2008 China TDI Market Analysis Report

Date: November 23, 2008
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2008 China TDI Market Analysis Report
TDI market has been involved in downward spiral the entire 2008. Market prices rocketed at the very beginning of this year then plunged, by more than 50%. Is this a coincidence or an inevitable result? Does a turn point really come? And how does domestic TDI market face this tough challenge? This report focuses on those issues and gives you detailed answers. In addition, more smuggling materials pour into South China market while global TDI capacity transfer to Asia Pacific area, notably mainland China, and domestic TDI capacity will expand further in the coming four years, where does China’s TDI market go amid the product oversupply? As China’s TDI market still suffers from anti-dumping measures, how does it go into international market when global economy crisis intensifies? This report will give you detailed analysis on those problems, centering on the Global economy status as well as China’s TDI industry development.


This Chapter accounts for about 6% of this report, and consists of TDI Industry Brief, production technology status, and safety attention for using dangerous, toxic products.

Section One: Performance and Application
Section Two: Classification, Standard and Safety
Section Three: TDI Production Technology and Development
  1. History of Technology Development
  2. Phosgene Process
  3. Non-phosgene Process
    3.1 Reductive Carbonylation Process
    3.2 Amino Oxidative Carbonylation Process
    3.3 Dimethyl Carbonate Process
  4. Limitations of the Non-phosgene Process
Section Four: Domestic Technology Acquisition and Application Status


This part accounts for about 13% of this report, giving detailed information about the TDI feedstock market fluctuation and its influences to TDI market, value chain analysis of domestic TDI market, domestic consumption fields and status, as well as the capacity statistics.

Section One: TDI Feedstock Market Analysis
  1. Feedstock Market & Its Influences on TDI Market
  2. Price Chain Analysis
    2.1 Production Process chart
    2.2 Production Cost Analysis
    2.3 Value Chain Analysis of TDI Industry
Section Two: TDI Consumption Analysis
  1. TDI Consumption Status & Construction Structure
  2. Stimulus for TDI Market Development
  3. Analysis of TDI Consumption Enterprises in Domestic Market
Section Three: Statistics of Global TDI Production Capacity
Section Four: Production Capacity of Global TDI Industry
  1. Statistics of Facilities Planed and Under-constructed
  2. Statistics of Facilities Closed
Section Five: Global TDI Consumption Fields Analysis


This part accounts for 10% of this report, giving information about China’s TDI industry development as well as the development environment.

Section One: TDI Industry Chain Analysis
  1. Analysis of TDI Industry Chain and Factors that Influence Cost
  2. Upstream Industry Development Analysis
  3. Downstream Industry Development Analysis
  4. Influences to TDI Industry Development
Section Two: Industrial Environment Analysis (PEST Analysis)
  1. Policy
  2. Economy
  3. Social & Culture
  4. Technology & Environmental Protection


This chapter accounts for about 12% of this report. In addition to the SWOT analysis on major TDI manufacturers in domestic market, the supply-and-demand status as well as the marketing system status also will be included in this report.

Section One: Major Supplier Analysis (SWOT Analysis)
  1. Gansu Yinguang Chemical
  2. Cangzhou Dahua Co., Ltd
  3. Bluestar Shanxi Company
  4. Yantai Juli
  5. Jinxi Chemical
  6. BASF Shanghai
Section Two: China’s TDI Market Supply Situation
  1. Downstream Consumption Fields Analysis
  2. Agent Sales & Distribution
  3. Downstream Application Fields
Section Three: Manufacturers’ Supply Volume in China Market
Section Four: Marketing System in Domestic Market
  1. Main Marketing System
  2. Local Sales Channels
  3. Sales Channels of Foreign Manufacturers


This chapter accounts for 7% of this report, and gives detailed analysis on TDI pricing trend in terms of RMB currency and US dollar. Influential factors analysis also will be included in this part.

