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Banking Industry Scouting Report

June 2010 | 8 pages | ID: B007983ED8BEN
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Executive Summary

The Financial Services industry is the largest in the world in terms of technology spending, and Banking is the largest segment of Financial Services. 2008 and 2009 was the most challenging period to banks since the Great Depression, although some nominal recovery has begun in 2010. The genesis of the credit crisis can be traced to poor sub-prime lending decisions and the subsequent investment in collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) secured by the sub-prime loans. As sub-prime loans went into default the value of the CDOs collapsed, leading to both credit losses and to an enormous amount of write-offs to cover the near-worthless CDOs. Banks are left today in recovery mode, trying to achieve sustainable revenue growth and comply with impending regulations.
The Banking Industry Scouting Report is a resource for executive and sales professionals in the technology and services industries. This Scouting Report is designed to:
  1. Segment the market into key types of target customers, and provide a brief overview of the differences between the segments
  2. Identify the right titles to approach within your target
  3. Make you smarter about your customer’s business so that you are comfortable with a business conversation
  4. Help you position your product or service to address the precise pain of your customer
  5. Provide you a conversation starter to help secure a meeting
  6. Give you the typical technology landscape within the industry so that you can come better prepared to the meeting

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