Revenues of American fast-food restaurants grow by about $5bn a year

14 May 2010 • by Natalie Aster

According to a report released by Barnes Reports and entitled «Fast Food Restaurants Industry-2007-final», revenues generated by various fast-food outlets exceeded $166.5bn last year.

Experts predict further sales rise in this sector: $171.4bn in 2007 and $176.4bn in 2008. Sales peak was reached in 2005 when revenue grew by $9bn a year.

In 2006, the largest profit ($91bn) was made by fast-food restaurant chains. Snackbars held the second place with $43bn. Cafes earned $8bn.

Apart from large fast-food restaurant chains, this report also studies activity of milk and grille bars, as well as other fast-food outlets.

The report «Fast Food Restaurants Industry-2007-final» also features the following information: evaluation of markets/their segments, assessment of regional market sizes and sales prospects for each region, industry volume overview and forecast concerning industry development in the coming years.

Marina Kulikova

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