Cninvestor-Chinese Securities Weely Report-17th Week 2010

Date: April 22, 2010
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Cninvestor-Chinese Securities Weely Report-17th Week 2010
The study covers a collection of the reports for the listed companies in Greater China in 17th week (Apr 19 - Apr 23), a total for 97. This report will allow the investors to get the information on the Chinese securities market and the listed companies, their revenues, profit and corporate results forecasts, and discover the new investment hot spot. The report allows the researchers interested in China, China's economic policies, changes, get professional advice from local research institutions.
Key Companies Earnings Forecast and Investment Rating
2010 China Equity Market Outlook
A series report of considerations on the construction industry
Healthcare Reform Update—Government released major working plan concerning five healthcare reforms in 2010
"Cement sector update-Price recovers in Guangxi; Sentiment is deteriorated by
property tightening policy, but demand remains strong"
Risk has not been released yet, caution remains.
Bulk raw material imports supported steady growth in cargo throughput
"Anti-risk business performance, poised to
rebound after release of policy risks"
Continuous growth in results; easing momentum for hike of product prices
China Market Snapshot-April 20, 2010
"HK Market Insight Review & Preview Weekly
——For the week ended April 16, 2010"
"Consolidation Year Five New Strategies
—2010 Spring China Economic Report"
Government Unveiled more Tightening Measures
"Shanshui Cement (0691.HK)
— Downstream demand remains robust, further price recovery is coming
in Shandong- takeaways from conference call"
"Fufeng Group (0546.HK)
— RMB 1025Mn CB issuance completed, stock still
undervalued,2010 TP raised to HKD 9.03"
"China Coal Energy (1898 HK)
——Disappointing 2009 and 1Q results, cut EPS and
"Air China Ltd. ( 753 HK )
— — 2009 Results in line with expectation, Reiterate
“Outperform” and raise the TP to HKD 9.80"
"Markor International Furniture (600337)
Performance lives up to the expectation, with a promising long-term
growth potential of business model."
"Taiyuan Coal Gasification (000968)
Continue to focus on financing planning of the Company in 2H10 and
reduction in coking gas loss."
"Datong Coal Industry (601001)
1Q earnings substantially fell short of expectation; focus on the injection
of swallow hill mine assets"
"Liaoning Huajin Tongda Chemicals (000059)
— Help CNGC build an industrial base of civilian products at RMB100
billion as a petrochemical producer with high flexibility"
"Hisense Electric (600060)
Central purchasing increased utilization of discounted notes; profit
margin missed expectations"
"Jilin Yatai (Group) (600881)
The Company’s performance met expectations."
"Little Swan (000418)
Channel reform had effects on financial statements; became domestic
first-echelon’s household appliance manufacturer"
"Wuhan Zhongbai Group (000759)
Same store sales growth boosted revenue and net profits"
"Hengxing Science and Technology (002132)
The Company’s performance generally met estimates.
"Hefei Department Store Group (000417)
Revenue growth accelerated; economy of scale arose"
"Hengxing Science and Technology (002132)
The Company’s performance generally met estimates."
"China Coal Energy (601898)
Mid - long- term growth slowed down."
"Guoyang New Energy(600348)
2009 business performance reached expectation, while 1Q10 didn’t,
capital injection will continue"
"Guangshen Railway (601333)
The first Quarterly Performance is a little lower than expected since the
Vehicle Overhaul Period."
"Guangzhou Grandbuy (002187)
Revenue Increase Overtake Profit Increase. Benefit from 2010 Asian
1Q10 net profit RMB697 million, generally in line with expectations
China Pacific Insurance (2601.HK): Maintain 'Buy'
"1Q10 Earning Declined 40.6% QoQ on Chinese New Year Factor,
In Line With Expectation"
"Beijing Yanjing Brewery (000729)
Performance trailed expectations."
"Shanxi Xinghuacun Fen Wine (600809)
Comment on 1Q10 report."
"Mingyuan Medicare (0233.HK)
— EPS decline mostly due to one-time expenses,
fundamental still solid"
"China Tontine Wines Group Ltd.
—— Takeaways from tele conference: growth potential is
still large despite the delay in new brand registration"
"LUTHAI Textile (000726)
Performance met expectations."
"Shuangliang Air-conditioning Equipment (600481)
Reiterate “BUY” on Jiangsu Shuangliang Air-conditioning Equipment Co
(600481) in mid and long-term"
"Meterbonwe Fashion & Accessories (002269)
Performance met expectations; equity incentive plan ensures steady
earnings growth."
"Kangmei Pharmaceutical (600518)
Comment on FY09 annual report."
"Jianghuai Automobile (600418)
Refine and light-duty truck will boost its profit growth significantly in
"Weifu High-Technology Group (000581)
Comment on FY09 report."
"Hengrui Medicine (600276)
Surgical anesthetic spurred revenue growth and gross margin
"Shanghai Kehua Bio-Engineering (002022)
Self-manufactured lab instruments sales picked up; keep an eye on the
blood screening business in the future"
Sinopec (00386 HK):Further Improvement on Earnings Visibility
Chalco (02600 HK):1Q10 net profit RMB627 million, slightly missed expectations
"Zijin Mining (02899 HK):Shanxi Xinghuacun Fen Wine (600809)
Comment on 1Q10 report."
