Managing Clinical Investigator Compensation

09 Nov 2010 • by Natalie Aster

London – The report “Managing Clinical Investigator Compensation ” by Cutting Edge Information includes three sets of therapeutic area benchmarks: average total fees per site, the number of investigators per site (or CRO) and investigator compensation per phase for the following therapeutic areas: Autoimmune, Cardio & Thrombosis, CNS & Psychology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Hematology, Infectious Diseases, Musculoskeletal, Oncology, Respiratory, Women’s Health.

Report Details:

Managing Clinical Investigator Compensation

Published: May 2009
Pages: 104
Price: USD 5,995

Key Benefits from the Report:

  • Compare your compensation rates to those of other companies and to investigators and improve cost controls;
  • Understand the role of CROs in determining pay structure;
  • Apply proven documentation and calculation strategies that will enable efficient negotiating and guarantee compliance;
  • Keep up with the latest trends on investigator compensation;
  • Learn why companies must be diligent and be proactive in recording payments.

Report Sample Abstract:

Stipulating the precise type of investigator necessary for each trial also involves creating cost structures and compensation ranges based upon the same criteria. Companies begin by building databases. The most obvious way to accomplish this feat is record one’s own historical payments. Maintaining databases alone is not enough, however. Companies cannot rely solely upon their own payments because there is no proof that their payments were accurate or justified in the past.

But historical data does serve to inform the construction of payment ranges tied to criteria. To supplement their historical data, many companies subscribe to cooperative databanks, such as the TTC Grant Plan. With this subscription, companies both submit their own payments and are allowed access to all other companies subscribing to the database. Whether a company subscribes to this database or to another similar one, it should definitely acquire other price points from a range of sources. Access to this kind of data provides companies with both a means by which to prove fair-market value and possibly save money.

More information can be found in the report “Managing Clinical Investigator Compensation ” by Cutting Edge Information.

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