China Drives Global Zinc Market

05 Apr 2011 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON - The average global zinc market growth rates is projected to mount 5-6% by the end of the current year, with highest rates demonstrated by Asia (China in particular) – 8%, growth will be a bit more moderate in Europe and North America. Thus the global refined zinc market will remain in surplus, the extent of which is forecast at 161,000 tons in 2011.

World zinc reserves, 2010 (thousand tons of zinc content)


China remains the main growth contributor in zinc mine production. In 2011, China, India and Mexico, together with Portugal and the United States, will be the main drivers behind an anticipated increase in global production of 6.6% to 13.33 million tons.

Much of capacity suspended in 2008-2009 was brought back on stream in 2010. Notable increases occurred in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Rep. of Korea, Netherlands, and USA. The restart of production influences a 10.3% rise to 12.46 million tons in world refined zinc metal production. Other factors include the opening of Hindustan Zinc’s new Rajpura Dariba refinery in India and an anticipated rise in Chinese output of 11.3%.

China remains the main driver of zinc demand growth. Continued expenditure on infrastructure projects combined with strong growth in the construction and automotive sectors result in a further rise in Chinese zinc demand of 8.9%.

Usage in Japan and most of South East Asia also registers strong growth this year after sharp declines in 2009. In the United States, a partial recovery of 5.6% is noticed after a reduction of 12.2% last year.

Zinc metal demand growth up to 2016 (thousand tons of zinc content)







13 100

13 800

14 500

15 200

15 900

16 700




In 2011, a further rise in global usage of 6.3% to 13.07 million tons is predicted. This will be mainly a consequence of anticipated growth of 8.9% in China, 5.1% in Europe, and 4.3% in the United States together with increases in Japan, the Republic of Korea, Mexico and Thailand.

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