Corn Products China News 1705

Date: May 26, 2017
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Corn Products China News 1705
Welcome to the May Issue of Corn Products China News.

This newsletter will help you stay ahead of the game in this fast-changing market with real-time reporting on the entire corn products industry chain, from grain markets to the downstream food and feed markets. It includes breaking news from China and abroad, the latest market data (price, import & export, production, consumption, operating rates, etc.), in-depth analysis of market trends, Chinese government policy, performance of leading Chinese producers, M&A, new technologies, and expert commentary from industry insiders.

Here is the Editor's Note for you to know about the May issue specifically:

Corn purchase of the corn deep processing subsidy expired, and China issued a series of policies to support the corn deep processing industry – for example, cancelling the deep processing management projects and implementing the feed subsidy policy.

China mainly imports DDGS from the US, but due to the "double-anti" measures, import volume of DDGS from the US continued falling. Thanks to this, China's DDGS market was prosperous. In the meantime, the country also adjusted import tariff against ethanol.

In May, China auctioned its temporarily-stored corn, which fluctuated the corn market. Due to many influential factors, corn price will not rise greatly nor slump. As a whole, the prices of quality corn stood high.

At the end of April, many companies released their 2016 financial report. For instance, New Hope Liuhe's feed business sales took up 56.77% of its main business sales. Muyuan Foods reported a YoY rise of 86.65% in revenue and 289.68% in net profit respectively.

In March, China's export volume of citric acid rebounded while export price declined, given the slow growing global economy, weak overseas demand, and anti-dumping investigation carried out by Brazil in Nov. 2016.

Corn starch price slightly declined in May due to weak demand and oversupply. MSG price also kept low due to low price of corn, price war of companies and flat trading; however, the price is expected to grow as the industry concentration is rising.

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Although the corn purchase of the subsidy policy for corn deep processing is about to expire on 30 April, China introduced a series of policies which were also good for the corn deep processing industry.

Affected by the 'double-anti' measures, China's import volume of DDGS kept falling in March 2017. Thanks to this, the domestic DDGS market stayed promising.

In May 2017, China started to auction its temporarily-stored corn, which influenced the corn market. As a whole, the price of quality corn still kept high.

In May, the sale of 2016-harvested corn came to an end; the auction of temporarily-stored corn started and the sowing of new corn began. However, the specified measures related to the subsidy provided for corn producers have not yet been published. CCM has predicted that the subsidy will be roughly the same as last year, but the subsidy gap between the advantaged area and the non-advantaged area will further widen.

At the end of April, New Hope Liuhe released the 2016 financial report, which recorded a drop in revenue but a surge in net profit. Notably, the financial performance of its feed business showed dramatic growth.

At the end of April, Muyuan Foods released the 2016 financial report, which show that thanks to the falling feed price and rising pig price, the company saw surges in both net profit and revenue.

China's citric acid export volume rebounded, after suffering from the anti-dumping sunset review investigation carried out by Brazil. In March, the export volume was up by 31.53% MoM, while export price declined.

In 2017, soybean meal price kept falling due to rising supply of soybean and monunting soybean meal stockpiles. In the meantime, corn price remained high, which may push up demand for soybean in the short term.

In early May, China's corn starch price dropped slightly, which was mainly related weak demand and oversupply. It is predicted that the price will continue to remain low in the future.

China's MSG price kept falling and hit a record low in May 2017. However, as industry concentration improves, the price is expected to rebound in the future.
Editor's Note
Column 1 Governmental Direction
Series of policies introduced to boost corn deep processing industry
‘Double-anti’ measures reduce import volume of DDGS in China
Column 2 Market Dynamics
Auction of temporarily-stored corn begins, market price of quality corn still remains high
Forecast: small change in 2017 subsidy provided for corn producers
Column 3 Company Developments
New Hope Liuhe records surge in net profit
Muyuan Foods: 2016 performance rises due to falling corn price and rising pig price
Column 4 Import & Export Analysis
Chinese corn products Imp. & Exp., March 2017
Export volume of citric acid rebounds in March 2017
Column 5 Competing Products
Soybean meal price continues falling
Column 6 Price Update
Price update of corn products, May 2017
Corn starch price keeps low in May 2017
MSG price hits record low in May 2017
Column 7 News in Brief
Jiangxi increases insurance of corn and wheat
Haid Group: feed sales volume keeps rising in 2016
Spring sowing progresses slowly in Northeast China affected by weather
Inner Mongolia: corn planting area may reduce
Heilongjiang officially introduces subsidy policy for corn and soybean producers
Longlive Bio-technology: joint-stock company puts graphene production line into operation
MOA launches inspection on GM corn seed nationwide
TRS: soaring feed sales volume spurs up 2016 net profit
Sichuan Jin’ante: new cultivars of corn and rice pass examination
Shenzhen Jinxinnong builds new product line integrated husbandry and pharmaceuticals


New Hope Liuhe Co., Ltd.; Muyuan Foods Co., Ltd.; Guangdong Haid Group Co., Ltd; Shandong Longlive Bio-technology Co., Ltd.; TRS Group, Inc.;
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Corn Products China News 1705
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