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Sweden Advanced Facilities Profile: Market Analysis

October 2019 | 108 pages | ID: SC5CB6576A65EN
WinterGreen Research

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LEXINGTON, Massachusetts (October 10, 2019) – WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new module Sweden: Advanced Facilities Analysis. The 2019 study has 108 pages and 58 tables and figures. The study is useful for companies seeking to understand the Swedish market and to understand how to locate a regional headquarters in Sweden. It outlines those industrial areas in which Sweden has centers of excellence.

Sweden’s construction and infrastructure sector is booming. EUR 150 billion is being spent on offices and housing. These projects are fully funded. The plan is to build 700,000 new homes and offices. The largest investment programme in Swedish history creates opportunities for contractors in Sweden, in Europe, and beyond. Between now and 2030, the country will spend EUR 64 billion on railways, roads and other major projects.

Sweden is a center of excellence for automotive with Volvo, for telecom with Ericsson, and for biopharmaceuticals with 100’s of bio pharmaceutical firms and divisions. GE has invested $350 million total in its bioprocessing equipment and consumables site in Uppsala, Sweden. British-Swedish firm AstraZeneca also announced a large-scale investment in the Stockholm region. The multinational pharmaceutical company said in May it planned to invest $285 million in a new high-tech facility for the manufacture of biological medicines in S?dert?lje.

AstraZeneca in Gothenburg Sweden; vision is to be one of the best R&D sites in the world. Sweden has a third of the 171 data centres in the Nordics. With 54 facilities, it is ahead of Denmark (46), Norway (40), Finland (25) and Iceland (6). Sweden ranks as the fifth most secure country in the world for data centre investment.

The Nordic region as a whole is set to benefit from continuing, significant data centre investment. Over the next three years, €4.3billion will be invested with more than 59% derived from overseas internet players, including Google and Facebook.

Data Centres in the Nordic region are being put into Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. In these regions, there are 117 data center operators and 171 data centers. In the Nordics, the market for third party data centre operators is expected to increase by two and a half times in space and triple in terms of MW power requirements.

The Nordic data centre space has attracted $3 billion in investment in recent years. Global data traffic is growing fast and the need for data centre capacity is growing accordingly. The capacity of the global data centre industry has grown by 10 per cent annually. This growth is expected to continue in the next decade.

Favorable work environments and a culture of integrity are a huge draw forSweden. The people are nice and the working conditions are comfortable in Sweden. According to Susan Eustis, principal author of the study, “The bio pharmaceutical research and production centers in Sweden are world-class. Volvo is a leader in safety and electric vehicles for the auto industry, supporting markets in the US, Europe, and Asia.”

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2.1 Sweden Construction Investment Programme Is Fully Financed
2.2 Quality of The Swedish Business Climate
2.3 Sweden Construction Barriers for International Companies
2.4 Swedish Government Positions Construction as Historic Opportunity For Contractors
2.5 Sweden Environmental Work Safety


3.1 Swedish Worksite Inspections
3.2 Swedish Initiatives for More Swedish Safety Inspections
3.3 Sweden Institute Of Environmental Medicine (IEM) Principal Functions And Activities
3.4 Enforcement in Sweden


4.1 Taxation Authority
4.2 Sweden Corporate Taxes
4.3 Sweden Personal Income Tax Rates
4.4 Taxation of Non-Residents
4.5 Sweden Double Taxation Agreements
4.6 Tax treaties


5.1 System
  5.1.1 Swedish Legislature
  5.1.2 Swedish Executive Branch
5.2 Court System in Sweden
5.3 Sweden Application of the Law
5.4 Swedish Legal System
5.5 Sweden Typical Delivery Model Applicable
5.6 Sweden Local Regulations & Compliance
5.7 Supervision Of Construction Contracts
5.8 Work Permits In Sweden
5.9 Driving In Sweden
5.10 Permitting Requirements Of Developments In Sweden
5.11 The National Building Code of Sweden
5.12 Ministry Of The Environment Steers And Monitors Construction
5.13 Swedish Boverkets Buildings Regulations BBR
5.14 Sweden Public Procurement Act LOU, Lag om offentlig upphandling LOU
5.15 Swedish Environmental Code MB, Milj?balken MB
5.16 Municipalities Steer And Monitor Construction In Their Area of Sweden
5.17 Local Sweden
5.18 Responsibilities Building Project: Planning a Construction Project in Sweden


6.1 Atmospheric Issues in Sweden
6.2 Sweden Need to Meet Carbon Emissions and Climate Change Targets
6.2 Water Issues in Sweden
6.3 Waste Issues in Sweden
6.4 EIA’S
6.5 Sweden Sustainable Development


