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Aluminium Extrusion Industry Market Research (China)

March 2006 | 140 pages | ID: A8344825A52EN
Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (CCM)

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By end of 2000, the production of primary aluminum in China has been 2,817,000MT/year, next only to that of in USA and Russia. The Chinese people have shown to the world the fast pace in developing the aluminum downstream products by fully utilizing the domestic resources. The aluminum fabrication has become one of the most important industries in China.

Aluminum extrusion profile, or extrudate, being an items used widespread in construction, industries and other areas, has been growing rapidly in the past. Though Chinese aluminum extrudate industry is characteristics of its large production and low quality, the potential ability of Chinese people to improve the production technology and the enhanced position of Chinese material among the international market have got the acquiescent from oversea businessman.

The present report is to offer better understanding on the Chinese manufacturers of aluminum extrudate and uncover the actual situation therein, aiming to illustrate what this industry is today and how it will go in the years follows.

The aim of this report is:
  - To find the major Chinese aluminum extrudate manufacturers in details, including background, aluminum extrudate production situation, ingot sources, associate companies, etc.
  - To find the direction and strategy of Chinese manufacturers for the USA market, if possible.
  - To find the role that the Chinese government play in the aluminum extrusion industry.

Thus this report is consist of two parts:
  - The main body of market report thereinafter.
  - The appendix I, in a separate file, the situation of top 90 manufacturers in China.
  - The appendix II, also in the separate part, the notices of some primary suppliers mentioned in the appendix I.

Survey on Aluminum Extrusions Industry in China
  Executive Summary
Flow Chart of Aluminum Extrudate Production
Brief History of Aluminum Extrudate Production in China
Geological Distribution of Aluminum Extrudate Manufacturers
Overall Production Situation in China
Competitiveness of Chinese Production
Import & Export of Aluminum Extrudate in the Recent Three Years
Consumption Pattern of Aluminum Extrudate in China
List of Major End Users
Government Role in Aluminum Production
Key factors and driven forces for the development in China;
Future Forecast on Aluminum Extrusion Industry in the Next 5-10 Years
Aliumimum Ingot Situation in Brief
Appendix: Survey on Aluminum Extrudate Manufacturers in China
  - List of Major Aluminum Extrudations Manufacturers in China
  - List of Major Aluminum Ingot Suppliers in China


90 major players studied including
Liaoyang Zhongwang Aluminum Sections Co., Ltd.
Shandong Longkou City Nanshan Aluminum Sections Factory
Guangdong Xingfa Aluminum Sections Factory
Asia Aluminum Factory
Lanzhou Aluminum Holding Ltd. Northwest Aluminum Fabrication Plant
Nanhai Global Aluminum Co., Ltd.
Sichuan Fangzhou Aluminum Co. Ltd.
Guangdong Nanhua Aluminum Factory Co. Ltd.
Shenyang Liaoshen Aluminum Group
Zhejiang Dongliang Aluminum Co. Ltd.
Fujian Nanping Aluminum Factory
Guangdong Jianmei Aluminum Sections Factory
Guangdong Feng Aliumnium Section Co. Ltd
Guangdong Nanhai Shuncheng Aluminum Factory
Chengdu Tai'an Aluminum Sections Factory
Guangdong Gold Mountain Aluminum Co., Ltd
Shenyang Fangyuan Aluminum Holding Ltd.
Hunan Zhensheng Aluminum Sections Co., Ltd.
Liaoning Yingkou Donglin Aluminum Co. Ltd
Guangdong Nanhai Hongchang Copper-Aluminum Section Factory
Shunde Daming Aluminum Material Co., ltd.
Foshan Jihua Aluminum Co., Ltd.
Yongkang Listar Aluminum Co., Ltd.
Guangya Aluminum Co. Ltd.
Xi'an Plane Industry Aluminum Holding Ltd.
Guangzhou Aluminum Sections Factory
Beijing East Asia Aluminum Co., Ltd.
Southwest Aluminum Fabrication Plant
Shandong Longkou Conglin Aluminum Section Co. Ltd.
Sichuan Guanghan Three Star Aluminum Co. Ltd.
Guangdong Nanhai Jinxiecheng Aluminum Co. Ltd.
Wuhan Yuantai Aluminum Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Nanhai Wuzhou Aluminum Sections Factory
Taishan Kam Kiu Aluminum Extrusion Co., Ltd.
Zibo Aluminum Alloy Extrudate Factory
Guangdong Kaiping Aluminum Group Co., Ltd.
Nanhai Tongyong Aluminum Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Tianli Aluminum Co. Ltd.
Nanzhuang Aluminum Co., Ltd.
Nanjing Jinpeng Aluminum Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Nanhai Dayang Stainless Steel Aluminum Sections Factory

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