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Fungcides China Monthly Report 202211

December 2022 | 31 pages | ID: F805A1A114C0EN
Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (CCM)

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In early Dec., China saw an MoM decrease in the ex-works prices of most fungicide TCs and its upstream raw materials
including bromine and triazole. Therefore, the upstream materials' prices were weak in driving the price of triazoles and the overall
triazoles market remained sluggish as the downstream buyers were stocking up only by orders.
In terms of company dynamics, Inner Mongolia Kechi planned to construct pesticide intermediate production lines, including for 1,000
t/a methyl 2-((1-(4-chlorophenyl)-1h-pyrazol-3-yloxy)methyl)phenyl(hydroxy)carbamate and 3,000 t/a 1-(4-chlorophenyl)-3-hydroxy-1-h-
pyrazole. Liaoning Youchuang plans to build nine workshops and 11 production lines, including 100 t/a pyrisoxazole TC and 2,500 t/a
pydiflumetofen TC lines. Anhui Jiuyi announced that shortly after the persistent debugging and upgrade, the company's existing 1,000 t/a
prothioconazole TC production lines has engineered the high output rate of over 95%. Shandong Hailir, the wholly-owned subsidiary of
Qingdao Hailir, planned to put the 3,000 t/a prothioconazole TC project into trial production.
In terms of policy, in late Nov., the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Jiangxi Province, in collaboration with other
eight departments, released the Implementation Plan of the Construction Standard, Identification and Management of Chemical Park in
Jiangxi (Trail) (the Plan), aiming to take action against unreasonable industrial layout, insufficient supporting facilities and poor monitoring
capability. The Plan is to take effect on 22 Dec.
In terms of registration, in late Nov., ICAMA publicised the list of pesticides to be approved. A total of 206 products were listed, of which
40 were fungicide products, with SC accounting for the most.
In terms of pests & diseases, China's National Agro-Tech Extension and Service Center reported that wheat stripe rust in 2022 was
overall lighter than in normal years. In addition, local governments should take measures against the occurrence of rape sclertiniose, rape
club root, downy mildew and virus disease in the Yangtze River basin in winter and spring. On 5 Dec., the Agro-Tech Extension and
Service Centre of Shandong Province reported on the moderate to mild occurrence of crop pests and diseases in 2022 at a better level
than that of 2021 and the historical average, and predicts the pests and diseases occurrence in wheat production area to be moderate in
Editor's Note
Company Dynamics
Inner Mongolia Kechi to build two pesticide intermediate production lines
Anhui Jiuyi's production lines reach high output rate
Liaoning Youchuang to construct capacity for pyrisoxazole & pydiflumetofen
Shandong Hailir to put 3,000 t/a prothioconazole TC project into trial production
Market Analysis
Ex-works prices of China's fungicide TCs see reduction in Dec.
Chinese pyraclostrobin TC price drops slightly in Dec.
Import and Export
China's azoxystrobin export volume in Q3 2022 increases by 8.48% YoY
Jiangxi issues Implementation Plan of Construction Standard, Identification and Management of Chemical Park
China to approve 40 fungicide products
Shandong reports moderate to mild occurrence of crop pests and diseases in 2022
News in Brief
Shandong Rainbow buys out Spain-based Sarabia
Shanghai Shengnong to acquire 60% equity of Shanghai Dongfeng
Limin Group to establish laboratory for biological pesticide and veterinary medicine development
ADAMA New Zealand to buy out Agrinova
Limin Group obtains registration approval for difenoconazole TC in Brazil
Luheng Technology starts trading on BSE
Anhui Guangxin advances construction of 2,000 t/a azoxystrobin production lines
2022 sees lighter wheat stripe rust than previous years
Hebei Saifeng to build 2,000 t/a difenoconazole TC project
NATESC discloses occurrence of pests & diseases in winter rape production
Price update
Ex-works prices of main fungicides in China, 8 Dec. 2022
Shanghai Port prices of main fungicides in China, 8 Dec. 2022
FOB Shanghai prices of main fungicides in China, 8 Dec. 2022

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