7.1 FDI IN Sweden
7.2 Sweden – Investment Considerations
7.3 Swedish Government Measures to Motivate or Restrict FDI:
7.4 Construction & Labor Workers, Stockholm, Sweden | 2018/19
7.5 Description of Industry Sectors in Sweden and Companies Needing Construction - Major Companies in Sweden:
7.6 Economy - Industrial Companies and Construction in Sweden and the Nordic Countries
7.7 Automotive and Manufacturing
  7.7.1 Volvo
  7.7.2 Volkswagen/Scania AB
7.4 Industrial Companies
  7.4.1 Electrolux AB
  7.4.2 Atlas Copco
7.5 Telecommunications
  7.5.1 Ericsson
  7.5.2 Telia Company AB
  7.5.3 Tele2 AB
  7.5.4 SKF Bearing And Seal Manufacturing
  7.5.5 Autoliv
  7.5.6 Alfa Laval AB
  7.5.7 Hexagon AB
  7.5.8 Hasselblad
7.6 Furniture
  7.6.1 IKEA
7.7 Sweden Bio-Pharma & Healthcare:
  7.7.1 GE Healthcare
  7.7.2 GE Healthcare Life Sciences Continues To Invest in Uppsala - $100 Million
  7.7.3 British-Swedish Firm AstraZeneca Invested $285 Million in the Stockholm Region
  7.7.3 GoCo Health Innovation City
  7.7.4 BioLamina/Novo Nordisk
  7.7.5 Pfizer
7.8 Data Centers in Sweden
  7.8.1 Swedish Government Support for Data Centers
  7.8.2 Electricity Tax for Data Centers in Sweden
  7.8.3 Facebook
  7.8.4 KnCMiner
  7.8.5 Hydro66
  7.8.6 Amazon to Open Cloud Data Centers in Sweden
  7.8.7 Node Pole
  7.8.8 Interxion
  7.8.9 Getinge AB
  7.8.10 Research Centers in Sweden
Data Center:
  7.8.11 EcoDataCenter Builds Second Data Centre Site Near Stockholm
  7.8.12 Zenuity
  7.8.13 IBM
Digital Geospatial


8.1 Engineering Consultancies
8.2 Largest Swedish Construction Companies
  8.2.1 Peab
  8.2.2 Peab Acquisitions
  8.2.3 Skanska
  8.2.4 Skanska Revenue and Employees by Market
  8.2.5 NCC
  8.2.6 JM
  8.2.7 Patricia Industries Vectura/Next Step
  8.2.8 Bygging-Uddemann
  8.2.9 Swedish Association of Management Consultants
8.3 Construction Supply Chain Main Local Contractors
8.4 International Construction Companies Servicing The Swedish Market


9.1 Litigious Or Deal-Making?
9.2 Sweden Anti Corruption Credentials


Figure 1. West Swedish Agreement Infrastructure Package in Gothenburg
Figure 2. Sweden Population and Land Profile
Figure 3. Sweden Macro-Economic Statistics
Figure 4. NCC Safety Record Based on Accident Frequency
Figure 5. Swedish Work Environment Authority Authorities
Figure 6. Sweden Tax Rates
Figure 7. Sweden Double Taxation Agreements
Figure 8. Sweden Bilateral Or Multi-Lateral Social Security Agreements
Figure 9. Swedish Ministry Of The Environment Law of the Land
Figure 10. World Bank's Doing Business 2019 Report
Figure 11. Swedish FDI Weak Points
Figure 12. Volvo Headquarters
Figure 13. Volvo Building Entrance
Figure 14. Volvo Headquarters Gothenburg, V?stra G?taland County
Figure 15. Volvo Corporate Complex
Figure 16. Volvo AstaZero Proving Ground
Figure 17. Scania AB Headquarters
Figure 18. AB Electrolux, SE-105 45 Stockholm, Sweden.
Figure 19. Atlas Copco Headquarters
Figure 20. Ericsson Lindholmen
Figure 21. Ericsson Open house at Lindholmspiren
Figure 22. Ericsson and Zenuity Connected Cloud and IoT for Vehicle Safety
Figure 23. Telia Headquarters Sweden
Figure 24. Telia Headquarters Interior
Figure 25. Telia Open Space Between Buildings
Figure 26. Kista Science City
Figure 27. Victoria Tower in Kista
Figure 28. New SKF HQ.
Figure 29. Autoliv Location and Revenue
Figure 30. Alfa Laval Revenue Segments
Figure 31. Alfa Laval Location Close to Copenhagen
Figure 32. Alfa Laval Corporate Headquarters
Figure 33. IKEA Headquarters in Gothenburg Sweden
Figure 34. Sweden - Biotech Company List
Figure 35. GE Invests $350 Million Total In Its Bioprocessing Equipment And Consumables site in Uppsala, Sweden
Figure 36. GE:s kontor i Danderyd, Stockholm
Figure 37. AstraZeneca in Gothenburg Sweden
Figure 38. Novo Nordisk office in Malm?
Figure 39. BioLamina Research at the GE Testa Center
Figure 40. AWS Market Variables Measured for Data Centers
Figure 41. In Sweden Mega Industrial Park, 100MW HV Power Line Is Being Built
Figure 42. Power for High-Intensive Businesses, SVK’s Plan To Strengthen The Connectivity Between Kr?ngede, Ljusdal and Horndal.
Figure 43. Google, Sweden and Nordics Set For Growth - Google Cloud Footprint
Figure 44. Key Components of Attracting International Business to Sweden:
Figure 45. Lindholmen Science Park Partners
Figure 46. EcoDataCenter site in Stockholm, Sweden
Figure 47. Zenuity Cloud Headquarters for Automotive IoT
Figure 48. IBM Headquarters Sweden
Figure 49. Largest Construction Companies in Sweden
Figure 50. Skanska Revenue per Segment 2019
Figure 51. Skanska Revenue Commercial Property Development
Figure 52. NCC Sales by Category January to June 2019
Figure 53. NCC Sales by Quarter 2018-2019
Figure 54. NCC Product Mix Orders
Figure 55. JM Commercial Building Design
Figure 56. JM Revenue
Figure 57. Vectura Key Facts
Figure 58. Swedish Association of Management Consultants

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