Alipay: Alibaba's Payment Arm

Date: August 22, 2008
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Alipay: Alibaba's Payment Arm
The latest installment in our series of profile reports covers Alipay one of the largest and most active online payment companies in China today. In this report we investigate how Alipay fits under founder Jack Ma's master plan for the Alibaba Group and explain the working relationship between Alipay and its sister companies Taobao and two of the largest e-commerce companies in China today.

Key Topics Covered
  • Alipay’s main function is to serve as the online payment provider for companies under the Alibaba Group.
  • The company charges no service fees to buyers and sellers on Taobao’s online marketplace.
  • Multi-channel payment options are available to Alipay users, including online bank transfer, cash, and direct debit solutions.
  • Alipay has signed partnerships with over 300,000 merchants in China.
This detailed study about Alipay is useful for companies entering China’s online payment and e-commerce markets, as well as for investors following’s IPO listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

1.1 Ownership, management team, investors
  1.1.1 Ownership
  1.1.2 Organizational Structure
  1.1.3 Management Team
1.2 Operation model and business performance
1.3 Services and coverage
1.4 Markets and channels
1.5 Marketing and branding
1.6 Partners (banks, merchants, technology)
  1.6.1 Technology
  1.6.2 Banks
  1.6.3 Merchants
1.7 Users figures and profile
1.8 Competitive analysis: strengths and weaknesses
1.9 Outlook


Figure 1: Credit cards issued in China and in the US (M)
Figure 2: Internet Users in China, 2001-2006
Figure 3: Mobile Subscribers in China, 2002-2010F (M)
Figure 4: China government groups involved in third-party payment regulation
Figure 5: Alibaba Group organizational chart
Figure 6: Alipay’s operation model
Figure 7: Alipay daily transaction numbers and volume, 2006-2007 (RMB)
Figure 8: Alipay cash remittance form from China Post
Figure 9: Alipay/CCB debit card
Figure 10: Alipay logo
Figure 11: Alipay bank partnerships
Figure 12: Select Alipay merchant partnerships
Figure 13: Alipay and Taobao registered users
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Alipay: Alibaba's Payment Arm
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