“United Arab Emirates Tourism Industry – Focusing on Dubai & Abu Dhabi” Recently Published at MarketPublishers.com

23 Nov 2010 • by Natalie Aster
“United Arab Emirates Tourism Industry – Focusing on Dubai & Abu Dhabi” Recently Published at MarketPublishers.com

Tourism industry in the UAE has contributed significantly to the GDP. In 2009, 40.90 million passengers passed through Dubai International Airport while 6.10 million guests stayed in Dubai's hotels. Projections show that 15 million tourists will visit the city by 2010 and the number of hotel rooms will grow to 1.84 million by 2010. Tourism industry also had a positive effect on the employment scenario in UAE. One in every 8.5% of the job is associated with the tourism. By 2016, this is expected to reach 9.1%.

Abu Dhabi is also being regarded as one of the prominent destinations by tourists. In the next decade, it is expected that lavish sums will be invested in this sector. Dubai generates maximum revenue from tourism for UAE. According to UAE government, the revenue earned from tourism is even more than it earns from oil. Tourists get attracted to the nightlife here, beaches, shopping and to luxurious accommodations available in UAE.

New market research report United Arab Emirates Tourism Industry – Focusing on Dubai & Abu Dhabi” elaborated by A & M Mindpower Solutions delves into the discussion of UAE tourism and offers an analysis of the tourism market in the country. It analyzes the economic and political environment, spending on tourism and development, leisure tourism along with the forecasts. The report zeroes in on the tourism industry in Dubai and Abu Dhabi separately discussing tourism development and attraction in cities, hotel and food industry, travel and transport industry and infrastructure development.

Report Details:

Title: United Arab Emirates Tourism Industry – Focusing on Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Published: November, 2010

Pages: 28

Price: US$ 800

Report Contents: 


1.1 Economic Environment and Forecast in United Arab Estimates (UAE)
  1.1.1 UAE Growth Outlook
1.2 Political Structure and system of United Arab Estimates
  1.2.1 Government
  1.2.2 Political and Social Stability


2.1. Spending on Tourism and Development
2.2 Tourism Market Growth in UAE
2.3 Leisure Tourism
2.4 UAE Tourism Forecast


3.1 Building and construction to the United Arab Emirates
  3.1.1 Hotel construction
3.2 Business Opportunities
3.3 The development of Abu Dhabi
3.4 Vast financial and oil reserves
3.5 UAE Investment regime


4.1 Tourism Development and Attraction
4.2 Business Opportunities
4.3 Travel and Transport Industry
4.4 Hotel and Food Service Industry
4.5 New Infrastructure Development and Construction Industry
4.6 Compelling Investments and Future Addressable Opportunities


More information on the report may be found at https://marketpublishers.com/report/services/travel_leasure/united_arab_emirates_tourism_industry_focusing_on_dubai_n_abu_dhabi.html

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