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Fungicides China Monthly Report 202308

July 2023 | 38 pages | ID: FC64C6FACC19EN
Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (CCM)

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Though dipping in some products, the ex-works prices of China's most fungicides plateau in general. With regards to triazole fungicide
TCs, rising prices of upstream products had strongly pushed up the costs. However, given the overall weak demand, part of them saw
diminished prices: compared with those in July, prices of difenoconazole, propiconazol and triadimefon TCs presented a downward trend,
epoxiconazole TC price remained stable, hexaconazole TC price rebounded and tebuconazole TC price was on the rise; strobilurin
fungicide TCs witnessed general stable prices, except for the increase of azoxystrobin TC price in early Aug.; for benzimidazole fungicide
TCs, prices of carbendazim TCs went down from soft demand, and those of thiophanate-methyl TCs tended towards stablity, with part
producers retaining supply using inventory during device maintenance; thiocarbamate fungicide TCs were of stable supply and demand,
which had led to some level prices, with price of thiram TC going up.
In terms of company dynamics, Gansu Zhongmaotou Chemical Co., Ltd. proposed to build production lines for 1,000 t/a cyazofamid TC;
Gansu Yinglong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. planned to construct a 1,180 t/a pyraclostrobin TC, 200 t/a fluoxastrobin TC and 2,000 t/a
prothioconazole TC project; Hunan Jingfeng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is advancing the relocation and upgrade of the chemical
industry new production project along the Yangtze River, which will form capacities for 2,000 t/a tebuconazole TC, 1,000 t/a thiamethoxam
TC, 1,000 t/a clothianidin TC and supporting intermediates; Gansu Pingwen Chemical Co., Ltd.'s 10,300 t/a pesticide TC and 9,000 t/a
intermediate project will build capacities for 1,500 t/a prothioconazole TC and 150 t/a prothioconazole intermediates in Phase II & III.
With regard to policy, Hainan Province announced to remove the pesticide wholesale franchising system to eliminate the distinction
between pesticide wholesale and retail, meanwhile discarding the bidding system for determining pesticide wholesalers and retailers to
cut the operational cost.
As for registration, China approved 396 renewed fungicides in Aug., which were mainly low toxic and covered forms of WP, SC, etc., and
30 TC products were included for renewal, with tebuconazole TC ranking the first in number.
Regarding disease, Jiangsu Province predicted moderate to heavy rice blast, sheath blight, false smut, and light bacterial blight and foot
rot in mid to late planting period; heavy southern corn rust in Huang-Huai-Hai Region and light corn northern leaf blight in main growing
areas in northern China are reported, and it is expected severe occurrence of major corn pests and diseases from late Aug. to the end of
Headline 1
Editor's note 3
Market analysis 4
Ex-works prices of tebuconazole and azoxystrobin TCs increase slightly in early Aug. 4
Fungicide TC price in China stabilises in late Aug. 5
Company and supply 9
Gansu Zhongmaotou to build cyazofamid TC project 9
Gansu Yinglong to construct 3,380 t/a fungicide project 9
Hunan Jingfeng to build production lines for tebuconazole and intermediate in new production area 11
Gansu Pingwen to build 10,300 t/a pesticide TC and 9,000 t/a intermediate project 12
Policy 14
Hainan removes franchising system of pesticide wholesale 14
Registration 16
396 Fungicides obtain renewal registrations in China in Aug. 16
Disease 20
Jiangsu predicts moderate to heavy rice diseases 20
Southern corn rust overruns in Huang-Huai-Hai Region 21
Trade analysis 23
Export value of China's fungicide formulations slumps in H1 2023 23
Brief news 26
EIA of Fuxin Tianli's pesticide and pharmaceutical intermediate project undergoes second publicity 26
Weifang Maoyuan to build 16,000 t/a pesticide and intermediate project 26
Patent of fluopyram in China expires in Aug. 2023 26
Haohua Technology to build 3,000 t/a 2,3-dchloro-5-(trifluoromethyl)pyridine project 26
Anhui Shengli to construct relocation and transformation integration project 27
Zhongxiang Yipinhong to construct 1,000 t/a oligosaccharins TC project 27
Gansu Jinghong to build production lines for 6,000 t/a prothioconazole TC and intermediate 28
Gansu Yongrun Tianze to build pyraclostrobin intermediate production lines 28
Inner Mongolia Miraculous to construct 80,000 t/a mancozeb TC project 28
Zhejiang Xinnong extends construction of 1,000 t/a pyraclostrobin project 29
Price update 30
Ex-works prices of main fungicides in China, 8 August, 2023 30
Shanghai Port prices of main fungicides in China, 8 August, 2023 31
FOB Shanghai prices of main fungicides in China, 8 August, 2023 33

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