Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report 1812

Date: December 28, 2018
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Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report 1812
Welcome to the Dec. Issue of Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report.

This report will help you stay ahead of the game in this fast-changing market with real-time reporting on the entire phosphorus industry chain, from raw materials to end consumption.

Here is the Editor's Note for you to know about the Dec. issue specifically:

In Dec. 2018, China's phosphorus chemical market was depressed with slack sales of most of products. Yellow phosphorus factories in Yunnan Province gradually suspended production in early Dec., triggered by few transactions and the approach of dry season. However, yellow phosphorus prices kept declining due to sluggish demands.

Fertiliser winter storage progressed slowly as this year's sales volume was only 40% of the level over the same period last year. Given that, compound fertiliser enterprises reduced operating rates and provided sluggish demands for monoammonium phosphate (MAP), resulting in falling MAP prices. Similarly, only a small amount of diammonium phosphate was sold in the northeast.

In late Nov., Jiangsu Chengxing Phospho-Chemical Co., Ltd. announced the acquisition of 55% of Yunnan Mile Leidatan Hydropower Co., Ltd. to build a 'mineral + electricity + phosphorus chemical' business structure. Shenzhen Batian Ecoengineering Co., Ltd., on the other hand, transferred 3 patents in exchange for capitals before they expire in a few years.

Market dynamics of phosphorus chemicals in Dec. 2018

Phosphorus ore: The prices edged up in Dec. Guizhou Kailin Holdings Group Co., Ltd. announced its price hike plan at the beginning of this month, but it mainly fulfilled previous orders and settled no deals at such a high price. Actually, this move aimed to boost manufacturers' confidence as the time for a nationwide production suspension of the phosphorus ore industry is about to come, which means the overall supply will decline. In this case, the prices will remain upward in the short run.

Yellow phosphorus: Prices declined in Dec. because downstream markets remained slack, providing smaller demands, and weaker support from raw material prices. Coke prices slightly decreased at the end of this month due to refusal from customers; graphite prices showed the same downward trend resulting from large inventories. Yellow phosphorus prices are predicted to keep steady in the near future as phosphorus shortage and price rise will continue and the operating rates of yellow phosphorus manufacturers will fall.

Phosphoric acid: Dec. saw the slight decrease in domestic phosphoric acid prices. This should be attributed to falling yellow phosphorus prices and sluggish demands from downstream clients, who maintained low operating rates restricted by environmental inspections.

STPP: China's STPP prices scarcely fluctuated in Dec. Both supplies and demands were limited because manufacturers would soon suspend production and customers were not enthusiastic on purchasing.

MAP: The prices edged down due to low operating rates of downstream compound fertilisers and dropping sulphur and synthetic ammonia prices.

DAP: No great changes were seen in domestic DAP prices this month. Domestic sales were poor but some companies kept production to fulfill previous overseas orders. Resellers were pessimistic about the future DAP market.

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Few transactions were made in China's phosphate fertiliser markets in Dec. 2018, with the price of MAP substantially declining and that of DAP remaining stable. CCM predicts that domestic phosphate fertiliser prices will keep steady in the short rum due to climbing raw material costs.

Domestic fertiliser market was still depressed in mid-Dec. 2018 due to sluggish demands and slightly falling raw material prices.

The overall operating rate of China's yellow phosphorus manufacturers dropped in early Dec. due to more production suspensions in Yunnan Province.

In Dec. 2018, Shenzhen Batian disclosed the transfer of 3 patents, possibly an effort to alleviate its profit loss.

In late Nov. 2018, Jiangsu Chengxing unveiled its plan to acquire 55% of Leidatan Hydropower and 100% of Guizhou Xingrunyi. This will facilitate its 'mineral + electricity + phosphorus chemical' integration and its expansion in Guizhou Province.

In late Dec. 2018, the MOF published detailed explanation for import & export tariffs in 2019, highlighting the exemption of export tariffs on phosphorus ore, NPK compound fertilisers and potassium fertiliser.

In late Nov. 2018, the People's Government of Mianyang City published a special rectification plan to resolve ineffective treatment of phosphorus gypsum in Anzhou District.

In early Dec. 2018, Hubei Xingfa's electronic-grade PA production method was awarded as it is a new breakthrough in this field.

In Dec. 2018, China's phosphorus ore prices edged up due to producers' eagerness. CCM predicts that this upward trend will continue in the short term as the oversupply will decrease.

In Dec. 2018, China's PA prices slightly decreased due to falling raw material prices and downstream demands. CCM predicts that the prices will keep a downward trend in the short term as operating rates of downstream companies will continue to fall.
Editor's Note
Column 1 Market Dynamics
Brief analysis of China's phosphate fertiliser market in Dec. 2018
Fertiliser winter storage remains sluggish
Yellow phosphorus production in early Dec. 2018
CITIC Construction to develop phosphate in Algeria
DAP monthly exports hit new record high
Column 2 Company Dynamics
Shenzhen Batian transfers 3 patents
Jiangsu Chengxing to strengthen phosphorus chemical business
Guizhou Chanhen to expand to Guangxi market
Shuifu Yuntianhua's synthetic ammonia & urea production halted
Stanley Group's subsidiary changes I&C registration
Guizhou Chanhen builds phosphorus gypsum spinoff
Yunnan Yuntianhuan and subsidiaries subsidised
Xiangyun Group to launch phosphorus ore project
Column 3 Political Factors
Zero export tariff on fertiliser in 2019
Anzhou's phosphorus gypsum disposal plan
Column 4 Technology
Hubei Xingfa's electronic-grade PA technology awarded
Kingenta wins 3 phosphorus chemical technology awards
Furnace-process PA project to be built in Weng'an
Column 5 Market Data Analysis
China's phosphorus ore price slightly rises in Dec. 2018
China's PA price edges down in Dec. 2018
Column 6 Import & Export
International trade of phosphate chemicals in Oct. 2018
Column 7 Price Update
Price monitoring of phosphate chemicals in Dec. 2018


Shenzhen Batian Ecoengineering Co., Ltd.; Jiangsu Chengxing Phospho-Chemical Co., Ltd.; Hubei Xingfa Group Co., Ltd.
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Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report 1812
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