Opportunities in Brazil Banking Sector

Date: May 23, 2011
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Opportunities in Brazil Banking Sector
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Brazilian banking sector is strong, diversified, and adequately capitalized. High level of capitalization has allowed it to face and even grow at an impressive rate during the global economic slowdown. When major developed economies were facing difficulties, Brazilian banking sector proved that, it is well-managed and a sense of self-regulation prevails amongst the market players. A history of stringent regulations and rapid economic growth in the country has made the banking sector in Brazil a hotspot for the international players.

With the increasing size of middle income population and improving living conditions, banking sector has witnessed a continuous spur in the core business following a sluggish 2008. This has also promoted banks to think about strategies to effectively expand their networks in the wake of increasing competition. In terms of assets, the sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 16% during 2011-2014, as per our new research report “Opportunities in Brazil Banking Sector”.

Our thorough analysis of the banking sector in Brazil has revealed that, it is going through a transitionary phase, marked by high growth rates across all sub-segments of business. The government is also continuously monitoring the sector and taking corrective measures, whenever required to sustain healthy growth. A sustained decline in interest rates during the last decade has facilitated a very supportive environment for the growth of credit activities in the country. Besides, various trends have emerged during the last few years primarily due to the shift in technology used in the sector. These factors are discussed in detail in the report.

Our report “Opportunities in Brazil Banking Sector” provides detail analysis of the banking sector in Brazil. The report facilitates current industry trends and forecast for assets, loans, deposits, payment instruments, and several other factors crucial to the future developments. Additionally, a detail analysis of regulatory environment and its objectives for the next few years have been provided. Description of key players along with updates on recent activities, financials and list of key management people has also been included to efficiently gauge the competition in the market and to provide a balanced research outlook of the banking industry.




4.1 Loans
4.2 Deposits
4.3 Payment Cards
  4.3.1 Credit Cards
  4.3.2 Debit Cards
4.4 Card Facilitators
  4.4.1 ATMs
  4.4.2 POS Terminals


5.1 Strengthening Branchless Banking Networks
5.2 Basel III Accord and Its Effect on Brazil’s Banks
5.3 E-commerce Promoting Online Banking Services
5.4 Technological Advancements & Security Issues
5.5 Housing Finance
5.6 Falling Interest Rates Fueling Growth in Loans




8.1 Banco do Brasil
  8.1.1 Business Description
  8.1.2 Recent Developments
8.2 Itaú-Unibanco
  8.2.1 Business Description
  8.2.2 Recent Developments
8.3 Banco Bradesco
  8.3.1 Business Description
  8.3.2 Recent Developments
8.4 Banco Santander
  8.4.1 Business Description
  8.4.2 Recent Developments


Figure 2-1: Real GDP Growth (%), 2008-2014
Figure 2-2: Foreign Direct Investment (Billion US$), 2007-2010
Figure 2-3: Per Head Personal Disposable Income (US$), 2008-2014
Figure 3-1: Bank Assets (Billion US$), 2007-2010
Figure 3-2: Forecast for Bank Assets (Billion US$), 2011-2014
Figure 3-3: Bank Assets by Type of Bank (%), 2010
Figure 4-1: Bank Loans (Billion US$), 2007-2010
Figure 4-2: Forecast for Bank Loans (Billion US$), 2011-2014
Figure 4-3: Bank Loans by Type of Bank (%), 2010
Figure 4-4: Bank Deposits (Billion US$), 2007-2010
Figure 4-5: Forecast for Bank Deposits (Billion US$), 2011-2014
Figure 4-6: Bank Deposits by Type of Bank (%), 2010
Figure 4-7: Number of Credit Cards (Million), 2007-2010
Figure 4-8: Forecast for Number of Credit Cards (Million), 2011-2014
Figure 4-9: Credit Card Payment Transactions (Billion BRL), 2007-2010
Figure 4-10: Number of Debit Cards (Million), 2007-2010
Figure 4-11: Forecast for Number of Debit Cards (Million), 2011-2014
Figure 4-12: Debit Card Payment Transactions (Billion BRL), 2007-2010
Figure 4-13: ATM Terminals (‘000), 2007-2010
Figure 4-14: Number of POS Terminals Accepting Credit Cards (‘000), 2007-2010
Figure 4-15: Number of POS Terminals Accepting Debit Cards (‘000), 2007-2010
Figure 5-1: Number of Users Making Online Purchases (Million), 2008-2014
Figure 5-2: E-commerce Revenue (Billion BRL), 2008-2014
Figure 5-3: Bank Spending on IT (Billion BRL), 2007-2010
Figure 5-4: Countries Receiving Online Attacks for Banking Passwords Hacking (%),
Figure 5-5: Share of Banks Targeted in Phishing Attacks
Figure 5-6: Houses Financed (000’ Units), 2006-2009
Figure 5-7: Housing Loans (Billion BRL), 2008-2014
Figure 5-8: Housing Loans by Financial Institutions (%)
Figure 6-1: Banking Sector Risk comparison to Latin America & the Caribbean (Aug 2010 to Jan 2011)
Figure 6-2: Non-performing Loans (%), Oct 2009 & Nov 2010
Figure 6-3: Loans to Deposits Ratio (2007-2010)
Figure 6-4: Loans to Assets Ratio (2007-2010)


Table 4-1: ATMs Distribution by State (2009)
Table 4-2: POS Terminals Distribution by State (2009)
Table 5-1: Interest Rates comparison with Leading Economies (%), 2004-2009
Table 8-1: Top Ten Domestic Banks by Assets (Billion US$), 2010
Table 8-2: Top Ten Foreign Banks by Assets (Billion US$), 2010
Table 8-3: Banco do Brasil - Financial Overview (Million US$), 2007-2009
Table 8-4: Itau Unibanco - Financial Overview (Million US$), 2008-2010
Table 8-5: Itau Unibanco - Key Management People
Table 8-6: Banco Bradesco - Financial Overview (Million US$), 2008-2010
Table 8-7: Banco Bradesco - Key Management People
Table 8-8: Banco Santander - Financial Overview (Million US$), 2008-2010
Table 8-9: Banco Santander - Key Management People
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Opportunities in Brazil Banking Sector
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