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Finland Advanced Facilities Profile: Market Analysis

October 2019 | 164 pages | ID: F476804C629AEN
WinterGreen Research

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LEXINGTON, Massachusetts (October 10, 2019) – WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new module Finland: Advanced Facilities Analysis. The 2019 study has 164 pages and 55 tables and figures. Growth is based on implementation polymer-based drug delivery technology, energy efficient data centers, and AI computing. Access to locations across the world through strategically placed cables promise to make Finland the location of choice for a data center.

Favorable work environments and a culture of integrity are a huge draw for the country. The people are nice and the working conditions are comfortable in Finland.

The research and development department in Turku Finland is the only research and development unit in the Bayer Group focused on polymer-based drug delivery technology. The technology can be utilized in products with a lifetime of a few months up to several years. polymer-based drug delivery technology promises to provide a significant high growth market and to attract companies who want to be close to the Finish center of excellence for this technology.

Byer production plant in Turku is Finland's second largest pharmaceutical factory worldwide. Bayer's global pharmaceutical plant is used to develop and manufacture high quality specialty products for worldwide distribution to more than 100 countries. Long-acting polymer-based products, MIRENA and JAYDESS Hormone Prosthesis and JADELLE Prevention Implants are made. In addition, Bayer produces tablets and capsules, BONEFOS for cancer treatment. MIRENA is sold in over 100 countries, United States, Europe, Far East.

Data centers and networks in Finland are unique and wonderful. Aiber Networks Finland data center implements a cloud. Aiber Networks converted an underground military facility. The caves in which the company is building are made up of three separate tunnels that will each be used for individual data halls. The caves have been converted and used to host high availability cloud services.

The site offers 13,000 square feet of space. It supports 50 kW per rack, with a total power consumption of up to 4 MW. The Tampere data center is designed to meet Tier IV specifications. It features a high degree of automation. Free cooling and liquid cooling are employed, and waste heat is sold to the city's electrical company. The project is estimated to cost between $55 million and $110 million dollars.

Google PUE of 1.1 in Finland is unmatched anywhere else in the world. Climatic environment is an asset in Finland as data centers need cooling. Scale is everything in the era of Clos architecture of the data center and optical transceivers for inside the data center. Data moves at the speed of light around the network inside the data center so scale is important. Outside the mega data center, the charter is to leverage international cable infrastructure. Plans are attracting investment in data communications access in Finland that provides worldwide reach with millisecond data transmission anywhere.

According to Susan Eustis, principal author of the study, “The communication of data accurately is a demanding task. The data centers in Finland are poised to be world-class, supporting interconnectivity to the US, Europe, and Asia.”

Varian Medical Systems Finland Oy is offering world class product sets. Varian Medical Systems Finland Oy makes ultraviolet (UV), infrared and radiological equipment for biological and medical applications. Varian Medical Systems Finland Oy is the developer of Varian’s premium radiotherapy treatment planning systems, such as Eclipse and BrachyVision.

WinterGreen Research is an independent research organization funded by the sale of market research studies all over the world and by the implementation of ROI models that are used to calculate the total cost of ownership of equipment, services, and software. The company has 35 distributors worldwide, including Global Information Info Shop, Market Research.com, Research and Markets, and electronics.ca. It conducts its business with integrity.

The increasingly global nature of science, technology and engineering is a reflection of the implementation of the globally integrated enterprise. Customers trust wintergreen research to work alongside them to ensure the success of the participation in a particular market segment.

WinterGreen Research supports various market segment programs; provides trusted technical services to the marketing departments. It carries out accurate market share and forecast analysis services for a range of commercial and government customers globally. These are all vital market research support solutions requiring trust and integrity.

