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Global Research & Data Services is an international firm boasting about having been carrying out market and industry analyses for over two decades. Its offices are spread across Sweden, the US, Finland, China, Germany, the UK, Russia, Malaysia, India, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Ireland.

Day to day, the steadily growing company is busy with research and the reproduction of broad-ranging reports on over 170 rapidly evolving industries and market sectors across a hundred of countries.

Global Research & Data Services makes a speciality of ready market research reports that give the most cutting-edge and unbiased insights into the present market standing and trends, and speculate upon the soon-to-be potential of the pertinent market and industry. Key data and information are generously dug up from the world’s richest business intelligence databases.

The highly sophisticated and talented staff are represented by experts trained in varied areas, such as eco-technology, electrotechnical engineering, and life sciences, among others.

Amid Global Research & Data Services’ clients are industrial companies, advisory firms, commercial banks, trade and industry associations, and more.

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