Section One: RMB Price Analysis
  1. TDI Price Trend in Recent Years (2002-2007)
  2. TDI Price Trend in 2008
  3. Analysis on Price-Affecting Factors
Section Two: USD Price Analysis
Section Three: RMB Exchange Rate Trend (2006-2007)


This part accounts for about 7% of this report, and statistics of import and export volumes, sources, as well as suppliers will be included.

Section One: TDI Import and Export Volumes Statistics during 2002-2007
  1. TDI Import and Export Volumes Statistics during 2002-2007
  2. Statistics of Import and Export Countries during 2002-2007
  3. Analysis on Import Status, 2002-2007
  4. Analysis on Export Status, 2002-2007
Section Two: Analysis on 2008 TDI Customs Data
  1. Monthly Import and Export Data Analysis
  2. Statistics of Import and Export Countries, 2008
  3. Statistics of Foreign Suppliers, 2008
  4. Statistics of Destinations, 2008
  5. Statistics of Import Data, 2008
  6. Statistics of Export Data. 2008
  7. 2008 Import and Export Enterprises Statistics
  8. Statistics of Import Agency & Customs Declaration Enterprises, 2008


This Chapter accounts for about 30% of this report, giving detailed status of downstream TDI segments development, as well as their consumption status.

Section One: Downstream Brief
Section Two: Flexible PPG Industry
  1. Status of Global Flexible PPG Industry
  2. Status of China’s Flexible PPG Industry
  3. Analysis of Consumption Fields in Domestic Market
  4. Application of TDI in Flexible PPF Market
    4.1 Application Classification
    4.2 Auto Industry
    4.3 Furniture Industry
  5. Flexible PPG Industry Forecast & Influences to TDI Industry
Section Three: Coatings Industry
  1. Status of Global Coatings industry
  2. Status of China’s Polyurethane Coatings Industry
  3. 2008 China’s Polyurethane Coatings Market
  4. Application of TDI in Polyurethane Coatings Industry
    4.1 Threats from Other Substitutes
    4.2 Competition Status of TDI Suppliers in Coatings Industry
  5. Analysis of Coatings Industry Influences on TDI Industry
Section Four: Adhesive & Sealant
  1. Current Status of China’s Adhesive and Sealant Industries
  2. Industry Development of China’s Polyurethane Sealant and Adhesive Industry
  3. Applications of TDI in Adhesive and Sealant Industries
  4. Competition Status of TDI Suppliers in Adhesive and Sealant Industries
  5. Adhesive and Sealant Industries Forecast
    5.1 Demand will continue Surging
    5.2 High-Tech Products, Environmental-Protection Products, Energy-Saving Products will be Popular
    5.3 Development Trend
Section Five: Plastic Race Track Market
  5.1 Plastic Race Track Brief
  5.2 Plastic Coat Classification and Selection
  5.3 Application Status of TDI in Polyurethane Plastic Race Track
  5.4 Application Barriers
  5.5 Competition Status of TDI Suppliers in Plastic Race Track Fields


Accounting for 15% of this report, this chapter analyzes on the development status of TDI substitute, the influences on TDI market, as well as the influential factors. Forecast regarding TDI industry development also will be included.

Section One Consumption Fields Development
Section Two Substitutes Brief
  1. About TM System
  2. Market Analysis of TM System
    2.1 Classification
    2.2 Process Characteristics
    2.3 Background & Policy Environment
  3. TM System Cost Analysis & Purchase Strategy
    3.1 Pricing Trend & Influential Factors Analysis
    3.2 Trade & Purchase Analysis
  4. Downstream Consumption Fields Analysis
    4.2 Furniture Industry
    4.3 Other Industries
  5. TM System Summary
  6. Threats from Other Substitutes.
Section Three: Development Trend & Suggestions
  1. Development Trend & Characteristics
    1.1 Production Capacity Will Swell and Spread to Developing Countries
    1.2 Average Margin Will Decrease and Competition Will Escalate
  2. Policy Influences on TDI Industry
  3. Development Forecast
  4. TDI Supply-and-Demand Status Forecast in the Coming Years
  5. Suggestions to China’s TDI Industry Development
Appendix: Great Events of TDI Industry in 2008

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