"China Shipping Dev. (01138 HK):1Q 2010 net profit grew 45% yoy, in line
China Power International (02380 HK):Less control on coal price rise, downgrade to Neutral
"Dare Technology (000910)
Revenue growth has beaten expectation, but there is discrepancy
between profit structure and expectation."
"Loudong General Nice (988 HK)
—— Rerate story safe and sound, upgrade to Buy"
"Huaneng International Power (0902 HK)
——Better-than-expected 1Q results due to lower coal price"
"Zhejiang Expressway (576 HK)
— — Toll by weight system came into force, Reiterate
“Outperform” with the updated target price of HKD 8.4"
"Zhejiang Supor (002032)
Strong exports fueled earnings growth; advance purchase to cope with
rising costs"
"Hisun Pharmaceutical (600267)
1Q10 results slightly topped the expectation"
"Rebecca Hair Products (600439)
Earnings picked up; brand cultivation led to increased expenses"
"Shanghai Pharmaceutical (601607)
Extrinsic expansion accelerates its growth. Maintaining TP at 19.7 yuan."
"Humanwell Hi-tech Industry (600079)
Comment on 1Q10 report."
"Tsinghua Tongfang (600100)
Revenue increase quarter by quarter; overall arrangement of the Internet
of Things and the integration of three networks."
"Hualan Biological Engineering (002007)
1Q net profit significantly soared 501% and maintaining TP at 100 yuan."
Dalian Port (02880 HK):1Q 2010 net profit grew 44.8% yoy, in line
China Mobile (00941 HK):1Q10 Results In Line with Expectation
Datang International Power (00991 HK):FY09 results in line with market expectation, maintain Neutral
Magang (00323 HK) Ray Zhao:Magang reports 1Q10 net profit RMB 521mn,Maintain “Neutral”
Huaneng Power International (00902 HK):1Q results better than expectation, maintain Accumulate
"China Pacific Insurance (601601)
Product mix adjustment bears rich fruit."
"China Ping An Insurance (601318)
The accounting standards transform smoothly"
"Huatai Securities (601688)
Steady development will bring stable profit in the long-term."
"Datang International Power (0991 HK)
——Annual results inline, maintain Neutral"
"CNBM (3323.HK)
— 2009 results in line, high leverage remains a concern"
"Yanghe Brewery Joint-Stock (002304)
Comment on “blue classic-blue sky” youth singing contest."
"Huafeng Spandex (002064)
Performance in line with expectations; industry partly gets back to
sound prosperity."
"Septwolves Industry (002029)
Results slightly beat expectation, upgrade earnings forecast."
"CMBC (1988 HK)
— NIM contraction was smaller than its peers,
investment yield contributed most to profit growth"
"China Minsheng Bank (600016)
Sale of stakes in Haitong Securities boosted net profit"
"CSCEC (601668)
Downgrade China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited
(601668) to “OUTPERFORM”"
"Shenzhen Fiyta Holdings (000026)
Revenue grew considerably, earnings quality enhanced"
"Pingdingshan Tianan Coal Mining (601666)
Annual Report & quarterly report in line with expectation."
"Yuyuan Tourist Mart (600655)
Development of Yutai and investment strategy to become future
"Yueyang Paper (600963)
Performance met expectation; upward earnings trend continues"
Shougang Century (00103 HK):Attractive Valuation Upon Fast Capacity Expansion, Reiterate ‘Buy’
China All Access (00633 HK):Attractive Valuation, Reiterate ‘Buy’
China Southern Airlines (01055 HK):Revise Up TP for Higher Earning Estimates, Maintain “Buy” Rating
"China Wireless Technologies Limited
( 2369 HK )
——Flying with 3G wings, revise TP up to HK$ 5.02,
reiterate Buy rating"
"Ping An (2318 HK)
—— New accounting policy caused a 22% decline in net
assets, in line with market guess"
"China Power International (2380 HK)
——Annual results beat expectation due to lower than
expected tax rate."
"Qingdao Haier (600690)
Net profit margin was fairly stable"
"Hualan Biological Engineering (002007)
Net profit growth in 1Q posted 490-520%, revenue from blood product
sales grew 80%"
"Shanghai Zi Jiang Enterprise (600210)
Packaging business overstripped expectations; property business was
barely satisfactory."
"UFIDA Software (600588)
Take chance to develop rapidly and reign over the whole Chinese
management software market"
"Hualan Biological Engineering (002007)
Net profit growth in 1Q posted 490-520%, revenue from blood product
sales grew 80%"
"China Commodities City Group (600415)
Comment on the Company’s latest announcement."
"Denghai Seeds (002041)
Hot sale of Xianyu335 and marketing of super maize seeds boost its rapid
profit growth."
China Communications Construction (01800 HK):Attractive Valuation, Upgrade to ‘Accumulate’
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