2008 China TPU Market Analysis Report

Date: November 23, 2008
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2008 China TPU Market Analysis Report
Confronting the global financial woe, all the chemical segments, including TPU which accounts for a small portion of this field, suffer from the impacts from both upstream and downstream industries. In addition to the information of mainland China’s TDI market, those statistics and information regarding TPU market at Taiwan area also will be included in this report as it influences the entire TPU market greatly. Finally rational suggestions will be given, as well as reasonable forecast to TPU market in 2009, basing on downstream status and detailed data analysis.

(Accounts for about 10-15% of this report)

Chapter One: TPU Product Introduction
This chapter focuses on words description, and consists of TPU physicochemical properties, applications, production technology status, classification, and safety attention.
Chapter Two: TPU Industry Brief
  Section One: Development Process and Current Status of China’s TPU Industry
  Section Two: Upstream Feedstock Market Brief
This chapter gives detailed information of feedstock market status, including MDI, BDO and AA market, and centers on pricing trend, facility and capacity dynamics, and future forecast. Also influences from international market as well as feedstock market will be included in this chapter. This part uses charts as illustration to words description. For detailed information regarding MDI, BDO and AA market, please refer to annual product reports. Index referred in this part is based on Statistics, with calculation process attached.

(accounts for 25-30% of this report)

Chapter One: Statistics of Domestic TPU Production Capacity and Output, 2008
  Section One: Statistics of 2008 TPU Production Capacity
  Section Two: Statistics of 2008 TPU Output in Domestic Market
Chapter Two: Statistics of 2008 Domestic TPU Manufacturers
  Section One: Production Capacity Statistics of Domestic TPU Manufacturers, 2008
  Section Two: Market Share Statistics of Major TPU Manufacturers
Chapter Three: Brief Introduction of TPU Manufacturers at Taiwan Area
  Section One: Rankings of Production Capacity of TPU Manufacturers in Taiwan Area
  Section Two: Investment Status at Mainland China
The three chapters above are illustrated by charts, figures as well as words descriptions, and words description focuses on comparisons of all relative data over last year, as well as the remarks about the changes of some facilities.
Chapter Four: 2008 TPU Pricing Trend
  Section One: Statistics of Pricing Trend of TPU Market, 2008
  Section Two: Quarterly Stat. of pricing trend of domestic TPU market, 2008,
  Section Three: Statistics of pricing trend at local markets, 2008
  Section Four: Analysis on Specific Periods during Which TPU Market Fluctuated Fiercely, 2008
  Section Five: Pricing Trend Review, 1999-2007
(The above five sections will be presented through datasheets and pie charts, with some words description as supplement. The supplement parts focus on tables, comments, as well as comparisons over last year. Section Four makes comments on some periods at which time DMF market fluctuated fiercely.)

(Accounts for 5-10% of this report)

Chapter One: Statistics of Import and Export Volume, 2008
Chapter Two Statistics of Monthly Import and Export Volume
Chapter Three TPU Import and Export Volume Statistics via Other Statistic Methods
Chapter Four TPU Import and Export Volume Statistics during 2000-2007
Most of this chapter will be illustrated by chart and statistics, with limited words description. Other statistic methods are those statistics in terms of trade terms, export countries and regions, import countries and regions, destinations, and export provinces.

(accounts for 30-35% of this report)

Chapter One TPU Consumption Brief
This chapter gives detailed information of consumption ratios of downstream TPU sectors, as well as the changes over last year. Also consumption development trend, total consumption, and quality demand from downstream industries also will be included in this chapter.
Chapter Two: 2008 TPU Consumption Fields Analysis
  Section One: Melt-Spinning Spandex
  Section Two: Footwear Material Industry
  Section Three: Synthetic Leather
  Section Four: Films Industry
  Section Five: Tubes and Cables
  Section Six: Truckle Industry
  Section Seven: Adhesives Industry
  Section Eight: Others
  Section Nine: Summary
This section is the highlight of the entire report. Based on the status downstream industry, this part centers on TPU consumption, which consists of analysis of production capacities of downstream sectors & changes over last year, concentrated locations, TPU consumption status in downstream fields as well as volume alteration over last year, market share alteration of all the downstream industries over last year, influences of relative factors to TPU consumption in 2008, 2009, including policies and market environment, analysis on midseason and off-season of coatings industry, growth potential and development stability analysis of each consumption fields, etc. This chapter focuses on words description, with some charts analysis supplemented. Referring to relative data and index, calculation process will be attached in this section.

(Accounts for 10-15% of this report)

Chapter One: Development Tendency of TPU Market and its Substitutes
Chapter Two: TPU Market Forecast
  Section One: TPU Production Capacity Forecast in 2009, 2010
  Section Two: TPU Import & Export Market Forecast in 2009, 2010
  Section TPU Supply Condition Forecast in Domestic Market, 2009, 2010
Chapter one gives brief introduction to the newly-developed technologies of TPU production, as well as the development status of its substitutes, notably TPE. Charts and figures will be rarely used in this chapter, and the whole part will focus on words description. Chapter two centers on relative forecasts regarding DMF market, basing on historical data, words description would also be the keynote of this chapter, with gross calculation as auxiliary description.

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2008 China TPU Market Analysis Report
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