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Denmark Advanced Facilities Profile: Market Analysis

October 2019 | 135 pages | ID: D9E7A51C2917EN
WinterGreen Research

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LEXINGTON, Massachusetts (October 14, 2019) – WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new module Denmark: Advanced Facilities Analysis. The 2019 study has 136 pages and 76 tables and figures. The study is useful for companies seeking to understand the Danish market and to understand how to locate a regional headquarters in Denmark. It outlines those industrial areas in which Denmark has centers of excellence.

Denmark’s construction and infrastructure sector is booming. The Danish construction industry's growth prospects are enhanced by government plans to invest DKK5.1 billion (US$805.4 million) to build a new light rail by 2020. In order to develop the country’s transport infrastructure, the government plans to invest DKK100.0 billion (US$15.1 billion) by 2020. Better, faster, cheaper transport is anticipated to stimulate growth in all sectors of the commercial industrial economy.

For companies, flexible hiring rules and a lack of corruption make Denmark one of the world's best places to do business. Danish citizens benefit from a broad-based economy, solid educational system, and democratic traditions. All the social benefits make the population a steady, reliable work force, but not an intense, research-oriented group. The drive to achieve rapid growth is not apparent in many of the cultural observations.

Denmark is among the most digital countries in EU. 94% of Danish citizens are online and actively engaged in the use of a variety of online services, making their digital skills highly advanced. Denmark ranks fourth out of the 28 EU Member States in the Digital Economy.

Denmark is a center of excellence for desalination with Danfoss is world class, creating water for Saudi Arabia and South Africa. This expertise will become more needed as climate change takes effect. Denmark is a center of excellence for wind energy. Wind represents the best way to deliver renewable energy.

DTU primary objective is to develop, implement and apply polymers in commercial products to assist and provide support for the Danish as well as international polymer industry through activities: Measuring and modelling rheology of polymer melts; Synthesizing polymers with specific functions to allow add-on features are al supported

Denmark has data centres (46), Norway (40), Finland (25) and Iceland (6). Sweden has 56 data centers. Denmark ranks as the fourth most secure country in the world for data centre investment. The Nordic region as a whole is set to benefit from continuing, significant data centre investment. Over the next three years, €4.3billion will be invested with more than 59% derived from overseas internet players, including Google and Facebook. In these regions, there are 117 data center operators and 171 data centers. In the Nordics, the market for third party data centre operators is expected to increase by two and a half times in space and triple in terms of MW power requirements.

The Nordic data centre space has attracted $3 billion in investment in recent years. Global data traffic is growing fast and the need for data centre capacity is growing accordingly. The capacity of the global data centre industry has grown by 10 per cent annually. This growth is expected to continue in the next decade.

Favorable work environments and a culture of integrity are a huge draw for Denmark. The people are nice and the working conditions are comfortable in Denmark. According to Susan Eustis, principal author of the study, “The wind energy research, implementation and application of polymers in commercial products are compelling aspects of Danish centers of excellence, likely to attract companies in the same industry to leverage existing expertise into the area.”

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2.1 Denmark Government Construction Investment Programme is Set to Grow
2.2 Quality of The Danish Business Climate
2.3 Denmark Construction Barriers for International Companies
2.4 Danish Government Positions to Support Construction
2.5 Denmark Environmental Work Safety


3.1 Danish Worksite Inspections
3.2 Danish Initiatives for Safety Inspections
3.3 Denmark Environmental Positioning
3.4 Enforcement in Denmark
3.5 Danish Differentiation for Higher Fines


4.1 Taxation Authority
4.2 Denmark Corporate Taxes
4.3 Denmark Personal Income Tax Rates
4.3 Taxation of Non-Residents
4.4 Denmark Double Taxation Agreements


