kingdom
  - France
  - Portugal
  - Switzerland
  - Norway
  - Poland
  - Czech Republic
3.5. Middle East
3.6. Africa


4.1. Magnesium oxide market in Russia
  - Market trends, manufacturers, prices
4.2. Magnesium oxide in Ukraine

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