Competitive Environment and Future Forecast on Enzyme Industry in China

Date: February 23, 2010
Pages: 38
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Publisher: Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (CCM)
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Competitive Environment and Future Forecast on Enzyme Industry in China

CCM has finished a market report named Future of Enzyme in China to 2020 in Feb 2010. In order to meet clients’ different demands and provide more low-price products, we separated it into many sub-reports with different specific themes. Competitive Environment and Future Forecast on Enzyme Industry in China is one of the sub-reports.

With intense competition, the enzyme industry in China has undergone great changes in recent years. On one side, China’s enzyme industry has been dominated by some large scale producers and many small scale producers have been gradually washed out from the market. On the other side, foreign investors are playing a more and more important role in Chinese enzyme market.

In order to provide comprehensive analysis on China’s enzymes industry in recent years and its future prospects, questionnaire survey is conducted in this report, with total 11 respondents including enzyme professors and managers being interviewed on their views of China’s enzyme industry.

The survey results unveil the following key issues keenly concerning the future of China’s enzyme industry:

What are the key factors influencing development of China’s enzyme industry?
What are the future opportunities and challenges for China’s enzyme industry?
Which kinds of enzyme are mainly exported and imported?
What’s the future performance for different enzymes in China?

1.1 Comparison between Chinese and foreign/foreign funded enterprises in China
1.2 Comparison between enzyme industry in China and the world


2.1 Key factors and driving forces for development of enzyme industry in China
  2.1.1 Macro factors
  2.1.2 Driving forces
2.2 Future forecast on enzyme industry in the next 5~10 years
  2.2.1 Introduction
  2.2.2 Market forecast: enzymes in major segments, 2010~1020 Starch processing Detergent Textile Paper & pulp Leather Beer Juice Wheat-based product Feed Pharmaceuticals
2.3 Commercial opportunities in China
  2.3.1 Growth segments and enzymes
  2.3.2 Commercial opportunities


Jiangsu Wuxi Syder Bio-Products Co., Ltd., Beijing Novozymes (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Genencor (Wuxi) Bio-Products Co., Ltd., Hunan New-century Biochemical (NCB) Co., Ltd., Zhaodong Sun Shine Enzyme Co., Ltd., Hubei Liye Biological Product Co., Ltd.
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Competitive Environment and Future Forecast on Enzyme Industry in China
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