Research Report of Investment in China's Tire Industry, 2009

16 Nov 2010 • by Natalie Aster

London - Detailed market research report “Research Report of Investment in China's Tire Industry, 2009” has been published by China Research and Intelligence.

China’s automobiles sales reached to 9.38 million in 2008, a growth of 6.7 percent over the year before. What’s more, the development of expressway transportation and upgrade of consuming structure boom dramatically the demand for tires. The length of newly-built expressway amounted to more than 6400 km in 2008; the total expressway had reached to 60,300 km. particularly the tires for mine, building or cargo vehicles all have a rapid development. Among those, about 70 percent are domestic products. Therefore the development of the automobile industry and expressway transportation greatly stimulated the development of the tire industry.

Domestic Sales of China's Tire Industry, 2004 - 2008

Source: China Research and Intelligence

Report Details:

Research Report of Investment in China's Tire Industry, 2009
Published: March 2009
Pages: 80
Price: US$ 2,120.00

Report Sample Abstract:

The product structure of China’s automobiles is different from that of overseas. The car is the dominate product on abroad. However, truck has a large share in China market. In recent years, China enlarged the investment on highway and grew rapidly. The total highway mileage has achieved 3.6 million kilometers in the end of 2008. Of which, vehicle highway and ordinary second class highway is about 10 percent, three and four class highway is 70 percent. The low level road is about 20 percent. Dividing according to the pavement of the highway, the high, sub-high pavement highway is about 64 percent, the low type pavement ones and even those having no pavement is about 36 percent. The tire is not only adapted to the highway, but to those low level roads. Consequently the design of tire must be affected by the complicated situation. In recent years, there are even some overload trucks and more and more non-standard beyond ply rating tires used. This necessarily influences the application of materials. With the development of highway and automobiles, the demand for high performance tire increase continuously and the ratio of demand for all steel truck meridian tires will rise step by step.

More information can be found in the report “Research Report of Investment in China's Tire Industry, 2009” by China Research and Intelligence.

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