World chlorpyrifos market - Canada

Date: January 23, 2011
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World chlorpyrifos market - Canada

First developed by Dow Chemical Company in 1965, chlorpyrifos has been widely applied in over 100 countries across the world. Till now, chlorpyrifos has become the largest organophosphorus insecticide worldwide in both volume and value.

In last decade, chlorpyrifos industry has been witnessing huge change in the world: major production bases of chlorpyrifos are being transferred; consumption structure of chlorpyrifos for agricultural and non-agricultural use is changing; Import and export situation in major production and consumption countries is also quite different compared with that in 1990s.

This report is an intelligence report on chlorpyrifos industry all around the world with focus on Brazil market. This study reveals the historical development and future trend of chlorpyrifos industry and is comprised of two major sections:

Historical market analysis

A full market study provides comprehensive understanding to the global chlorpyrifos situation in the past five years. The intelligence data is presented by various indexes, such as supply (output, capacity, producers, market share), demand (demand volume, market value, demand structure by crops/targets & formulation types), price (ex-work price, trade price, market price), technology, trade flow, etc.

Future market analysis

Expertise analysis provides the most credible projection of market trend in the coming five years.

This report attaches importance to the following aspects from both historical change and future trends
  • Production of chlorpyrifos technical worldwide, and key manufacturers
  • Supply of chlorpyrifos formulations and market share by key players
  • Demand by crops & formulation types
  • Market value change in the past and market potential in the future
  • Trade flow of both chlorpyrifos technical and formulations
  • Price trend and influencing factors of chlorpyrifos and difference



Dow AgroSciences Canada Inc.
Makhteshim Agan of North America Inc.
S. C. Johnson & Son Ltd.
3M Canada Company
Cheminova Canada, Inc.
Interprovincial Cooperative Ltd
Agrium Advanced Technologies RP Inc.
United Agri Products Canada Inc.
VĂ©toquinol N.-A. Inc.
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World chlorpyrifos market - Canada
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