Beverage Packaging Trends Discussed by Canadean

29 Oct 2010 • by Natalie Aster

London - Detailed market research report Innovation in Beverage Packaginghas been recently published by Canadean.

The report is divided into five sections comprising an executive summary, a global overview of beverage consumption trends, an assessment of the key factors driving packaging innovation and an analysis of the key innovations in beverage packaging for each major packaging material and type.

Report Details:

Innovation in Beverage Packaging

Published: October 2010

Pages: 55

Price: USD 2,520 

Report Sample Abstract: 

Light-weighting developments continue to form part of the can makers‟ armoury in seeking opportunities to supply more environmentally friendly products, although progress is necessarily slower as the „low hanging fruit‟ has already been harvested.

Recent examples of developments in this area include:

Daiwa Can‟s Eco-conscious Steel Can, July 2009: The three-piece 190g can, which is generally used for RTD coffee in Japan, utilises a thin-walled processing technology that not only enables a 10% reduction in weight, but also cuts CO2 emissions by 3% compared with conventional technology.


Showa Can Corp began production of the 206 Super End next generation can for Asahi Breweries Ltd: Includes 9% reduction in aluminium usage, despite same external dimensions through the use of thinner gauges and design change.

Recent innovations in can ends have been focused on improvements in repeatability and designing better ways to drink directly from the can. The main activity has been directed at extending recently developed technologies into new applications and sizes, although some interesting new developments were introduced.


Ball Packaging Europes innovative re-sealable pack, the Ball Resealable End (BRE) has won a number of industry awards over the past two years. After receiving three awards at the Can of the Year ceremony in 2008, the BRE won the 2009 Du Pont Award for packaging innovation.

Monster Energy in re-sealable cans 2009: Monster Energy‟s 55cl pack is supplied in Ball‟s re-sealable end cap, featuring an integrated flat opening mechanism made from plastic. The pack can be opened and re-sealed by operating the fitment with just one hand, making it ideal for „on the go‟ use, while retaining a flat end for stacking capability and optimum space utilisation.

Monster Energys new re-sealable 12oz Rexam SLEEKTM Cap Can®, August 2009: Monster Energy‟s Nitrous Monster, the first and only energy drink to feature nitrous oxide gas technology, is packaged in the resealable 12oz Rexam SLEEKTM Cap Can® with closure technology from Dayton Systems Group (DSG).

Toyo Seikan Kaishas TEC200 is a re-sealable can, incorporating an easy to open and drink concept.

Jolt Energy new re-sealable 16oz: Although 16oz is the most popular size for energy drinks, Jolt Energy World launched the world‟s first re-sealable 16oz product with its Rexam Cap Can®, in a 100% recyclable pack which keeps the beverage colder for longer and protects it from light.


SAB Millers Event Can, May 2010: The desire to reduce serving times at World Cup 2010 in South Africa provided the inspiration for SAB Miller and Crown to introduce a removable lid in beer packaging. The Event Can features a new aperture end developed by Crown Holdings Inc, which enables the entire can lid to be removed, turning the can itself into a drinking cup.

More information can be found in the report Innovation in Beverage Packaging by Canadean.

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