Efficient Data Centers: Low PUE, That Further Generate Revenue


5G in Finland



1.1 Local Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) Relative to Regional Statistics
1.2 Relevant Environmental, Health & Safety Legislation
  1.2.1 Finland Occupational Safety and Health Act
  1.2.2 Employment Contracts Act
  1.2.3 Equality between Women and Men
  1.2.4 Device Importer and Seller Device Responsibilities
1.3 Finland Safety Authority.
  1.3.1 Assessment of Finland Workplace Laws and OSH
  1.3.2 Assessment of Finland Workplace Laws and OSH Enforcement
  1.3.3 Unions Use Collective Bargaining to Adjust Work Safety Regulations
  1.3.4 Finland: 5 Regions to Monitor Industrial Safety
  1.3.5 Finish Authorities That Support OSH
  1.3.6 Finnish Standards Association (SFS)
  1.3.7 Finland Participation in the International Organization for Standardisation ISO
  1.3.8 Employer Healthcare Obligations in Finland
  1.3.9 Preventive Occupational Health Care
  1.3.10 Promoting Work Ability in Finland
  1.3.11 Finish Occupational Accidents and Occupational Diseases


2.1 Local Tax Legislation, Including VAT
2.2 Global Mobility Restrictions
2.3 Double Taxation Legislation
  2.3.1 Singapore - Finland Double Tax Treaty
  2.3.2 Germany - Finland Double Tax Treaty
  2.3.2 US - Finland Double Tax Treaty -
2.4 Corporate Branches Required To Arrange Bookkeeping That Conforms to GAAP
  2.4.1 Using an Umbrella Company for Income Tax in Finland.
2.5 Corporation Tax
  2.5.2 Tax Issues Arising On Construction Projects
  2.5.3 Tax incentives


3.1 Status of Legal Entity in Finland
3.2 Regulations and Compliance Pertaining Locally in Finland
  3.2.1 Contract Stipulations
  3.6.1 Finish Acts that Apply to Contractors and Contractor Obligations with Respect to Subcontractors:
  3.2.1 Regulatory Compliance
  3.2.2 Documents And Customs Regulations
  3.2.3 Customs Regulations
  3.2.4 Dutiable/Restricted Items
  3.2.5 Exporting to Finland
  3.2.6 Work Permitting Requirements of Personnel in Finland: Work Permits
  3.2.7 International Driving Permits
3.3 Permitting Requirements of Developments in Finland


4.1 Finland Bio-Pharma
  4.1.1 Addoz
  4.11.2 Paras Biopharmaceuticals Finland Oy
4.2 Finland Medical Technology
  4.2.1 Varian Medical Systems Finland Oy
  4.2.2 Pfizer
  4.2.3 Smart Healthcare
  4.2.4 OuluHealth
4.3 Electronics/Semi Conductor/Software/Communications
  4.3.2 Nokia Siemens Networks
  4.3.3 Oulu Wireless
  4.3.4 Flexbright Oy Semi Conductor
  4.3.5 Alliance
  4.3.6 LocusLabs and IndoorAtlas
  4.3.7 Belt and Road, China’s President Xi Jinping, Finland Construction
  4.3.8 Codescoop
  4.3.10 Sea Lion Cable Cinia
4.4 Data Centers in Finland
  4.4.1 Demand In The Data Center Construction Market
  4.4.2 Data Center Risk Index: Finland
  4.4.3 Google
  4.4.4 Google Wind Power Purchase Agreements
  4.4.5 Yandex
  4.4.7 Equinix
  4.4.12 Equinix Finland Gateway Between the East And West
  4.4.13 Ficolo €50m Helsinki Data Center - DCD
  4.4.14 Tieto Construction of Finland Data Center - DCD
  4.4.15 Telia Finland Oyj
  4.4.18 Telia Renewable Energy, Energy Reuse, and Consumer Home Heating
  4.4.19 Microsoft
  4.4.20 Data Center Operator Hetzner Online
  4.4.26 Finland Aiber Networks Data Center
4.5 Other Advanced Manufacturing
  4.5.1 Kone Construction Technology
  4.5.2 Third Space Auto Chose Finland As An R&D Location For Its Ecosystem
  4.5.3 Arctic Security, Cyber Security
  4.5.5 Skangas’ LNG
  4.5.6 Radar Installations
  4.5.7 Honeywell
4.6 Selected List of FDI entities in Finland
4.7 FDI Investment in Finland
  4.7.1 Google
  4.7.2 Equiinix


