Electrical Industry Sector in Kazakhstan will Reach Total Capacity of 124.5 Billion kWh by 2015

30 Dec 2010 • by Natalie Aster
Electrical Industry Sector in Kazakhstan will Reach Total Capacity of 124.5 Billion kWh by 2015

LONDON – The government of Kazakhstan has developed an action plan for electric power development to 2015. These measures are necessary to boost electrical industry market in Kazakhstan which proves to be high profit. The plan includes a list of power plants for reconstruction and modernization, as well as the construction of new facilities.  The country's electric power generation sector is projected to boost total capacity to 124.5 billion kWh by 2015.  However, equipment in existing electric power plants will only allow an increase in energy production to 80 billion kWh.

Electricity consumption is expected to significantly rise by 2020, which requires even higher production growth rates within this period, while the Kazakh power sector operates extremely deteriorated facilities. Therefore, the country plans to modernize existing facilities and construct new power plants in order to meet consumer demand and increase its export potential and reserve capacity.

The State Programme on Electrical Engineering Development until 2030 was approved by Resolution No. 384 of the Government of Kazakhstan on April 9, 1999. This Programme will be adjusted to reflect the current status of the industry and real needs in developing new facilities and upgrading the existing ones.

Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company (KEGOC JSC) is keen to implement large-scale strategic investment projects for electrical industry in Kazakhstan, which include the following titles: ‘The modernization of the national power grid of Kazakhstan’, ‘Construction of 500 kV Second Transmission Line of Kazakhstan North-South Transit’,Construction of the Moinak hydroelectric power station’, ‘Construction of the second power unit at Ekibastuz-located GRES-2 power plant’, ‘Alma Electricity Transmission Project’, ‘Kazakhstan Electricity Transmission Rehabilitation Project’. The realization of these projects will raise the country’s energy security and cater for power supply reliability and quality over a long period of time.

13 investment projects were realized within the electric power industry in Kazakhstan. Industry is the core electrical power consumer in Kazakhstan (about 68.7% of total consumption); households consume 9.3%, the service sector – 8%, transport – 5.6%, and agriculture – 1.2%.

More information on electrical industry in Kazakhstan may be found in the report Electrical Industry in Kazakhstan. Business Report 2010 recently published by The Market Publishers, Ltd.



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