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Global Medium & Heavy Truck Market - World's Top 5 Truck Manufacturers - Annual Strategy Dossier - 2024 - Daimler, Volvo, Traton, Iveco, PACCAR

April 2024 | 280 pages | ID: G6EF77B72E23EN
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Trucking is headed for a soft landing and is poised to cool down over near term across traditional markets with projected softening of demand, after registering strong growth for 2022 & 2023, with order intake for new trucks declining owing to softening of freight rates as well as volumes across traditional markets while the industry OEMs focus upon & hustle to deliver previously ordered trucks to customers & fleet operators amid continued supply chain disturbances in a difficult, complex & uncertain global macroeconomic environment. Trucking is poised to maintain status quo over near term across North America, in terms of order intake for the Class 6-8 segment, even after registering strong growth for 2022 & 2023, with order intake for new Class 8 trucks remaining steady while the vocational & medium truck segments remain strong. New truck registrations in North America continued to grow with 300,000 Class 8 trucks registered across North America for 2023 with replacement demand and infrastructure spending being key drivers. However, the forecast for 2024 indicates a status-quo to a marginal decrease for Class 8 truck deliveries while fleet utilization remains at usual levels providing steady aftermarket revenues growth potential for the OEMs. Across Europe, the truck registrations are projected to contract by around 18% for 2024. Further, the global economy is projected to be heading towards a slowdown following continued monetary policy tightening by central banks globally over the recent years to check inflation, thereby, creating a tight credit environment amid sustained geopolitical instability & conflicts with ongoing Israeli military operations in Gaza causing tensions and keeping the entire Middle East region as well as the entire world on the edge, amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, which continues unabated and enters its third year in 2024.

The trucking industry, however, continues to make active & steady progress towards energy transition geared towards sustainability for the long term with focus on electrification & hydrogenization of transportation. Further, ongoing integration of Connectivity-based services, Autonomous and Electrification technologies continues with steady progress being made towards ramping up production and roll out of electric and autonomous trucks across industry OEMs. Further, stricter emission standards proposed by the EPA, under its heavy-duty truck & engine standards, which are likely to come into effect from 2027 onwards under the agency's two-tiered approach and plans for the implementation of GHG 3 emissions by 2030, under the larger Clean Trucks Plan, are likely to further accelerate the transition towards zero-emission vehicles & technologies across the United States going forward. Similarly, across Europe, the upcoming EURO 7 emission standards are scheduled to come into effect from 2027 with industry OEMs already investng significantly towards R&D to comply with them.

Against this backdrop, the report provides comprehensive insights & strategic analysis into the overarching Strategy Focus as well as Key Strategies & Plans for World’s Top 5 Medium & Heavy Truck Manufacturers. The report provides a detailed analysis on key industry OEMs, including, key product portfolios & key truck platforms across market segments, financial analysis & SWOT framework analysis. The report also provides the emerging & likely market scenario for trucking globally over near to medium term with an analysis of key market & technological trends, issues & challenges, market developments & potential growth opportunities which could be leveraged by the industry value chain. The report concludes by analyzing market evolution and projecting demand outlook for the Global Medium & Heavy Truck Market for the near to medium term horizon.

For Whom: Key Decision-Makers across Industry Value Chain

The report will be essential & a key resource for those associated with and having strategic interest in the Global Medium & Heavy Truck Market. The report will be especially useful for:-
  • Key Decision-Makers across the Trucking Industry
  • Program Managers
  • Top Management of Industry OEMs, Players across Industry Value Chain & Other Companies
  • Suppliers, Vendors, Technology & Services Providers and other Key Players across the Industry Value Chain
  • Existing & Potential Investors
  • Industry & Company Analysts
  • M&A Advisory Firms
  • Strategy & Management Consulting Firms
  • PE Firms, Venture Capitalists and Financing & Leasing Companies
  • Researchers and all those associated with the industry in general


Business Snapshot & Overview World's Top 5 Medium & Heavy Truck Manufacturers
Business Segments
Product Portfolio
Revenue Base
Market Capitalization
Key Executives
Shareholding/Ownership Structure


Financial Performance Analysis Daimler, Volvo, Traton (MAN, Scania & Navistar), Iveco, PACCAR
Revenue Base & Growth Trend
Revenues Split by Key Segments
Revenues Split by Key Geographic Markets & Regions
Gross Earnings & Margin Trend
Operating Earnings & Operating Margin Trend
Return on Sales Trend
Profitability Growth Trend
Cash Flow from Operations
R&D Expenditure Trend
Order Intake & Truck Deliveries Trend


Overarching Strategy Focus & Strategic Priorities across Top Industry OEMs Near to Medium Term
1. Daimler Truck AG
2. Volvo AB
3. Traton Group MAN, Scania & Navistar Analysis on All Three Group Companies
4. PACCAR Inc.
5. Iveco Group


Key Strategies & Plans for the Industry OEMs Comprehensive Analysis of Strategies & Plans Daimler, Volvo, Traton, PACCAR & Iveco Analysis Coverage:
Product Portfolio Strategies & Plans
Market Specific Strategies & Plans
R&D Strategies & Plans
Growth Strategies & Plans
Business and Corporate Strategies & Plans
Sales & Marketing Strategies & Plans
Production/Manufacturing Strategies & Plans
Financial Strategies & Plans
Acquisitions, Strategic Alliances & JVs
Other Strategies & Strategic Initiatives


SWOT Analysis On the Top 5 Industry OEMs
Strengths to be Leveraged
Weaknesses to be worked on
Opportunities to be capitalized upon
Threats to be negated & mitigated


Key Industry Trends


Key Market Trends


Key Technology Trends


Key Issues, Challenges & Risk Factors


Global Medium & Heavy Truck Market Force Field Analysis Analysis of Driving & Restraining Forces and their Overall Dynamics
Driving Forces
Restraining Forces


Strategic Market Outlook through 2027


Analysis of Emerging Market Scenario for the Global Medium & Heavy Truck Market
Demand Outlook Near to Medium Term For Most Key Traditional & Emerging Markets
North America
Latin America
Asia – India & China
Demand Growth Projections for the Global Medium & Heavy Truck Market through 2027

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