5.1 Business Finland
  5.1.1 General Contractors of Finland
5.2 List of Top Providers in Finland AE and CM Market
  5.2.1 Top Data Center Sector Architecture Firms
  5.2.2 Top Data Center Sector Engineering Firms
  5.2.3 Top Data Center Sector Construction Firms
5.3 Construction Supply Chain - Names of Top Ten Contractors And Their Discipline; CSA, Mech, Elec,
  5.3.1 Google and its Main Construction Contractor ISG
  5.3.2 ISG Construction Services
  5.3.3 Cathexis UK Holdings Limited/ISG Plc
  5.3.4 CSC/Enterprise Services of HP Enterprise to create DXC Technology.
  5.3.5 Gearshiftgroup
  5.3.6 P?yry PLC Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) services contract by Pori Energia Oy for Aittaluoto Biomass-Fired Combined Heat And Power (CHP) Plant
  5.3.7 P?yry was awarded EPCM for Combined Heat & Power plant Laanila Bio Power Plant project in Oulu, Finland
  5.3.8 P?yry was awarded EPCM for Agnico-Eagle Gold Mine
  5.3.9 OVH - Data Centers | OVHcloud
  5.3.10 AECOM
  5.3.11 Lemmink?inen/DPR Fortis Mission Critical
  5.3.12 Fluor and Competitors
  5.3.13 Turku, Finland | Neste Jacobs
  5.3.14 Sirius Engineers Ltd (Finland)
  5.3.15 RD-ROI Helsinki DC
  5.3.16 The ABB Group: Helsinki
  5.3.17 Granlund
  5.3.18 Granlund Data Centers
  5.3.19 Granlung Telia Helsinki and Tieto Data Center
  5.3.20 Fortis Construction Internet Data Center Finland
  5.3.21 Johnson Controls Introduces Magos Radar Technology
  5.3.22 MediaTek Wireless
  5.3.23 YIT
  5.3.24 Luia
5.4 Other Advanced Companies Finland
  5.4.1 Finland Large Companies


6.1 Treatment of Risk with Typical AE or CM contracts
  6.1.1 Contract Clauses: Nolo Contendere
  6.1.2 Equal Share of Risk
  6.1.3 Construction Change Orders in Finland
  6.1.4 Finland Construction Vendor Guarantee and Liability
6.2 Finland Construction Vendor Arbitration clau ses
6.3 Risk Allocation Goes To Party Best Placed To Manage The Risk
  6.3.1 In Finland, Risk Allocation Depends on Safety Record
  6.3.2 Finland Construction Vendor Testimonial
6.4 Finland BIM Construction Contracts Equal Share Of Risk.
  6.4.1 Finland BIM Contracting Risk Allocation To Party Best Placed To Manage The Risk
  6.4.2 Finland BIM Construction Risk Management


7.1 Litigious or Deal-Making?
7.2 Commitment to ethical business practices/anti-corruption credentials
7.3 Contractual Behaviour
  7.3.1 Typical Delivery Model Applicable
  7.3.2 Prohibiting Corrupt Practices
  7.3.3 Bankruptcy/Insolvency
  7.3.4 PPPs
  7.3.5 Dispute Resolution
  7.3.6 Courts and Arbitration Organisations
  7.3.7 Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Methods
  7.3.8 Other Requirements for International Contractors
  7.3.9 Reform
7.4 Environmental Issues
  7.4.1 Air
  7.4.2 Water
  7.4.3 Waste
  7.4.4 Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)
  7.4.5 Sustainable development
  7.4.6 New Buildings Need to Meet Carbon Emissions And Climate Change Targets


