Russian Cosmetics Market Forecast (2008-2012)

Date: November 23, 2009
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Russian Cosmetics Market Forecast (2008-2012)
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Russian cosmetic market has witnessed phenomenal growth till the beginning of the financial crisis that emerged towards the end of 2008. Cosmetics & perfumery industry has witnessed 10.3% annual growth in 2008, with total industry sales value surpassing US$ 9 Billion mark for the first time. Rising purchasing power, entry of large international cosmetic giants, favorable consumer behavior and well-established distribution network have transformed the cosmetic industry landscape in Russia over a period of time.

The cosmetic industry will witness a slight slowdown in its growth level due to contracting purchasing power in 2009. We expect a marginal impact of slowdown on sales of cosmetic products till the first half of 2010. The shift in consumer preference from luxury and branded products to mass market segment products will rescue the industry from negative growth and demand contraction. Consumers will diversify their single spending on luxury products to multiple mass market products and will still continue with their preference for cosmetic products despite the declining purchasing power.

We expect the industry to recover by the beginning of the second half of 2010, driven by economic recovery, rising consumption levels and positive outlook on consumer purchasing power. Despite the slower growth level projected for the next one year, we place Russia as one of the favorable destinations for cosmetic industry investments among the emerging cosmetics markets worldwide, which gives positive outlook for industry in long terms.

Our research study “Russian Cosmetics Market Forecast (2008-2012)” will help consultants, industry analysts and vendors to get in-depth knowledge on the current, past and future performance of the industry. The report gives a detailed segment-wise analysis of the cosmetics industry in Russia along with the key regulatory policies in the country. It also studies the future growth avenues and the roadblocks in front of the industry. The future outlook mentioned in the report has been derived by interacting with various industry veterans, developers, and analyzing information from research papers, journals and our industry-specific, in-house developed models.



3.1 Purchasing Power
3.2 Favorable Demographics
3.3 Packaging Industry
3.4 Contract Manufacturing
3.5 Beauty Salon Market
3.6 Private Label Cosmetics
3.7 Online Marketing


4.1 Hair Care
4.2 Skin Care
4.3 Sun Care
4.4 Perfumery
4.5 Deodorants
4.6 Oral Care
4.7 Color Cosmetics
4.8 Bath Care
4.9 Depilatories
4.10 Male Grooming
4.11 Baby Care


5.1 Departmental Stores & Drogeries
5.2 Direct Sales
5.3 Open Markets
5.4 Supermarkets
5.5 Pharmacies
5.6 Specialized Chains


6.1 Hygienic Certificate
6.2 Obligatory Certificate
6.3 Voluntary Certificate
6.4 Certification of Imported Ingredients


7.1 Policy Framework
7.2 Counterfeit Products
7.3 Payment Terms for Exporters
7.4 Tariff Impositions


8.1 L’Oréal
8.2 Oriflame Cosmetics
8.3 Kalina OAO
8.4 Nevskaya Kosmetika


Figure 2-1: Cosmetics & Perfumery Market (Billion US$), 2005-2008
Figure 2-2: Share of Cosmetics & Perfumery Market by Segment (2008)
Figure 2-3: Forecast for Cosmetics & Perfumery Market (Billion US$), 2009-2012
Figure 3-1: Per Head Personal Disposable Income (US$), 2007-2012
Figure 3-2: Share of Female Population in Total Population (2006-2012)
Figure 3-3: Per Head Cosmetics Spending by Women Aged 15-64 (US$), 2006 & 2007
Figure 3-4: Population Aged 65+ (Million), 2006-2012
Figure 3-5: Young & Working Population (Million), 2008
Figure 3-6: Forecast for Internet Penetration (%), 2009-2012
Figure 4-1: Hair Care Product Sales (Billion US$), 2005-2008
Figure 4-2: Hair Conditioner Sales (Million US$), 2005 - 2008
Figure 4-3: Forecast for Hair Care Product Sales (Billion US$), 2009-2012
Figure 4-4: Skin Care Product Sales (Billion US$), 2005-2008
Figure 4-5: Forecast for Skin Care Product Sales (Billion US$), 2009-2012
Figure 4-6: Share of Facial Care in Skin Care Market (2008)
Figure 4-7: Share of Foreign and Local Companies in Facial Care Product Sales (2008)
Figure 4-8: Body Care Market (Million US$), 2007 & 2012
Figure 4-9: Sun Care Product Sales (Million US$), 2005-2008
Figure 4-10: Forecast for Sun Care Product Sales (Million US$), 2009-2012
Figure 4-11: Perfumery Sales (Billion US$), 2005-2008
Figure 4-12: Forecast for Perfumery Sales (Billion US$), 2009-2012
Figure 4-13: Deodorant Sales (Million US$), 2005-2008
Figure 4-14: Share of Distribution Channels in Deodorant Sales (2008)
Figure 4-15: Share of Deodorant Sales by Type (2008)
Figure 4-16: Forecast for Deodorant Sales (Million US$), 2009-2012
Figure 4-17: Oral Care Product Sales (Billion US$), 2005-2008
Figure 4-18: Forecast for Oral Care Product Sales (Billion US$), 2009-2012
Figure 4-19: Share of Oral Care Product Sales by Segment (2008)
Figure 4-20: Tooth Whitener Sales (Million US$), 2005-2008
Figure 4-21: Share of Toothbrush Market by Price Segment
Figure 4-22: Color Cosmetics Sales (Billion US$), 2005-2008
Figure 4-23: Forecast for Color Cosmetics Sales (Billion US$), 2009-2012
Figure 4-24: Bath Care Product Sales (Million US$), 2005-2008
Figure 4-25: Forecast for Bath Care Product Sales (Million US$), 2009-2012
Figure 4-26: Depilatories Sales (Million US$), 2005-2008
Figure 4-27: Forecast for Depilatories Sales (Million US$), 2009-2012
Figure 4-28: Male Grooming Product Sales (Million US$), 2005-2008
Figure 4-29: Share of Leading Companies in Male Grooming Market (2007)
Figure 4-30: Share of Supermarket and Hypermarket in Male Grooming Product Sales (2008)
Figure 4-31: Forecast for Male Grooming Product Sales (Billion US$), 2009-2012
Figure 4-32: Baby Care Product Sales (Million US$), 2005-2008
Figure 4-33: Forecast for Baby Care Product Sales (Million US$), 2009-2012
Figure 5-1: Share of Cosmetics & Perfumery Market by Distribution Channel (2008)
Figure 5-2: Cosmetics & Perfumery Sales through Departmental Stores (Billion US$), 2005-2008
Figure 5-3: Cosmetics & Perfumery Sales through Direct Channels (Billion US$), 2005-2008
Figure 5-4: Cosmetics & Perfumery Sales through Open Markets (Billion US$), 2005-2008
Figure 5-5: Cosmetics & Perfumery Sales through Supermarkets (Billion US$), 2005-2008
Figure 5-6: Cosmetics & Perfumery Sales through Pharmacies (Billion US$), 2005-2008
Figure 5-7: Cosmetics & Perfumery Sales through Specialized Chains (Billion US$), 2005-2008


Table 4-1: Leading Companies in Shampoo Market
Table 4-2: Leading Brands in Shampoo Market
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Russian Cosmetics Market Forecast (2008-2012)
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