Great Britain Casino and Gaming Industry

Date: May 23, 2011
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Great Britain Casino and Gaming Industry
Great Britain gambling industry is very strong, accounting for a major portion of government revenues through tax collected from all kind of gaming activities. Economy plays a vital role in gambling industry performance, with a two way effect over the industry and over economy.

Horseracing is the most on demand gambling sport from last many years followed by national lottery and scratch cards and expected to continue its growth. Many changes have seen in recent days from an increase in number of casinos and expanding remote gambling segment. Turnover of bingo in Great britain declined in 2009 with slowdown in economy of the country.

The report on “Great Britain Casino and Gaming industry” talks about various forms of gaming activities such as Bingo, Casino, online gaming, horseracing and betting. It starts with an overview of global gambling industry takes through Europe casino and gaming industry structure and performance. The report gives a detailed analysis of Great Britain gambling industry performance with all forms of gaming. Also includes industry trends and driving forces. Its future forecasting segment helps to assess industry performance in coming years.

Key Findings
  • In 2010, British gambling industry generated gross gambling yield of USD ~ billion from USD 9.0 billion in 2009.
  • Revenues from online bingo rose even in economy uncertinity and further trend is expected to continue with 12% growth expected yoy reaching to USD ~ billion in 2012 from USD ~ billion in 2010, showing rising interest of womens who wish to take part in gambling from home.
  • British horseracing levy revenues declined from USD ~ million to USD ~ million in 2009 which grew in 2008 from USD ~ million to USD ~ million. Decline in 2009 was led by economic set back and increased unemployment.
  • Industry is expected to grow from USD ~ billion in 2010 to USD ~ billion by 2015 with a CAGR of 9.43% which believes to be strong and the major segment accounting for highest GGR will be casino.

Scope of the Report
  • The report gives a detailed analysis of the “Britain Casino and Gaming Sector” with discussion of market past performance, present analyses and future outlook of the industry further GGR has been analyzed by segmentations.
  • Discusses level of competition and players positioning which help to make further strategies for new and existing players.
  • The report describes opportunity for slot machine manufacturers and casino operators with number of slot machines available in the market and future expected demand.
  • This report can help gaming machine manufacturers to assess expected demand and casino operators to establish a unit in the country.
  • Also it may help the government to prevent illegal gaming and understand revenues generates from legal gaming.

1.1. International Gambling
1.2. Global Betting, Gambling and Gaming Industry
1.3. Global Online Gaming Market
1.4. Types of Gamblers


2.1. Market Overview
2.2. Remote Gambling
2.3. UK Gambling Industry Developments and Size
2.4. Opportunities in Great Britain Gambling Industry
  2.4.1. Economy and Betting
  2.4.2. Industry Performance
  2.4.3. Betting Industry Size
  2.4.4. Online Gambling in Great Britain
  2.4.5. Performance in Bingo Segment
  2.4.6. Casino Industry
  2.4.7. Horse Racing and Sports Betting in Britain
  2.4.8. Lotteries in Britain



4.1. Updates for Gambling in UK Budget
4.2. Italy and UK Gambling Taxation Method
4.3. Online Betting Licensing to Start in Greece
4.4. South Africa banned Online Gambling
4.5. Russia Imposed Restrictions on Gambling
4.6. Online Gaming in Italy


5.1. Rising Internet Penetration
5.2. Rising Per-capita Income Motivating People to Participate in Gambling
5.3. Growing Young and Old age Population


6.1. Global Gaming Sector
6.2. European Gambling Forecast
  6.2.1. Future of E-gaming in Europe
6.3. Forecast Methodology
1.1. Disclaimer


Figure 1: Global Gaming Market by Geography in % (2008)
Figure 2: Global Gambling and Gaming Industry Gross Revenue (1999-2009)
Figure 3: Global Gambling Market share by Product Category in 2010 (%)
Figure 4: Global Online Gambling Gross Gaming Revenue (2002-2010)
Figure 5: Global Online Gambling Market Share in 2010 (%)
Figure 6: Leading UK Markets for GGR (Gross Gambling Revenues) Online Gambling in 2008
Figure 7: Types of Gamblers
Figure 8: Betting Industry Supply Chain
Figure 9: Europe Gambling Industry Revenue (2007-2010)
Figure 10: Europe Remote Gambling, Gross Gambling Yield (2007-2010)
Figure 11: Britain Gambling Sector, Gross Gambling Yield (2006-2010)
Figure 12: Britain Gross Gambling Yield by Sectors in 2010
Figure 13: Betting Industry Gross Win by Type (2002-2008)
Figure 14: Britain On-course Number of Bets by Type (2008&2009)
Figure 15: Britain Online Gambling GGY (2008-2010)
Figure 16: Bingo Gross Gambling Sales in Great Britain (2008-2010)
Figure 17: Great Britain Gaming Machines in Bingo Clubs in 2009
Figure 18: Horserace Betting Levy Revenues in Great Britain (1999-2009)
Figure 19: Great Britain Lottery Ticket Sales (2008 & 2009)
Figure 20: Germany Number of Internet Gamblers (2008 & 2009)
Figure 21: Popularity of Online Games in 2010
Figure 22: Italy & UK Gambling Tax Revenues (Jan-Nov 2010)
Figure 23: Global Gross Gambling Yield (2004-2012E)
Figure 24: Global Gambling and Gaming Market Forecast (2009-2013E)
Figure 25: Europe Gambling Industry Revenue Forecast (2010-2015)
Figure 26: European E-Gaming Market (2009-2012E)


Table 1: Betting Shops in Great Britain by Operators
Table 2: Bingo Clubs in Great Britain (2009 & 2010)
Table 3: Casino Ownership by Operators in Great Britain (March 31, 2009 & march 31, 2010)
Table 4: Internet Users and Penetration in Selected European Countries (2008-2013E)
Table 5: GDP per Inhabitant in PPS, EU 27=100
Table 6: Young Age Dependency Ratio, Present and Projections
Table 7: Population aged between 65 years old or over, Present and Projections
Table 8: Macroeconomic Factors Analysis and Sensitivity on the Sector
Table 9: Industry Factor Analysis and Sensitivity on the Sector
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Great Britain Casino and Gaming Industry
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