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Aspartame Market Research (China)

May 2006 | 64 pages | ID: ADEEB332675EN
Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (CCM)

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Aspartame, as an important non-caloric high intensity sweetener, has already been comprehensively applied in the world, although there were ever disputes about its potential harm to people's health. In China, it is usually used to produce compound sweeteners together with ACK and saccharin.

Now, China has already become an important player in this industry. The number of China’s aspartame manufacturers has kept growing for years. Meanwhile, both the capacity & production of aspartame has increased a lot. Now most of Chinese aspartame is exported to the overseas countries.

At the same time, China also imports some aspartame from abroad. With the growth of the aspartame industry, the market share of the imported aspartame will possibly become even less in Chinese market.

This report delivers an in-depth and comprehensive analysis on aspartame and high intensity sweeteners. It carefully researches all the facets of aspartame, including production, consumption and import & export, etc.

Executive Summary
Methodology & Sources


I-1 Brief Introduction to High Intensity Sweeteners in China
  I-1.1 Properties & Species of High Intensity Sweeteners in China
  I-1.2 Export of HIS in China
  I-1.3 Comment on HIS From Chinese Experts
  I-1.4 Consumption Pattern of Sweeteners in China
  I-1.5 Factors for the Application of HIS, Aspartame and ACK in Particular
  I-1.6 Government Policy on Hight Intensity Sweeteners
I-2 Brief History of Aspartame Production in China
I-3 Production Situation of Aspartame Nowadays
  I-3.1 Summary of Chinese Manufacturers
  I-3.2 Position of Aspartame Among the High Intensive Sweeteners
  I-3.3 Difference Between Domestic Made Aspartame And Imported Aspartame
I-4 Import & Export Analysis of Aspartame in 2003
  I-4.1 Import Analysis of Aspartame in 2003
  I-4.2 Export of Analysis of Aspartame in 2003
I-5 Consumption Situation of Aspartame in China
  I-5.1 Consumption of Aspartame in Different Sections
  I-5.2 Some Important Consumers of Aspartame
  I-5.3 Distribution Channels of Imported Aspartame
I-6 Pricing of Aspartame in the Past Few Years
I-7 Brief Introduction to the Situation of Major Raw Materials
  I-7.1 Phenylalanine
  I-7.2 Aspartic Acid
I-8 Outlook of Aspartame Industry in the Future
I-9 Conclusion & Recommendation


II-1 Active Manufacturers of Aspartame in China
  II-1.1 Jiangsu Changzhou Niutang Chemical Plant
  II-1.6 Beijing VitaSweet Co., Ltd. (suspected)
II-2 Potential Producers
  II-2.1 Changmao Biochemical Engineering Co. Ltd.
II-3 Companies Who Stopped Produciton
  II-3.1 Zhejiang Haosen Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.


Table I-1.1-1 Properties of HIS
Table I-2-1 Situation of Aspartame in the past
Table I-1.3.1-1 Summary of Chinese aspartame producers in 2004
Table I-1.3-2 Summary of Chinese producers of aspartame
Table I-3.2-1 Position of aspartame among HIS
Table I-4.1-1Active importers of aspartame in 2003
Table I-4.1-2 Origin of aspartame in 2003
Table I-4.1-3 Import price of aspartame in 2003
Table I-4.1-4 Consumption area for imported aspartame in 2003
Table I-4.2-1 Active exporter of aspartame in 2003(>1,000kg)
Table I-4.2-2 Export destination of aspartame in 2003(>5,000kg)
Table I-4.2-3 Export situation of Chinese manufacturers
Table I-4.2-4 Average export average price
Table I-4.2-5 Export price of aspartame in 2003-by each factory
Table I-5.1-1 Some blenders in China
Table I-5.2-1 Import of aspartame in Hanzhou Sanhe
Table I-6-1 Average price of aspartame in the past years (USD/kg)
Table I-7.1-1 Production of pharmaceutical grade L-phenylalanine in China (MTs)
Table I-7.1.1-1 Market share of L-Phe (food grade) in 2003
Table I-7.1.1-2 Active producers of L-Phe in China
Table I-8-1 Forecast of aspartame in the future


Jiangsu Changzhou Niutang Chemical Plant, Zhejiang Ya Mei Biochemical Engineering Co., Ltd.,Zhejiang Ya Mei Biochemical Engineering Co., Ltd., Changmao Biochemical Engineering Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Haosen Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

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