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Crop Protection China Monthly Report

June 2021 | 19 pages | ID: CEC93B50ED8EN
Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (CCM)

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Welcome to the June Issue of Crop Protection China Monthly Report.

We will keep an eye on the most important or the latest occurrences or the hottest topics in China's crop protection industry, and select one or two topics out of these news and information to compose an in-depth feature article. You can obtain professional and insightful intelligence, covering market dynamic, industry development, government policies and more by going through our features articles every month.

Here is the Editor's Note for you to know about June 2021 issue specifically:

Glyphosate, invented in 1971, was widely used to remove weeds planted in crop fields for its high efficiency, wide spectrum, low toxicity and safety. It provided an important guarantee for increasing agricultural production and harvest steadily, which played an important role among herbicides and even pesticides for a long time.

China is a major producer and exporter of glyphosate, whose exported glyphosate technical have been trusted by overseas consumers. By the end of 2020, the capacity of glyphosate technical in China was 795,000 t/a. The top three domestic glyphosate technical manufacturers are Hubei Xingfa Chemicals Group Co., Ltd., (including Hubei Trisun Chemicals Co., Ltd. and Inner Mongolia Tenglong Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.), Fuhua Tongda Agro-chemical Technology Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Wynca Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. (including Zhenjiang Jiangnan Chemical Co., Ltd.), accounting for 51.95% of the total. In 2020, China's glyphosate technical export volume was 283,500 tonnes, accounting for about 40% of global consumption, slightly lower than that in 2019. Due to strict environmental supervision, Sino-US trade war and global epidemic, glyphosate production and export in 2020 were limited. Besides, the export price of glyphosate technical was relatively stable in H1, but continued to rise in H2 in 2020.

The global glyphosate market is highly concentrated. The top five consumption regions are Brazil, Argentina, the United States, Indonesia and Australia, accounting for 78.27% of the total in 2020. According to the data in Jan.–Dec. 2020 and the change trend of volume and price since 2018, Brazil and Indonesia have the most stable market performance, witnessing gradual increases in export volume in recent three years. Other countries with both volume and price increases are Argentina, Australia, India and Russia. The United States, Malaysia, Ghana and Nigeria all saw double declines in export volume and price.

In general, the supply of glyphosate technical fluctuated in 2020, for its output was negatively affected by COVID-19 in H1 2020, and challenged by floods in Aug. 2020. In order to clearly understand the external supply of glyphosate in China, CCM analyzes the general export situation of glyphosate technical in China in 2020 based on glyphosate capacity, output, historical export volumes, etc.


Crop Protection China Monthly Report provides you with real-time intelligence on China’s pesticide market.

It is a monthly published newsletter, which can be downloaded in PDF format. The subscription period is yearly, grants the subscriber 12 issues in total.

The competition in Chinese pesticide market has become more and more fierce, and the market situation has also kept continuously gloomy in recent years. Besides, restricted by stricter environmental protection policies, it showed mergers & acquisition in large pesticide enterprises, with the small ones exited the market. In March 2015, the Chinese government published the Action Plan for Zero Growth in Fertilizer Use by 2020 and Action Plan for Zero Growth in Pesticide Use by 2020, indicating the adjustment of China's consumption market of pesticides in the next few years.

Crop Protection China Monthly Report will help you stay ahead in the fast-changing market, and it will provide you real-time reporting on the whole industrial chain of China's pesticide market from the registration and development of new pesticide products to the downstream market of agricultural materials such as changes in planting scale of farmers, and consumption habits. This includes:
  • Market Dynamics and Policy Dynamics of Neonicotinoid Insecticides
  • New Registrations of Pesticide Technical in China
  • New Registrations of Pesticide Formulations in China
  • Ranking of 18 Chinese Listed Pesticide Enterprises
  • Introduction to the List of Top 100 Pesticide Enterprises
  • Specialised Control and Prevention of Pests and Diseases for Crops in China
  • China Pesticide Technical Price Report
  • Distribution of Crop and Fruit Planting in Guangdong
  • Report on Financial Performance of Chinese Listed Pesticide Enterprises
  • Main Pesticide Exhibitions in China
  • 86 Chinese Independent Innovation Pesticides
  • Chinese Policies on Land Circulation, Land Right Confirmation and Loans Secured against the Land Management Right
Editor's Note
Herbicide and pesticide output and export in China, 2016–2020
Production of glyphosate technical in China
Capacity and output of glyphosate technical in China, 2018–2020
Output and export of glyphosate technical in key manufacturers in China, 2018–2020
Foreign trade overview
Export of glyphosate technical in China by month, 2018–2020
Export of glyphosate technical in China by destination, 2018–2020

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