8.1 Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries (RT – Rakennusteollisuus) (CFCI)
  8.1.1 Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients (RAKLI)
8.2 Online resources
  8.2.1 Finlex Data Bank
8.3 Finnish Construction Trade Union - Rakennusliitto
8.4 Level of Design Expected By Client/Supply Chain; Design Intent, IFC,
  8.4.1 Finland Construction Project Planning
8.5 Characteristics of Local Business Culture in the AE & CM Market


Companies in Finland
Finland Company Number Employees




Data Center Containers
Gigaom | Google’s 10 rules for designing data centers
Finland Construction Company Turnover (?1000) EUR
Lemmink?inen Group Merges with YIT: Risk Management


Figure 1. Mobil Data Usage per Person
Figure 2. 5G in FInland
Figure 3. Finland Architects and Engineers, Construction Managers, 2018
Figure 4. European Portion Of The Top 10 Revenue Generating Companies Worldwide ($M), None in Finland
Figure 5. Safety Standards: EU and Finland, 2018
Figure 6. European and Finland Accidents at Work
Figure 7. European and Finland Deaths at Work
Figure 8. Rate of Fatalities in Construction Various Countries Including Finland and European Countries
Figure 9. International Labour Organization Data on Workplace Deaths in Finland, 2012
Figure 10. Finland Occupational Safety and Health Act Objectives
Figure 11. European and Finland % Workers with Collective Bargaining Contracts, 2018
Figure 12.Finland Local Work Safety Authority Organizational Chart and Names of Administrators
Figure 13. Finland: 5 Regions to Monitor Industrial Safety
Figure 14. Finland Occupational Safety and Health Act
Figure 15. Finland Incidence of Occupational Accidents Among Wage Earners in Principal Sectors, 2005 to 2014
Figure 16. Finland Workplace Accidents Among Wage Earners, By Occupation, 2014
Figure 17. Finish Occupational Accidents and Occupational Diseases
Figure 18. Finland Largest Municipalities
Figure 19. European and Finland Level of Corruption
Figure 20. Status of Legal Entity in Finland
Figure 21. Construction Contract Stipulations in Finland
Figure 22. Advanced Manufacturing Facility Sectors in Finland
Figure 23. Investment in Artic Europe 200 Billion EUR 2015 to 2025
Figure 24. Technology Industry Sectors of Finland:
Figure 25. Finland Turku Production Plant 2.5 million Square Feet
Figure 26. Bayer Nordic SE and Bayer Oy Espoo Finland
Figure 27. Varian Headquarters
Figure 28. Pfizer office in Helsinki. 50,000 sq meters,
Figure 29. Data Centers in Finland
Figure 30. Data Center Risk Index: Finland and Europe 2018
Figure 31. Telia Finland
Figure 32. Hetzner Colocation Center, One of 5 In Finland
Figure 33. Hetzner Finland Locations Serve Asia:
Figure 34. KONE Created A Cable Consisting Of A Carbon Fibre Core Covered With A Unique High-Friction Coating. They call it UltraRope.
Figure 35. Selected List of FDI entities
Figure 36. Equinix To Open Seventh Data Center In Finland With Usd 20 Million Investment
Figure 37. List of Consultancies specializing in Finland Permitting
Figure 38. Key Developments in Construction in Finland
Figure 39. Top Data Center Sector Architecture Firms
Figure 40. Top Data Center Sector Engineering Firms
Figure 41. Top Data Center Sector Construction Firms
Figure 42. ISG Data Center
Figure 43. ISG Profile
Figure 44. Finland Top Data Center Sector Architecture Firms
Figure 45. Finland Top Data Center Sector Engineering Firms
Figure 46. Finland Top Data Center Sector Construction Firms
Figure 47. Granlund Areas of Expertise
Figure 48. Granlund Digital Facility Services in Finland
Figure 49. List of Finland Native Companies
Figure 50. Construction Change Orders in Finland
Figure 51. Finland BIM Construction Risk Management Issues
Figure 52. Risk Management for Finland Construction Projects
Figure 53. Problems That Arise Regarding Finland Construction Project Planning
Figure 54. Companies in Finland
Figure 55. Finland Construction Company Turnover (?1000) EUR

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