Polythene Shopping Bag Production in Nigeria - Business Plan

16 Aug 2010 • by Natalie Aster
There is no doubt that polythene is the preferred packaging material in Nigeria, thereby making the demand far exceeding production. Polythene is convenient, cost effective and the technology of production is easy compared to steel iron or glass.

The market is presently estimated at over ten billion naira {N10, 000,000,000} and there is no stiff competition amongst producers.

The machines required for production is extruder, cutting machine, flexo-printers and generator.

The report “Polythene Shopping Bag Production in Nigeria; The Business Plan” is must have for interested investors because it would provide details of the market segmentation, legal requirements,estimated cost of set-up and the expected returns on investment.

The SWOT analysis of the project is given below

  • A ready market for Polythene shopping bags all year round;
  • Availability of labor locally;
  • The presence of the equipment suppliers and technical partners;
  • Professional input through professional managers and consultants;
  • Central and accessible location.
Potential Weaknesses
  • Unavailability of raw materials;
  • Availability of experts for plant maintenance;
  • Lack of adherence to business plan recommendations.
  • Proximity to the largest plastic market in Nigeria;
  • Competitive pricing;
  • Government incentive supports small and medium scale investment;
  • Potential to create employment opportunities;
  • Possible business expansion into plastic waste recycling plant;
  • Improving national economic environment;
  • High prospects due to continuing economic stability.
  • Availability of quality spare parts;
  • Political instability in the years to come;
  • Instability in Government’s policies;
  • Disruption of power supply thereby causing over-reliance on generators;
  • Other competing Polythene shopping bags production plant.
The report “Polythene Shopping Bag Production in Nigeria; The Business Plan” is up to date and would enable the investor to make sound investment decision.

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