Worldwide Banknote Industry research Report

Date: January 23, 2010
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Worldwide Banknote Industry research Report
Banknote industry has a great significance over the economy of the world and it influences trade between countries. At present USD is the most common and preferred currency for trade but Euro is also a strong currency believed to be a safest from the forgery point of view. Nowadays banks outsource a large part of the distribution & recycling of cash to the private companies, cash in transit or professional cash handlers or sub contractors. The purpose of the report is to analyze the scope in the banknote production sector and opportunities to grow in near future.

The report analyses global banknote production industry with focusing on major markets like United States, European Union, Switzerland and New Zealand. It provides a better understanding of banknote demand, issuance and factors affecting the production process. With the help of this report we examine the scope for the entry of new players by analysing industry regulations and positioning of existing players. This report helps the players to formulate strategies by accessing the market environment, recent developments and financial position of the leading players. Here we have talked about De La Rue plc, Giesecke & Devrient GmbH and Cartiere Paolo Pigna S.p.A.

The study on Banknote production industry has highlighted the following points:
  • In the banknote paper production industry, competition has intensified within the private mills for contracts from the central banks; also the industry itself is facing a tough competition from the payment cards industry.
  • The greatest world market share of banknote paper production is still in Europe. However, Asia is clearly a growth market with high potential for banknote paper machinery. The European market for banknote paper machinery has been on an upswing over the last few years.
  • In terms of Euro currency, the Volume demand is typically concentrated in few denominations.
  • Despite the introduction of number of security features the counterfeiting volume has remained remarkably steady in the recent years. The volume of counterfeit Euro notes seized by authorities grew by 18% in 2008, which were approximately 666,000 notes.
  • There is an apparent paradox in that the value of notes in circulation has been rising year after year at the same time that evidence suggests that the use of notes to pay for transactions is declining.
  • Among the Southeast Asian countries along with Brunei, Singapore is one of the two countries which issued the highest value banknote in the world.
  • In the past two decades, the international usage of U.S. banknotes expanded largely because of the breakup of the Soviet Union and high and volatile inflation in Latin America.
  • In Switzerland, since the inception of Swiss National Bank (SNB) in 1907, the banknote circulation has risen drastically in terms of value, which corresponds to inflation.
  • In New Zealand, in the last 5 years the value of currency has risen by 24%. It rose from $3.5 billion to $4.3 billion. Cash held by general public has risen by 35%, while that held by banks has declined by 10%.
  • Polymer banknote technology is being adopted in more than 33 countries across the world. There are many positive sides of the technology and it has provided solution to certain extends for counterfeiting threats.
  • De La Rue is the world’s largest commercial currency papermaker, manufacturing market-leading banknote paper, and a fully-integrated producer of printed banknotes with the widest portfolio of banknote security features in the market.

1.1 Bank Note Production
1.2 The Banknote Lifecycle
1.3 Global Banknote Industry Overview


2.1 Issuance of Banknote
2.2 Volume Demand
2.3 Counterfeit Euro
2.4 Banknote Circulation


3.1 Banknote Market Structure in United States




6.1 Growing Rate of ATM Machines
6.2 Loosing British Saver’s Confidence and Rising Demand for euro 50 notes
6.3 Counterfeit Bank of England banknotes
6.4 Launch of Gulf Currency, the ‘Gulfo’
6.5 Turkey Enters Second Phase of Currency Reform
6.6 Introduction of 'ATM-Recycler G7', a Cash Recycling ATM
6.7 Increasing anti-fraud measures


7.1 Polymer Bank Notes Worldwide
7.2 Hybrid Polymer Banknote
7.3 Polymer Banknotes and India


8.1 Competitive Landscape
8.2 De La Rue Plc
  8.2.1 Business overview
  8.2.2 Financial Performance
  8.2.3 Recent Updates
8.3 Giesecke & Devrient GmbH
  8.3.1 Business overview
  8.3.2 Financial Performance
  8.3.3 Recent Updates
8.4 Cartiere Paolo Pigna S.p.A
  8.4.1 Business Segments
  8.4.2 Financial Performance


- The Banknote Lifecycle
- Worldwide Banknote Production in 2008
- Volume Concentration in 2008
- Counterfeit Euro Breakdown (H1/08 data)
- USD, Global Market Distribution Hierarchy
- Value of Currency in Circulation (2003-2008)
- Total Number of ATMs in UK (1975-2008)
- De La Rue Revenues by Business Segments in March 28, 2009
- De La Rue Revenues by Geographic Segment (Mar 07-Mar 09)


- Issue of Bank of England banknotes by value
- Bank of England banknotes in circulation by Value (2004-2009, end of Feb)
- Euro Total Coins in quantities (millions)
- Euro Coins in value (EUR millions), outstanding amounts, end of period
- Printed Notes by Denomination, Volume and Face Value in U.S. (June 2009)
- Printed Notes by Denomination, Volume/Face Value in U.S. (May 2009)
- Printed Notes by Denomination, Volume/ Face Value in U.S. (April 2009)
- Swiss Banknotes in Circulation on Average In 2008
- Counterfeit and Genuine Bank of England Banknotes in 2008 (numbers of notes)
- Major Industry Players
- Industry Codes
- Acquisitions Details
- Industry Codes
- Acquisition Details
- Acquisition Details
- Industry Codes
- Cartiere Total Income and Net profit
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Worldwide Banknote Industry research Report
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