2008 China PMDI Market Analysis Report

Date: November 23, 2008
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2008 China PMDI Market Analysis Report
The brisk expansion of polymeric MDI facilities mushroomed in the year 2008 has pushed China polymeric MDI capacity up to 1 million tons, resulting in a reform of manufacturers’ market shares. Meanwhile, the financial woe swept through polymeric MDI downstream segments, dragging back the entire market an unprecedented haunting downside. However, due to the complicacy and diversity of domestic market supply, the seemed downward tendency was at the same time caused by many driving factors. In addition to the analysis of some basic data of domestic market, this article also presents some opinions and suggestions of 2009 polymeric MDI market trend, based on data arranging, calculation and assessment.

(accounts for 5-10% of this report)

Chapter One: Polymeric MDI Brief
(This chapter consists of three sections, and studies on elementary knowledge of polymeric MDI, including its physicochemical performance, application, production technologies, classification and safety attention. Meanwhile, it also it also gives introduction of the research development of polymeric MDI production applying non-formula technology. This chapter will focus on words description)
Chapter Two: Polymeric MDI Raw Materials Markets Brief
  Section One: 2008 Aniline Market Brief
  Section Two: 2008 Methanol Market Brief
(This chapter gives detailed information about the two major raw materials price tendency in 2008, capacity and facility dynamics, worldwide supply-and-demand condition as well as its impacts on domestic market, and the assessment of aniline and methanol’s influences on polymeric MDI products. Relative predication and assessment of raw material market in one or few years ahead also will be included in this chapter, and relative information will be illustrated by charts.
Note: Index referred is based on Statistics, with calculation process attached. Same below. )

(Accounts for 20-25% of this report)

Chapter One: Statistics of China Polymeric MDI Capacity and Output, 2008
  Section One: Capacity Stat. in Domestic Market, 2008 & Comparison over Last Year
  Section Two: Statistics of Yantai Wanhua Quarterly Output
  Section Three: Statistics of Shanghai Lianheng Quarterly Output
  Section Four: Statistics of NPU Ruian Output
  Section Five: Statistics of Bayer (Shanghai) Facility Output
  Section Six: Domestic Import Market Analysis & Foreign Manufacturers’ Market Shares
Chapter Two: Statistics of International Polymeric MDI Capacity, 2008 & Output Evaluation
  Section One: Comparison of International Polymeric MDI Facilities Dynamics in 2007 and 2008
  Section Two: Analysis of 2008 Worldwide Polymeric MDI Consumption
(The two chapters above will be presented through tables and charts, with words description as supplement, and delivers dynamics of domestic market shares over last year, the consumption status and facilities dynamics at international market.)
Chapter Three: Pricing Trend of Polymeric MDI Market
  Section One: Pricing Trend of Polymeric MDI Market, 2008
  Section Two: Quarterly Pricing Trend of Polymeric MDI Market, 2008
  Section Three: Pricing Trend at Regional Markets, 2008
  Section Four: Comment on 2008 Polymeric MDI Market Price Fluctuations
  Section Five: A Review of The Pricing Trend (1999-2007)
(The above five sections will be presented through datasheets and pie charts, with some words description as supplement. The supplement parts focus on tables and comments. Section four makes comments on some periods at which time DMF market fluctuated fiercely.)

(Accounts for 20-25% of this report)

Chapter One:2008 China Polymeric MDI Manufacturers Analysis
  Section One: Market Share Brief
  Section Two: Yantai Wanhua Group
  Section Three: BASF
  Section Four: Bayer
  Section Five: Huntsman
  Section Six: NPU
  Section Seven: DOW Chemical
  Section Eight: Other Manufacturers (Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi-Jinhu)
(Basing on the import volumes and domestic output, section one gives market shares of main polymeric MDI manufacturers in China market respectively, as well as the market shares fluctuations of Wanhua Group, BASF and Bayer. It also includes the monthly market share as well as share changes of different brands of goods at local market, including East China, South China, North China and Northwest China areas. From section two to section eight, core markets, consumption fields, goods supply and circulation modes of some companies will be introduced, according to the dynamics of the facilities, as well as supply condition of major manufacturers. It will also make a contrast of the cost among several manufacturers. Finally, a contrast of the competitiveness of these manufacturers will be given. As supplement of chapter one, word description will be added apart from charts. Section two to Section eight will be introduced in terms of words description, with some charts as supplement. )
Chapter Two: Import and Export Data Analysis
  Section One: Statistics of 2008 Polymeric MDI Import & Export Volume
  Section Two: Statistics of Monthly Polymeric MDI Import & Export, 2008
  Section Three: Other Terms of Statistics of China Polymeric MDI Import Volume, 2008
  Section Four: Statistics of Import & Export Volume (2000-2007)
(This part goes mainly in terms of charts, with few words explanation as supplement. Other statistic methods are those statistics in terms of trade modes, export countries and regions, import countries and regions, destinations, and export provinces.)

(Accounts for 35-40% of this report)

Chapter One: Polymeric MDI Consumption Brief
Chapter Two: 2008 Rigid PPG Market Brief
  Section One: Brief Introduction of Rigid PPG
  Section Two: Relationship of 2008 Rigid PPG Pricing Trend and Polymeric MDI Pricing Trend
  Section Three: Supply status of Rigid PPG Market, 2008
(The two chapters above mainly introduce the consumption status of polymeric MDI, as well as comparison over last year, consumption proportion at European and North American, and some brief introduction of rigid PPG. The first chapter focuses on charts, with words description as supplement. Chapter two is presented by words, with charts as supplement, giving detailed introductions of adipic acid data. For detailed information, please refer 2008 Rigid PPG Market Analysis Report)
Chapter Four: 2008 Polymeric MDI Applications
  Section One: Refrigerator Industry
  Section Two: Freezer Industry
  Section Three: Refrigerated Container Industry
  Section Four: Refrigerator Truck Industry
  Section Five: Construction (Panel, coatings, sealant)
  Section Six: Pipeline Industry
  Section Seven: Solar Water Heater Industry
  Section Eight: Electric Water Heater Industry
  Section Nine: CASE
  Section Ten: Comprehensive Evaluation
(As the key part of this report, this chapter gives detailed analysis on polymeric MDI consumption status, including MDI downstream segments’ status quo, statistics of downstream manufacturers, statistics of capacity and output of major enterprises, total demand for polymeric MDI, channels of purchasing, downstream market trend and the relationship with polymeric MDI market, prediction of each industry in two years ahead and downstream demand fluctuations. This chapter will be mainly presented in terms of words description, with charts as supplement. Referring to relative data and index, calculation process will be attached in this section.)

(Accounts for 10-15%of this report)

Chapter One: Development Status of Polymeric MDI and Its Substitutes
Chapter Two: Polymeric MDI Market Forecast
  Section One: Output Prediction of Polymeric MDI in 2009-2010
  Section Two: Import Volume & Market Share Forecast of Polymeric MDI in 2009-2010
  Section Three: Prediction of China Polymeric MDI Market Share in 2009-2010
(Chapter one touches upon new technologies in polymeric MDI production, and it also tells some information of polymeric MDI substitutes’ development. This part is mainly presented by words description, with some a few charts as supplement. Chapter two makes prediction of polymeric MDI market data based on the former figures. Calculation processes will also be presented.)

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