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Acetochlor Production Market Research (China)

August 2006 | 84 pages | ID: ACB84710927EN
Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (CCM)

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Acetochlor is the second largest herbicide only second to glyphosate in China. But different to glyphosate, the majority of Chinese acetochlor technical is converted into formulations for domestic market.

The application of acetochlor in compound herbicide is increasing. About 26.3% compound herbicides contained acetochlor in 2003. The ratio of acetochlor compound form to single form during the period of 1992-1996 is 2.7:1. It is 4.8:1 during the period of 1997-2000, and 5.9:1 during the period of 2001-2003.

In the recent years, the production of acetochlor, either the technical material or the formulations, has been slag because of high production cost, poor profit and decreasing plantation of corn and soybean. Many acetochlor producers stopped production in the past years. There were only 17 active producers of acetochlor as of August 2004.

The production of acetochlor, both technical grade material and formulations, is large. But the annual output kept maintaining at about 30,000-35,000t/a in China.

Since 2000s, the percentage of acetochlor in herbicide market increases rapidly because of its price advantage.

Executive Summary
Methodology & Sources


  I-1 Brief Introduction to Agrochemical Industry in China
    I-1.1 Development History of Agrochemical Industry
    I-1.2 Summary of China Agrochemical Industry in 2003
    I-1.3 Brief Introduction to the Demand for Agrochemicals in China
    I-1.4 Governmental Management on Agrochemical Industry in China
    I-1.5 Problems of Agrochemicals Industry in China
  I-2 Introduction to Acetochlor
  I-3 Brief Comparison of Acetochlor, Butachlor, Alachlor, Metochlor
  I-4 Development History of Acetochlor and Butachlor in China
  I-5 Acetochlor Industry Nowadays
    I-5.1 Sourcing & Findings of Chinese Manufacturers in 2004
    I-5.2 Summary of Manufacturers of Acetochlor Technical at Present
    I-5.3 Summary of Acetochlor Technical Productioin, Past Data and Future Forecast
    I-5.4 Summary of Manfuacturers of Acetochlor Formulations
    I-5.5 Character of Acetochlor Production in the Recent Years
  I-6 Import and Export Analysis of Acetochlor in 2003
  I-7 Consumption Situations
  I-8 Brief Introduction to the Production Technology of Acetochlor
    I-8.1 Batch Process
    I-8.2 Continuous Process


  II-1 Active Producers of Acetochlor Technical
    II-1.01 Dalian Raiser Pesticides Co., Ltd.
    II-1.17 Tianjin Lvnong Biotechnoloty Co., Ltd.


Table I-1.1-1 Production percentage of pesticide, fungicide and herbicide in the past years
Table I-1.1-2 Production, import & export of agrochemicals in the past years
Table I-1.2-1 Output of Chemical Agrochemicals in China in 2003
Table I-1.2-2 Main Economic Indexes in the Agrochemical industry in 2003
Table I-1.2-3 Import & Export of agrochemicals in 2003
Table I-1.3-1 Demand for agrochemicals in China (on base of technical grade material) (Unit: MTs)
Table I-1.4-1 Government organizations involving in the management on the agrochemical industry in China
Table I-5.2-1 Summary of Chinese producers of acetochlor technical
Table I-5.2-2 Production situation of acetochlor technical in 2003 and 2004
Table I-5.3-1 Production situation of acetochlor technical in the past and forecast in the future (Unit: MTs)
Table I-5.4-1 Production of acetochlor formulation of the active technical acetochlor producers
Table I-5.4-2 List of acetochlor formulation producers – single preparation
Table I-5.4-3 List of acetochlor formulations – compound preparation
Table I-5.5-1 List of acetochlor producers that stopped production in the past
Table I-6.2-1 Active exporters of acetochlor in 2003
Table I-6.2-2 Export price of acetochlor in 2003
Table I-6.2-3 Export situation of active Manufacturer of acetochlor in 2003
Table I-6.2-4 Destination of acetochlor in 2003


Flowchart for Continuous Process Technology


Dalian Raiser Pesticides Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Changlong Chemicals Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Qingfeng Agrochemical Co., Ltd., Jilin Jihua Group Agrochemicals Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Hongyu Pesticide Co., Ltd.

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