Foremost Trends in OSS and Telecommunications Covered in October Research Reports

20 Oct 2010 • by Natalie Aster
Foremost Trends in OSS and Telecommunications Covered in October Research Reports

LONDON – Market Publishers Ltd informs that new in-demand market reports on Telecommunications are available in its catalogue.

The OSS Value Chain: Evaluating the Ecosystem, Players, and Future of Operational Support Systems. The report proves that the success of an OSS project depends on three stakeholders: the service provider, the integrator and the platform vendor which form a value chain, affecting the lifecycle of the project. The study presents key components attributed to those stakeholders: business goals, company mentality, technical expertise, experience, resource management and communication skills, all play their part, influencing the value of an OSS solution.

However, there is a list of benefits provided by the report: a short presentation of leading OSS solution suppliers, evaluation matrices for service providers, integrators and vendors, conclusions and rules of thumb from deploying and running OSS solutions, an analysis of real world challenges and, finally, the analysis of success factors in the deployment of OSS solutions from the perspective of: a service provider, a solution integrator and a solution supplier.

As digital services and communication networks circle the globe today, it is important to remember that carriers and service providers face decisive challenges in managing their infrastructure. According to the report, the value of deploying and running complex operating and business support systems depends not only by the owner and end user, the service provider, but equally from the solution integrator and the supplier …

Google is Not a Service Provider. As Google continues to expand in depth and breadth of product areas and influence throughout many industries including search, media, communications, content, telephony, applications, and more, this report makes an important statement – Google will neither build a physical layer service provider business model, nor pursue any physical layer build out, otherwise, Google would be foolish. The report evaluates the prospect of Google potentially becoming a "service provider" or operating in the physical layer of telecommunications. In addition, it also analyzes potential smart moves involving Google and/or its partners including IMS, VoIP with Google Voice, Video, and carrier agnostic platforms.

Any company that either already has or is contemplating a competing line-of-business, application, product, service, etc. will certainly get interested in a new perspective on Google’s activity analyzed in this report. Moreover, the study will be of great value to investor community: investment banks, private equity, venture capital, angel fund investors, and any other entity seeking to invest in any venture that is impacted (positively or negatively) by Google. Even small companies and start-up's will find it interesting as their new idea or business could also be impacted (positively or negatively) by Google …

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