5.1 Legal System
  5.1.1 Danish Legislature
  5.1.2 Danish Executive Branch
5.2 Court System in Denmark
5.3 Denmark Application of the Law – Prison Systems
5.4 Danish Legal System
5.5 Danish Universal Access to Health Care
5.6 Denmark Typical Delivery Model Applicable – Contract Type
5.7 Denmark Local Regulations & Compliance
5.8 Supervision of Construction Contracts
  5.8.1 Supervision of Construction Contracts via Software
  5.8.2 Danish Labor Union Market
5.9 Work Permits in Denmark
5.10 Driving in Denmark
5.11 Permitting Requirements of Developments in Denmark
5.12 The National Building Code of Denmark
5.13 Ministry of The Environment Steers and Monitors Construction
5.14 Municipalities Steer and Monitor Construction in Their Area of Denmark
5.15 Local Denmark
5.16 Responsibilities Building Project: Planning a Construction Project in Denmark


6.1 Atmospheric Issues in Denmark
6.2 Denmark Need to Meet Carbon Emissions and Climate Change Targets
6.3 Water Issues in Denmark
6.4 Waste Issues in Denmark
6.5 EIA’S
6.6 Denmark Sustainable Development


7.1 Foreign Direct Investments FDI IN Denmark
7.2 Denmark – Investment Considerations
7.3 Danish Government Measures to Motivate or Restrict FDI:
7.4 Description of Industry Sectors in Denmark and Companies Needing Construction
7.5 Industrial Companies and Construction in Denmark and the Nordic Countries
7.6 Major Companies in Denmark:
7.7 Denmark Shipping and Transport
  7.7.1 A.P. M?ller - M?rsk - Shipping
  7.7.2 Fond Altor/Wrist Group - Fuel Trading
  7.7.2 United Shipping & Trading Company - Fuel Trading
  7.7.3 DSV - Road Transport
7.8 Telecommunications Services
  7.8.1 TDC -
7.9 Automotive, Manufacturing, and Retail
  7.9.1 Lego
  7.9.2 Coop Danmark - Consumer Goods Retailing
  7.9.3 Danfoss - Heating Industry
  7.9.4 Alfa Laval AB
7.10 Pharmaceuticals
  7.10.1 Ferring Pharmaceuticals
  7.10.2 Sanofi
7.11 Energy
  7.11.1 Vestas Wind Systems
  7.11.2 Orsted (formerly DONG Energy) - Energy Provider
7.12 Industrial Companies
  7.12.1 Danish Polymer Centre - DTU Chemical Engineering
7.13 Wastewater Treatment
  7.13.1 VandCenter Syd (VCS) Denmark
7.14 Agriculture and Food
  7.14.1 Danish Crown - Meat
  7.14.2 Carlsberg - Beer
  7.14.3 DLG - Feed Compounds
  7.14.4 Arla Foods - Dairy Products
7.15 Denmark Bio-Pharma & Healthcare:
  7.15.1 Novo Nordisk - Insulin
7.16 Data Centers in Denmark
  7.16.1 Danish Government Support for Data Centers
  7.16.2 Denmark Havfrue project
  7.16.3 Apple
  7.16.4 Facebook
  7.16.5 Amazon in Denmark
  7.16.6 Google
  7.16.7 Microsoft
  7.16.8 Anexia Data Center


8.1 Engineering Consultancies
  8.1.1 NCC
  8.1.2 Enggaard A/S, A
  8.1.3 Enem?rke & Petersen a/s
  8.1.4 CASA A/S
  8.1.5 J?rgen Friis Poulsen A/S
  8.1.6 Huscompagniet Midt- og Nordjylland A/S
  8.1.7 Jacobs
  8.1.8 Hitachi
  8.1.9 Danish Association of Management Consultants
8.3 Construction Supply Chain Main Local Contractors
  8.3.1 Airland Logistics
  8.3.2 Damco
  8.3.3 DFDS Logistics
8.4 International Construction Companies Servicing the Danish Market
8.4 Architects Serving the Danish Market
  8.4.1 Gottlieb Paludan Architects
  8.4.2 COWI


