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Mergers and Acquisitions in Chinese Pesticide Industry in 2022–H1 2023

August 2023 | 20 pages | ID: MD1F60C6593EN
Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (CCM)

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In recent years, establishing large business groups by mergers and acquisitions (M&As) to expand production scale of enterprises has been one main guideline of the Chinese government for the pesticide industry. M&A has also become one of the key words in Chinese pesticide industry.

In an attempt to transform the small-and-scattered landscape of pesticide industry, China has been working on industrial structure optimisation by encouraging investment, merger and acquisition of pesticide enterprises to concentrate industrial resources to the top players and advance their collective, branding and international development with a whole-chain layout for production, meanwhile weeding out those of small scale and with weak competitiveness through raising the entry threshold.

The year 2022 and H1 2023 is a period of drastic changes in the pesticide industry. International and domestic agrochemical enterprises' business transfers and acquisitions are becoming more frequent, thus forming a new industry giant pattern in which the resources and advantages are more concentrated and the strong will be stronger. In the 14th Five-year Plan period (2021–2025), a number of new pesticide policies and the environmental protection requirements have increased the environmental protection & safety pressure of pesticide production. A group of scattered, disorderly and small enterprises are eliminated. The survival of the fittest competition intensifies.

In this report, CCM will do analysis mergers and acquisitions in Chinese pesticide industry from the following aspects:
  • China's pesticide industry landscape
  • Changes in the number of manufacturers
  • Company dynamics of major public pesticide enterprises
  • M&A of the industry
Executive summary


1.1 Essential problems of China's pesticide industry
1.2 Declining number of Chinese pesticide manufacturers
1.3 Policy factors in pesticide industry


2.1 M&As of major public pesticide enterprises
2.2 Subsidiary investments led by pesticide players
2.3 Major investments by geographic distribution



Table 2-1 Number of restructuring deals of public pesticide companies listed as 2023 top 100 enterprises in 2022–H1 2023
Table 2-2 24 Selected public pesticide companies in China, as of July 2023
Table 2-3 Top 11 pesticide companies ranked by gross value of restructuring deals in 2022–H1 2023
Table 2.1-1 Business transfers and acquisitions of selected public pesticide companies, 2022–H1 2023
Table 2.1-2 Other business transfers and acquisitions of selected pesticide companies, 2022–H1 2023
Table 2.2-1 Subsidiary establishment of selected public companies, 2022–H1 2023
Table 2.2-2 Capital increase in China's pesticide industry, 2022–H1 2023
Table 2.3-1 Investment location led by major listed pesticide enterprises, 2022–H1 2023
Table 2.3-2 Outbound investments of selected listed pesticide company, 2022–H1 2023


Figure 1.1-1 Revenue of China's top 100 pesticide enterprises and changes of CR10, 2016–2022, million RMB
Figure 1.2-1 Number of Chinese pesticide enterprises, as of Q1 2023

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