Production and Consumption of Fipronil in China

Date: June 11, 2010
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Production and Consumption of Fipronil in China
Fipronil is an outstanding insecticide and has played an important role in pest control in China. However, owing to the harmful effect of fipronil on shellfishes and bees, Chinese government has restricted the use of fipronil in China since 1 October 2009. According to CCM International’s market survey, almost all fipronil used on rice has been out of the market in China. However, currently, some fipronil producers still have no production licenses and can evade the government's market supervision through name changes of fipronil. Thus, a small amount of fipronil is still used on rice.

It is known that, after Bayer’ fipronil patent expired in June 2008, attracted by fipronil’s promising market and fat profit, more domestic companies have taken part in fipronil production, though most of them have no production licenses. Under this situation, most fipronil produced by non-license holders is exported through product name changes. In addition, in order to capture more market share, some fipronil producers also have entered animal health segment and built fipronil production lines in South America.

This report focuses on the aspects of production and consumption of fipronil. The following points are clearly addressed in the report:
  • Production and every fipronil producer in China
  • Domestic consumption structure and consumption habit of fipronil


I Fipronil industry in China

I-1 Registration situation of fipronil
I-2 Summary of fipronil production
  I-2.1 Fipronil technical
  I-2.2 Fipronil formulation
  I-2.3 Key fipronil manufacturers

II Consumption of fipronil in China

II-1 Consumption structure
II-2 Consumption habit in China


Table I-1.1 Active fipronil registrations in China, May 2010
Table I-2.1.1 Active producers with registration permit and legitimate production, May 2010
Table I-2.1.2 Production distribution of fipronil technical in China, as of May 2010
Table I-2.3.1 Overview of fipronil producers in China, as of May 2010
Table I-2.3.2 Fipronil producers engaged in animal health segment, 2009
Table II-1.1Consumption of fipronil technical on major crops, 2009


Figure I-1.1 Number of fipronil registration, 1994-May 2010
Figure I-1.2 Formulation types of active registrations for fipronil, 1994-May 2010
Figure I-2.1.1 Capacity share of fipronil technical producers in China, 2009
Figure I-2.1.2 Output share of fipronil technical producers in China, 2009
Figure I-2.1.3 Output value share of fipronil technical producers in China, 2009
Figure I-2.2.1 Market share of fipronil formulations, 2009
Figure I-2.2.2 Output share of 5% SC producers in China, 2009
Figure II-1.1 Consumption structure of fipronil by technical output in China, 2009
Figure II-1.2 Consumption structure of fipronil by application field in China, 2009
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Production and Consumption of Fipronil in China
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