9.1 Litigious or Deal-Making?
9.2 Denmark Anti-Corruption Credentials


Figure 1. Countries Surrounding Denmark
Figure 2. Denmark Wadden Sea in Southern Jutland, Dike Construction
Figure 3. Construction Output in Denmark (2001-2019) May
Figure 4. Construction Output in Denmark (2001-2019) October
Figure 5. Construction Output in Denmark Increased 6 percent in May of 2019
Figure 6. Quality of the Danish Business Climate High
Figure 7. World Bank Denmark Rankings
Figure 8. World Bank Topic Rankings on Doing Business in Denmark.
Figure 9. Denmark Building Regulations Construction Process
Figure 10. Denmark Sectors for Regulation And Enforcement
Figure 11. List of Current 98 Municipalities of Denmark
Figure 12. Regions of Denmark Have Inter-Municipal Collaborations
Figure 13. Country Comparison for the Protection of Investors
Figure 14. Foreign Direct Investment
Figure 15. Advantages for FDI in Denmark:
Figure 16. Disadvantages for FDI in Denmark:
Figure 17. Denmark Key Industries
Figure 18. Major Companies in Denmark:
Figure 19. Headquarters of Denmark's Largest Company A.P. M?ller - M?rsk.
Figure 20. M?rsk global headquarters, located in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Figure 21. Wrist Headquarters with Premises at Stigsborgvej 60 in Noerresundby
Figure 22. United Shipping & Trading Company Headquarters
Figure 23. Uni-Tankers Subsidiary Of The Financial Group United Shipping & Trading Company Ltd. (USTC), Middelfart, Denmark
Figure 24. USTC Businesses
Figure 25. DSV Headquarters in Hedehusene (near Copenhagen), Denmark
Figure 26. TDC Group
Figure 27. TDC Group Headquarters
Figure 28. Lego Headquarters Billund, Denmark.
Figure 29. Lego Addition to Headquarters in 2020
Figure 30. Lego Headquarters Building Interior Greenspace
Figure 31. Lego's Headquarters Houses its 4,000 Local Employees
Figure 32. Lego Addition To Headquarters, A Massive, Multi-Level Atrium
Figure 33. Proposed Lego Headquarters
Figure 34. Lego Space Encourages Face-To-Face, Casual Collaboration Between Employees
Figure 35. Coop Headquarters and Store of Irma Center located in R?dovre
Figure 36. Danfoss Corporate Headquarters
Figure 37. Danfoss Headquarters and Factories, Nordborg, Denmark
Figure 38. Markets Served by Danfoss
Figure 39. Alfa Laval Revenue Segments
Figure 40. Alfa Laval Location Close to Copenhagen
Figure 41. Alfa Laval Corporate Headquarters
Figure 42. Learning to Battle Rising Seas from the Danish, New Research Showing The Accelerating Melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet
Figure 43. Vestas Headquarters
Figure 44. Vestas Wind Power
Figure 45. Orsted Headquarters
Figure 46. Dong Energy Control Room
Figure 47. Dong Energy Positioning
Figure 48. Danish Polymer Industry Activities:
Figure 49. Danish Polymer Industry Projects:
Figure 50. Danish Crown Group Head Office
Figure 51. Carlsberg Brewery, Fredericia Denmark - Projectplace by Planview
Figure 52. Dipylon
Figure 53. Carlsberg A/S Headquarters
Figure 54. DLG - Feed Compounds Headquarters Axelborg in Copenhagen
Figure 55. Arla Foods Headquarters
Figure 56. Arla Foods Headquarters Location
Figure 57. M?l?v Research Centre Denmark
Figure 58. Novo Nordisk A/S Bagsv?rd, Denmark Research Center
Figure 59. Novo Nordisk Centre in S?borg
Figure 60. Novo Nordisk Research Centre in Hiller?d
Figure 61. AWS Codan Building Rented Space in Copenhagen
Figure 62. Google, Denmark and Nordics Set for Growth - Google Cloud Footprint
Figure 63. Microsoft's HQ in Denmark
Figure 64. Anexia Data Center Copenhagen
Figure 65. Anexia Data Center Features
Figure 66. Danish Construction Company Specialties
Figure 67. Largest Construction Companies in Denmark
Figure 68. Top Seven Construction Companies in Denmark, DKK, 2018
Figure 69. Construction Companies in Denmark, DKK, 2018, In Thousands of DKK
Figure 70. NCC Revenue
Figure 71. NCC Employees
Figure 72. NCC Sales by Category January to June 2019
Figure 73. NCC Sales by Quarter 2018-2019
Figure 74. NCC Product Mix Orders
Figure 75. Danish Association of Management Consultants
Figure 76. Danish Association of Management Consultants

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